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Energy and Endurance

Skip to the bottom for my chart where I compare, Energy & Endurance, C4 Extreme, NO-Explode, Pump HD, Jack3D, 7 Mr Hyde. Being a Beachbody Coach I test out every product I do a review on because it is only fair that I give you honest feedback. With that being said I have been wanting […]

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How Much Does Shakeology Cost?

Watch this video to understand what is actually in Shakeology. That helps you understand the price of Shakeology. When it comes to Shakeology there are a few common questions I get asked all the time. Shakeology Price How much does Shakeology cost or what is the price of Shakeology? Are there any discounts or coupons […]

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Tropical Shakeology

Tropical was the third flavor I ended up buying when I first started. I was not lucky to have the shakeology sampler available to try them all out at a lower cost. When you see the tropical bag you think super fruity, but that is not the case. Tropical is also vegan so just be […]

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Greenberry Shakeology

Ah good old Greenberry! I remember when I first bought Shakeology I ordered the chocolate. I later saw the Greenberry and thought mmmm fruity! So I ordered it and could not wait to give it a try! Well.. fruity? Not so much. I always like to say that is has an earthy taste to it. […]

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