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Welcome! Somehow you ended up here! Congrats… I think...

My name is Chris Azzari and I am a fit dad. Well most of the time I am a fit dad. We all have our lapses, but the best part is we just pick ourselves back up and get back into it! After my first son Max was born back in 2009 I decided I needed to do something and get in shape.

So I did and each year I have gotten in better shape and have done things I never thought I would do like run 5k’s, a Sprint Triathlon, a Tough Mudder, and a Super Spartan race.

Anyways I am really not here to talk about myself, but if you want to know more about me you can check out my about page and waste 10 minutes of your life

My goal with this site is to talk about my experiences with getting in shape and staying in shape over the last few years. The site is not just for dads, but lets face it when you have kids finding the time to workout and eat right can really disappear. Just ask any dad that has had bottle duty for a few nights at 3am. Motivation pretty much flies out the window the next day.

So with that said… stay tuned because as I write this December 31, 2013 I am just launching this site and I know 2014 is going to be my fittest year ever and I hope the same for you as well.

I will be posting a lot this coming year to help you with your fitness goals and I invite feedback whether it be good or bad.

For now you can check out the following sections of the site. I have some really cool stuff coming next week like my garage gym I am building complete with DIY wooden power rack. Oh yea!

Site Sections: