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Coffee Protein Shake


Follow Clock hits 2 or 3 O’click-ish… you go for that cup of coffee and afternoon snack that probably consists of some sort of bar, pastry, or other crunchy goodness. You rock out with some sugar in the coffee and probably that flavored creamer the lady from upstairs brought in!! Nom nom nom.. sure it […]

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Core De Force Workout


Be Sure To Read The Comments Below:>>CLICK HERE Also if you enjoyed this post please give it a like or a share! Thx! Hey everyone! So Beachbody came out with a new MMA style workout this year! If you remember I did a review on the Les Mils Combat Workout hereLes Mills Combat was & […]

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Physiclo Compression Shorts Review

Hey so My Physiclo compression shorts and my wife’s compression pants arrived in the mail today! These are not ordinary compression tights. They have added resistance built into them. Very interesting concept. I am sure you know how the Physiclo Compression Shorts work if you ended up here because you are probably looking for an […]

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