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t25timeforthatHey you… yeah you reading this…

You have been looking for a good honest review on T25 right? Well grab a cup of coffee and take 5 minutes to read my review. I never do any reviews of workouts I have not actually done and I walk you through each workout to give you a basic idea of what you can expect. The main things you can expect from T25 is RESULTS!!

You have your coffee? Go ahead and read below.

Well as you know most of us have done the Insanity workout and if you have done it then you know it is called Insanity for a reason! It’s INSANE!! Focus T25 works smarter and gives the best results you have ever seen in 25 minutes a day!

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When I do workout reviews I like to add the T25 review as I go along so they are fresh in my head. This one is going to be a bit choppy, but stick with me I will get through them. I am really loving the workout so far and at 25 minutes it is awesome! It goes by so fast and you get a great workout.

ALPHA – CARDIO WORKOUT “First time done 6/29/2013″

  • OK well focus T25 came in the mail today! We got home from an early July 4th party and it was sitting there. We are also leaving for vacation tomorrow. Ugh… I decided to rock out some T25 at 8:30 at night. Here are my thoughts!
  • Awesome! That was 25 minutes of crazy!! There were a lot of cool new moves I have never done and a handful from Insanity & Asylum with some slight variation.
  • BURNOUTS! – So they have a segment called the burnout where you basically go back and do the power moves you worked up to in a few minute span. There were a few burnouts during the workout and they are tough!
  • This was a leg burning boy!! My legs are pretty sore since I upped my mileage in running this week, but it was tough!
  • All in all Focus T25 delivers in 25 minutes which is great!
  • CoolDown – Oh and they do have a 2  1/2 minute cool down segment as well which I did.
  • Here are some pics!

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Before & After My First Focus T25 workout… Phew Dripping In 25 Minutes! WIN!

ALPHA – Speed 1.0 “First Time Done 7/9/2013

  • Well I did the first Cardio workout a week ago when it came, then we went on vacation so I did Cardio yesterday 7/8/20103 and wow today Speed 1.0
  • I have to say my legs were on FIRE!! I do like the agility factor added to this. A few pages taken from Insanity Asylum II which I did last year and it made me so much faster so I am curious to see how I will feel in about 3-4 weeks from now.
  • I will say this I felt like a SPAZ doing a lot of the moves lol, it took a few tries to get them right. I would say just watch the moves first then try them slowly… you will at least get the hang of them and the next time you do them you will be better. You can also watch Tanya for the modified moves which I did a few times as well.
  • I also took a few more breaks then cardio, but only 5-10 seconds each and like I said before I would follow the modified moves as well if I need more of a break.
  • Overall and awesome workout and only 25 minutes!

ALPHA – Total Body Circuit “First Time Done 7/10/2013″

  • Well it is called Total Body Circuit for a reason and this one had me breaking!!
  • There is a lot of Plank and Push up action in this one. All I can say is if you have not done push ups in awhile you are in trouble!! Again just do the modified moves on your knees if you have too. I was lucky that I had a decent push up foundation from doing P90X & Insanity.
  • I think I took the most breaks in this workout. There was a good amount of squats as well and I was really burning!


APLHA T25 Ab Interval “First Done 7/15/2013″

  • I was pretty tight from the Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race we did on Saturday and this workout really loosened me up! I liked how it had you doing ab work then you would go into some cardio work. It was a nice switch up and kept you sweating.
  • By the time I got to the AB Pyramid I was beat, but then I looked at the clock and there was only a few minutes left… phewww
  • I am writing this 7/16/2013 and my abs are sore! There were a lot of great moves to hit your abs from all angles

ALPHA T25 Lower Focus “First Done 7/16/2013″

  • OH man this was a leg burner! I also ran 3.16 miles this morning so that was prob not the best idea! You are doing a lot of squat work, lunges and the like to really fire up those quads. You also get some good calve work in as well.
  • This is one of those workouts where you want to cry from the burn in your legs, but if you can push it out and get through the next few weeks your foundation is going to be solid as a rock!
  • When I get a month out from my Spartan Race I am definitely adding this one in to the training!


  • I always like to give an ongoing summary of how the workout is going and toss in some tips!
  • The workout is great and it is 25 minutes. Cannot beat that. For instance I normally do my workout during my lunch break so this has been great since it is a lot shorter. Yesterday I could not do the workout at lunch so I had to do it at home. By the time the kids were to bed it was 8:30 last night. Normally if I had to do an hour workout I would not have done it, but since T25 is only 25 minutes it was mentally a no brainer! Love that.
  • The 25 minutes goes by fast, but you get a killer sweat.
  • After each workout there is a 2-3 minute cool down so at least take advantage of that. If you feel like stretching more then by all means do so.

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Focus T25 Vs The Insanity Workout

I get this question a lot so I wanted to break down a few things about both workouts… Also you can read my full in depth Insanity review here

  • First off both will get your results. They are great workouts.
  • T25 has a modifier… meaning one person does moves that are a bit easier if you cannot do the regular moves. Insanity does not.
  • In T25 every workout is 25 minutes. With Insanity workouts range from 30 – 55 minutes
  • Insanity is all body movements, no weights or bands. In T25 you can use bands and some weights.
  • As Shaun T says… Insanity is harder, but T25 is smarter. I would agree….
  • Both are 60 day workouts

Overall like I said you will get results from either. In fact as long as you are doing some sort of activity and eating right you are going to get results. All these at home workouts I review are created to streamline your results and make it easier for you.  At the end of the day it is moderation and consistency that is going to get you the results you crave. I mean after the 60 days of either of these workouts what are you going to do? Stop? Go back to old habits? You will need to create a lifestyle change that will include healthy eating and exercise in any form to stay healthy. Just my 2 cents ;-)

 There you have it! My real focus T25 review!

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48 thoughts on “Focus T25 Workout

  • Hey Chris,
    I enjoyed reading your review of t-25. Cool how you encourage all us as well. It’s my Third day on T-25 and I really do love it! It is pretty hard. Had to stop a few times but I’m determined to reach my goals. Don’t know if I can do the double on Friday but I will try. Mind you I haven’t exercised In quite a few years.

  • SO i just want to lose arm and belly fat… I want to keep my curves (hips thighs and butt and my boobs) lol is t25 still a good choice? Or is there anything you would reccomend

    • I mean end of the day it will be weight loss that will help you reach your goal. Everyone is different though. You may lose weight in your boobs more or your thighs. Overall T25 will give you a great total body workout and will help you tone up all parts of your body. The reality is you probably will lose weight in your breasts.

    • I would try to stick to the diet 90% of the time for best results. Eating healthy is a huge part of all of this. If you are working hard, but eating junk you are not going to get the results you want simple as that.

  • girl…you need an Under Armor sport bra. I had the same prob till I invested in a good sports bra. Jumping never feels good when your “endowed” so strap those puppies down to save yourself the pain. I’m on my 1st week of T25…barely made it trough some parts but what an awesome workout.

  • Will this help get rid of like, extra thigh and arm flab/fat? That’s my main target, and I wasn’t sure if the T25 would help with that or just add muscle definition…?

    • Flab and fat all go bye bye when you are putting yourself in a calorie deficit with diet and exercise… so YES if you follow the workouts, follow the diet plan you will lose fat and the arm/thigh flab ;-). Don’t be scared about muscle… more muscle burns more fat and that is good. I hear so many women say they don’t want to “get big” go ahead I dare ya… Get big. It is very hard to pack on slabs of muscle… go get lean!!

    • Hey Bill… how is the hip holding up? I would say if you follow the modified moves, but it also depends on how long ago you had the replacement and what your activity level is like now. I would also of course ask your doctor.

  • Hey Chris…enjoyed your review of the program. I’m writing to get your opinion on whether or not I would be able to do most of the exercises in T25 with a disability. My arm suffered nerve damage from birth and I can not put my body weight on it such as when a preview of the program showed an ab exercise in plank formation. This along with other types of exercises, even with the modified versions, give me hesitation. I know I would get a lot out if this workout regardless, but could you tell me how much of the program is potentially outside of my physical abilities? Picture yourself with only the use of one arm & attempt any feedback from that perspective. Thank you much!!

    • Hmm interesting… guess 1 armed pushups it is ;-) I would say you might miss out on 20-25% of the moves depending on which workout it is. Like the speed, alpha cardio, lower focus etc… you will be fine with but other workouts will have you using your arms a bit more. I think in the end you can create your own modifications. I am sure you have been doing that your whole life ;-) Give it a go, they do offer a money back so if it ends up being too much just return it. Let me know how you do and if you come up with your own modifications to share. Thanks!

      • Chris, I’m just curious, you keep mentioning do something else after 60 days. Is T25 just a 60 day program and then you don’t continue with it? I am in shape. I lost 20 lbs last year by doing Tabata, Tae Bo and weights. I now lift weights and doFitness Kickboxing. I like to change it up to see results. Is T25 something that you complete and then do something different and then go back to it again at some other point in the year? Thanks.

        • Hey congrats on the weight-loss. You could keep doing T 25 over and over again if you wanted to I just think sometimes you might get bored so you could switch to something else and jump back in whenever you want but yes it is a 60 day program

    • Yeah knee pain is never fun. The great thing about T 25 is they have a modifier doing modified moves. Which basically means they are doing things that are easier on the knees and the body in the hole but you were still getting a great workout.

  • Hello Chris my first workout was today,, and got little sweat going it bad to stick w modify part? I feel like I don’t have rhythm and my boobs hurt from all bounce…DDD and wore to, should I just stick to t25 or should I do other stuff as well,, I been going to gym for 4 years and feel like iam on stand still w it,, but did lose 30pds in those years,,,just wanted to make sure doing acouple workouts is ok or not

    • Ha TMI on the DDD lol …. JK all good! Yeah modified is fine, in fact I think sometimes the modified moves actually look a bit hard cause you have more control. Yeah you can def add another with T25 if you feel up to it. I do that often to be honest. You will get the rhythm def takes a few trys to get it. Took me about 2 weeks till I felt pretty good on most moves.

  • I finally broke down and ordered the T25 and started it last Monday. I followed all the steps for the 5 day jump start. I have to say I have lost 10 lbs and 6 inches on my first weigh in. I know it will slow down now. Chris can you tell me what I may expect in the next 8 weeks? I am 5ft 2 and my normal weight is 105 to 110..I got up to 131 and was bound and determined to get my figure back. So far I am loving the workout…would highly recommend. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • Woo hoo Sabrina! Nice work. all I can say is keep going yes the weight-loss may slow down but just keep with your diet and keep working out. You will start to get stronger and add more muscle which will help you burn more fat as you go on. You also have to remember even after the next eight weeks you need to figure out what you will be doing going forward. At the end of the day all of these workouts work and it’s not just about the 60 days or the 90 days it’s about what you were going to do after to continue getting results and staying fit. Of course we also lack but if we just go back to our old ways we are going to end up in the same exact position we were before. Hope that makes sense and please keep me posted on how you doing I’m so happy for you

      • Chris I just finished my first week of t25. I have been in and out of good phsyical shape last few years. enjoy t25. i am about 25 lbs overweightthat i put on over the last year. prior to that i was in really good shape. but im 5 10 so it doesnt look that bad i weight about 170. i just wannt loose about 10 lbs and really tone up look firm do you see t 25 doing this for me. along with eating right. i was a huge gym rat and runner before dont have time for it anymore. also what do you suggest after finishing t25?

        • Hey congrats on finishing the first week? How did you do with it? Struggle? Easy? Barely go through it? Dropping 10lbs is a no brainer with T25. Keep that diet in check. At the end of the day it is being in calorie deficit so I would start journaling what you eat. I have always said a good goal is 1-2 lbs of real fat loss a week. So 10lb is def attainable. please keep me posted!

  • T25 is awesome! Just wanted to add my 2 cents here. Mentally the 25 minute workout is great. Even on the days I am dragging I still get the workout in because I know it’s only 25 minutes. I am about 3 1/2 weeks in to this work out and have lost about 6 pounds. I feel great and have more energy and I feel so much stronger. If you were on the fence about getting it just go ahead and buy it you will be in the best shape of your life. I cannot wait for the next month and see where I am at. Your review is spot on too. Nice work!

    • Hey there. Belly fat is tough for sure. Losing that fat will come down to diet and having a calorie deficit. T25 can help with this. Follow the diet plan stick to the workouts and you will be on your way. You are always working your core during the workouts which is great for strengthening your abs and toning them.

  • Hi Chris,

    Im glad I found this site while researching t25. I watched a segment on Dr. Oz where they did a quick 5 minute workout for t25 and I enjoyed it. I think this is something that would work with my busy schedule and family. I desperately need to lose the baby weight and want to be healthy for my family and it’s time I do something for me. I work really early in the morning and do not have an area where I could do this workout with out waking my husband or kids. How effective would this be in the evening say around 5:30 -6:00 when I finally get home? Thanks for your time!

    • This will work whatever time you do it. I know it’s tough at night after a long day but the 25 minute time helps a lot in that area. Keep us posted!!

    • Hey congrats on getting through that!! The good thing in T25 is there is one person doing modified moves which are not as intense, but still very active. I would say depending on how long ago the replacement was. How long ago was it? Have you been doing anything else in the mean time, running, biking etc? What has your doctor told you as far as activity?

      • 4 months ago. I have been biking and walking on a treadmill. I’m released to regualr activity just so I don’t put myself in major type pain. I’m in my early 40′s and have always been held back because of the pain. Now I’m hoping to get past all that and finally get fit for the first time in my life.

        • Great to here! Well all I could say with T25 is give it a shot and see how you feel. They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if it is just too much for you then return it. I know that a lot of people love T25 because it is only 25 minutes, but if time is not an issue you could check out P90X The workouts are just about an hour… add 15 min if you do the ab workout. You are not bopping and jumping around as much, but you are doing a lot more with weights or resistance bands. I am just glad you are doing something. Keep it up and let me know what you decided.

  • I’m 15 6’2″ 278lb now for about four years I’ve been trying to lose my weight for tried insanity but injured myself three weeks in my father bought t25 so I figured eh I’ll try it the first two weeks I didn’t really take it seriously so I just stayed my weight (which was at the time 288) so I talked to my father and so after that talk about my weight I started taking it seriously eating right(1200 cals or less) and taking in more water for the third and fourth week and I’ve lost ten pounds for two weeks but a net of 9 but my question is its that enough calories? My father says it’s still to low. And if you guys want to see my progress go on YouTube at milkersdegreat2 and there’s proof this workout called t25 works

    • Hey buddy. Good work but yea that is very low for calories.
      You def need to be takin in more I would say shoot for at least 3000 calories a day. You are a big dude and your body needs it and if you are working hard you def need it. How are you feeling at 1200 calories a day? You cannot sustain that for too long. Just make sure you are eating the right calories. Keep up the good work but start eating ;-)

  • Hey Chris, I have 2 questions…When I start working out I tend to gain weight rather than loose it, which I cannot afford to do. Do you think this will happen with t 25? It seems like a lot of muscle gain, so it is likely with my body type. Maybe after a month or so, it would be more likely to come off?

    Also, I hear a lot of people that do t25 say they don’t know if they should do the alpha phase again if they cant do all the moves or move onto beta even if they cant. I wonder this too. Thoughts?

    Sounds like a great program though!

    • Well gaining weight, building muscle etc… will go hand in hand with your diet. You are going to need more calories to GROW so you will really have to check out your calorie intake and your BMI etc….

      With T25 you will tone muscle and lose fat, it is definitely a muscle growth type working, but your muscles will grow if that makes sense. Diet is key!

      Also weight gain and how your clothes fit are a good indicator. Many times you might gain some weight,but your pants are looser. That is a good thing.

      As for doing alpha again that is fine… You could even swap out some beta workouts as well if you wanted to. In the end even if beta is tough it might be worth it to just work through it. Your body will adjust. Keep me posted!

  • I would not worry about the T-25 workout series if you were recently (within a year) pretty active.
    I walk my dog twice a day for about 45 min (fast but not jogging) each time but that’s all the exercise I get. 10 years ago I used to be in karate and was in the best shape, but eventually I broke my leg and developed a thyroid condition and in 3 months I’d gained 25 pounds. Despite weight counseling from my GP and a dietician and a 1600 cal/day diet for 4 years (including going vegetarian for 2 years, losing no weight, then doing a 180 and trying a low-carb lifestyle for a year and also losing no weight – all under doctor supervision) I was so frustrated. Now I was 37 years old, 5’9″ and weighed almost 180. I was so unhappy with not only my rolls of flab but my lack of stamina and weakened muscles.
    I ordered T-25 and ok…I’ve only done 8 workouts so far…but it’s really good. To be honest, at this point I have to stick with ‘the modifier’ but I give it all I have and I feel good at the end. And if I can do it, I’m certain you can – if you were active in other spots and have done other workouts. The time does go fast (30 min including the cool-down) and I’m hot and sweaty, so I guess that’s something. Muscles a bit sore, but not in a ‘I can’t move’ way – more of a ‘ohhh, I feel like I really had a workout’ kind of way.

    • Tanya you rock!! That is great to hear. Really makes me happy. Sometimes with certain moves I think the modifier is actually harder LOL….

      I am really glad they have the modified moves in this workout, because I would even do some for certain moves, but eventually you will be right there with Shaun T.

      Please keep me posted as you go further. I always tell people those first 2 weeks are killer with any new workout, but into that 3rd and 4th week you are really going to see the difference and actually start get good at doing the moves.

      Again love to hear this! Keep going! Focus!

  • Hey chris,

    So what about someone who isn’t in good shape? The past year I’ve really let myself go, stopped playing soccer and gained more weight than I find acceptable. I wake up to T25 infomercials every morning and can’t seem to being myself to actually buy it because I think it may be too “advanced” for me. Thoughts?

    • Hey there. There is a person doing modified moves “where are not as hard, but still work ya” the whole time which is great so if you cannot follow Shaun T you follow Tanya. That is one of the things I love about the workout. In reality even if you are in shape the first 2 weeks will be tough so might as well jump in and get going! ;-)

    • Hey Bob and Kevin below, I get this question a lot and I am actually going to add a section above to answer it, but the short of it is this… they will both give you results. T25 has a modifier so if you are just starting out you can follow her, Insanity does not… If time is an issue T25 is only 25 minutes long and Insanity ranges from 30-55 minutes long. It is all preference, but both are going to get your results if you stick to them. Check above for a bit more detail. Hope that helps!

    • Hey Kim how are you making out with T25? This is def my go to workout when I am in a time crunch!! The 25 minutes goes so fast. Would love to hear how you are doing with it.

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