Insanity Workout Review

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Ask yourself this question:???

Do you want to wonder aimlessly in the gym again trying to figure out what to do only to lose motivation after a few weeks? Tired of wasting your time traveling back and forth to the gym? The

The Insanity Workout is the Answer

It is called Insanity for a reason and in 40 minutes you are going to get one of the most intense workouts of your life! Do that for 60 days and you are going to get in the best shape of your life.

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The Real Truth Behind The “Insanity” Workout

So many people write these fake reviews online about products, so I decided to show you the REAL DEAL on the “Insanity” workout. How can I show you the real truth? By doing it MYSELF! That’s right, I went “insane” for 60 days to prove once and for all whether “Insanity” was just a bunch of hype or the real way to six pack abs.

Who Am I?

My name is Chris, and I am just a regular person like many of you. I had been going to the gym for years without any real plan. I was just working out but it was not getting me into the shape I wanted. Sometimes I would just come home and plop down on the sofa in exhaustion. I had no energy! Isn’t regular exercise supposed to give you energy? Then, when I was 24 years old, I tried one of the Beach Body workouts called Tony Horton’s Power 90. The newer version is now called P90x. Within two weeks, I felt like a new person. In fact, I felt like a teenager again! Now I am 34 years old, and I recently saw a friend who had completed “Insanity”. He looked AMAZING and had lost 22 pounds. I knew that I had to try it just to see if it was for real or not.

Here is what I learned:

  • Insanity” is NOT a scam. It is a totally legitimate way to re-shape your mind and body.
  • “Insanity” is INSANE. You won’t find another workout that even comes close to working you out like this one. This is as close to finding a drill sergeant style personal trainer as you will ever get.
  • You have to dig deep because you are working out 6 times per week. You are working at your own personal max, so be ready to give it everything you’ve got!
  • The first 2 weeks are TOUGH, but once you get through those you will have more energy and already see results, so you have to push through it.
  • It does not matter if you are already “in shape” because “Insanity” will still kick your butt! If you are not in shape, that is okay too because you can take breaks and work at your OWN personal max until you feel ready to move along with the DVDs.
  • When you complete “Insanity”, you will have more energy and look better than you have in years… or maybe look better than you have ever looked in your life!

So, what if you don’t get “Insanity”? Here is what I know:

  • You will never know how strong you really are.
  • You will never know how hard you can push yourself.
  • You will never see your true abs under those layers of fat.
  • You will never experience the thrill of finishing something tough.
  • You will never feel that sense of pride that comes from doing your best.
  • You will never have super-charged energy.
  • You will never be in the best shape of your life!

Ask yourself this question: Would you rather keep going to the gym doing your aimless workouts and getting marginal results OR do you want a laser focused workout that WILL re-shape your body in record time? I guess it’s about how you want to spend your valuable time- being aimless or being focused? Try “Insanity” for 30 days and tell me if you don’t feel better than you ever have! After all, 30 days is a small price to pay for changing your whole life.

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Can I Take Breaks During Insanity?

  • Listen these workouts are intense. In fact the warm up is intense. In the 9 minute warm-up you are going to be dripping sweat more then you have during any other workout. It is that crazy. I took breaks during the warm-up when I started and you can too. During the workouts Shaun T gives you breaks, but it is after each cycle. So basically the workouts go like this. Warm-up… Stretch… Start of the main workout. In the first 24 days most have 2 sets where you do them 3 times each. So you do like 5 exercises at 30 seconds each then you get a 30 second water break, then you start again, then a 30 second water break etc.. It can be a bit different for the workout routine, but that is the basic idea of it. For Pure Cardio you just do 16 straight minutes of exercises. Ugh you are going to love it ;-)
  • Ok back to taking breaks! So you get the 30 second water breaks, but there might just be a move where you cannot finish it or keep going. That is OK. Take a break. What I like to do is give myself a 5 or 10 second count depending on the move. Use your own judgment, but just take the break, gather yourself and get back in. You will even see Shaun T telling people their form is compromised take a break. Those are the people who have done the program so it is OK to take breaks! The great thing about it is as you go deeper into the 60 days you will start to see how you are getting stronger and your stamina is building up and now you are pushing through the workouts and wanting more. It is an amazing experience. Also remember even if you feel like you are taking breaks left and right who cares! You are doing more then you have done before and you are dripping sweat. You are going to get in great shape!

Tips for Completing the Insanity Workout

  • I saw a funny picture the other day. It had the caption “Tools… they are only good if you use them the right way” and it had a guy trying to climb over a wall and he was standing on a dozen ladders laying across each other. I thought it was pretty funny and a great example of how a lot of us find ourselves with getting in shape. We all have the tools right? We can all eat better, start a workout plan etc…, but sometimes we need guidance and help with the plan. That is where Insanity comes in! Again the tools are only as good as we use them. So if we buy the Insanity Workout and leave it in the box or never take it out then it is useless. If we start one day then say we are too busy how can we expect results? The truth is we cannot.

Here are some tips for getting the Insanity Workout, starting the Insanity Workout, and finishing the Insanity Workout.

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  • Buy the program! Have a vested monetary interest in what you are doing.
  • Look at the calendar and block off the time! The workouts are 40-55 minutes. You know you waste that time doing other things! Make it happen.
  • If you can do it with somebody. Accountability is a huge factor.
  • Don’t get discouraged by how hard the workouts are. They are hard for a reason! To get you in shape!
  • If you fall off the wagon and miss a day or two start up again! Just get in and do it!
  • Sign up on the team beach body forums and talk to others. Talk to me! I am here for you!
  • Have your meals ready! Prepare them daily or weekly. Your metabolism is going to be on fire so have the right foods to eat. The nutrition guide is a great resource. You paid for it. Use it!
  • Take the before pictures… look at them… take 30 day pictures… compare them… Take 60 day picture and be in awe of your transformation.

What is it going to take you to change your life?

  • In the end it is not about the Insanity Workout. It is about you. You are online researching how to get in shape, lose weight, feel great etc… and change your life. If you want change in your life, then you my friend HAVE TO CHANGE. It is simple as that. You cannot expect to do the same things, eat the same foods and feel any different right? The Insanity Workout is a 60 day workout plan, but it should be seen as a primer to change your life for good. After all if you do the 60 days, look great and go back to your old ways you will just end up the way you were. For me Insanity has really kick started my fitness goals over the last few years. I have not been in this great of shape since I was in high school, I have finished a Super Spartan 11+mile obstacle race, and my wife even says I look good! ;-)

I cannot do this for you, but I can be there for you. I am happy to answer any questions you have as well as guide you as you take the journey into Insanity.

Use The Calendar!

There is nothing better then taking your pen to your Insanity Workout calendar and putting a big FAT X over that days’ workout. Ah… the feeling of satisfaction you get from finishing another day of Insanity!

The other great thing is seeing your improvements in the Fit Test which I highly recommend you do.

That bad thing is when you use the calendar that comes with insanity and your fit test sheets, you cannot use them for later rounds of Insanity <<< yea you will do more ;-)

I have created download links for the Insanity Calendar and Insanity Fit Text so enjoy.

Insanity Workout Calendar & Schedule Downloads

Insanity Fit Test Downloads



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189 thoughts on “Insanity Workout Review

    • Of course, I mean I look at it like this… you either do it or you don’t do it right? So if you have to move it a day you move it and do it then. Just don’t let one or two bad days mess up the whole week ;-)

  • Hi. I like your video review of insanity. It shows that you don’t need anything, not a lot of room and can still get fit. I’m actually starting Insanity tonight with a couple buddies. We’re looking forward to this program kicking our butts and whipping us into shape. I’m currently 5’11 295lbs. I used to work out when I was in football and wrestling but since I graduated in ’08, I’ve been working and gotten lazy. My wake up call was just last week. I had the Vice President of Operations, of my company that I work for, sit at my desk to observe and what not. Well, I went to the store to buy some new slacks. Little did I know that I had moved up to a 40 waist. 40…that’s a big number. So without hesitation, I ordered this program in hopes to get back down in weight.

  • Hello, I am a 36 year old male, I weigh 188 lbs, 5’8″, have done several beach body workouts, most recently Les Mills Combat. Wanting to start Insanity next week, but I really need help with my calorie intake, want to be really disciplined with this so I can be ready for summer!
    What advice can you give me?

  • Hey guys,

    Going to start insanity this week, super excited. This page is fantastic.

    Just wanted some help on what sort of exercise mat you have all used? I don’t want to ruin my carpet! Btw I’m UK based, so any UK links would be most appreciated!!!



    • Hey there… not sure a mat will really help if it is one of those yoga type mats… you move around too much for that. You would need like a 10ftx10ft type thing….

      You could get away with a yoga type mat for the moves that you are in the same place, so you won’t wear the carpet out, just be careful you don’t trip over it with other moves ;-)

      • Hey Chris,

        Thanks so much for getting back to me :).

        I’ve managed to source some interlocking foam matting which is 8ftx6ft so i’m hoping that could be just enough!

        Thanks for the advice Chris :)

  • Fist off, big thanks to Chris for the blog for all the time an info.

    I started Insanity on Christmas day 2014, and it killed me. I mean I barely made it through the warm ups, and the stretches??? OMG. But here I am, two workouts away from completing the program, and I all I can say is that it’s totally worth the effort.

    There are times that it sucks, that’s it seems like its “just to hard,” that your just to tired, but don’t give in…just push play. By the end of week #2 you will notice a difference, you will feel stronger and more confident…but the workouts will still kick your butt.

    Month 2 is just brutal, there’s no way to sugar coat that one, but once again, just dig in and push play. Modify where you need to, it’s ok, you’re still going to get one heck of a work out.

    I’m 46 years old and feel great. Will I be in a infomercial, not a chance, but it’s not about that, its about you becoming the best version of you that you can become.

    So jump in, and push yourself…as Shaun T would say….”You Can Do It”……now go push play, and be amazed at what you can do.

    One last thing, I would say to go buy a mop if you don’t already have one, cause you are going to sweat buckets….Have a great journey.

    • Ha Dana that is great to hear! Getting to where you are is a huge accomplish and honestly finishing insanity is really what got me back into a true lifestyle of fitness! DIG DEEP! Great work!

  • Hi Chris,

    First off, thank you for that awesome review and taking the time to reply to questions posted on here. I can’t tell you how helpful its been for me, coming across blogs like this in the past two and a half weeks.

    I’m on week three of insanity and haven’t seen much difference on the scale. I’ve dropped five pounds so far and have lost a lot more when going on other programmes in the past, or even just dieting. HOWEVER :), as big as I am, at 247 pounds (5’11”), I can see muscle definition (my quads and calves are getting huge) and my clothes are getting loose again. I also have a sneaking suspicion that after month one, I’m going to have put on all the muscle I can, and will start to drop pounds like crazy.

    I hadn’t exercised in over a year and just couldn’t bring myself to doing it! I’m so glad I started insanity! The first week destroyed me but I kept going and now, for the first time in ages, I actually don’t dread working out. In fact, I’m amped the night before and am tempted to get another workout in!

    On that note, I don’t wanna burn out and not allow my muscles to recover properly, but is there any other light programme you could recommend for me to do in the evenings? I was thinking of maybe some sort of stretching or yoga programme. I definitely could do with more practice there and enjoy it a lot more than I expected! Maybe that’s because stretching in insanity means you just got through that KILLER ‘warm up’. Or should I stay away from a second routine?

    Thanks again man. Sincerely!

    • Hey there! Yeah you are right at that point with the 3 week mark! Keep it up and the results will come for sure! As far as doing more… maybe some resistance training a few nights a week and def the yoga or stretching. You do not want to overdue it!!

      Just keep it up! Keep the diet in check. Just know that each day that goes by you keep that diet on point and get your insanity in, you will start burning that fat and toning up!

      More muscle more calories burned! You got this!

      P90X2 and 3 have a great yoga course and you might want to check out PIYO! OMG that is a fun one and only 30 minutes!

  • Hi there

    I am starting insanity today and have broken my meals into 5 a day for 1700 calories and my boyfriends into 6 a day for 3400 calories. We both train hard at the gym 6 times a week and are Doug insanity instead of this now however we are on our third meal of the day and both still hungry!!!! Is this normal? We will be doing our workouts in the evenings around 5-6pm. Can we add another meal in too the day? Or would you suggest adding more calories to the meals we are already having. We currently have:

    Bowl of cereal – 400 cals for me 600 calories for partner (1 added extra)
    Vanilla berry protein shake – 600 calories for partner 300 for me
    Wholemeal pasta, veg and feta for me – 300 cal
    Lean burger for partner – 600 calories
    Cold meat platter – 600 calories for partner, 300 for me
    And dinner omelet – 600 for partner, 400 for me
    And then my partner will have 400 calories around 7pm of the yoghurt from meal 2 block!

    What do you suggest? Please help! Thanks

    • Hey nice work! It is hard to know exact numbers without knowing your BMR, but sounds like you are off to a great start! Yeah I used to workout in the gym a lot before I did insanity. It really kicked my butt and I was always really hungry!

      As long as you are eating clean you can add another snack in there or bump up the meals a bit. You really just have to trial and error it.

      Sure reducing calories you are going to have some hunger pains, but that should not be extreme. So if you working hard and starving eat.. but eat good!

  • Hi Chris, great review and very informative!! Thank you for helping all readers through this. I started insanity workout this January and I am now on my third week. It’s going great and I love it! I am not too big but not fit either. I used to exercise and lift weight years ago but after having children, well, u know the rest :) I also started paleo diet same day I started insanity. My goal is to lose about 25-30 lb. I’ve always been eating Healthy in general. I started to count calories for the first time in my life just to see how much calories I actually eat. I eat an average of 1200 calories every day. The equation in my insanity nutrition guide however suggested that I should eat 1990 calories/day in order to lose weight. I lost only 5lb since starting paleo and insanity. I am afraid I will get stuck and not lose any more (like it always happens). Any thoughts or advice about my calorie intake?? I am very full eating 1200 calories but I am afraid I am not losing enough because my body is on starvation mode (which I keep reading about)!! What do you think? Thanks in advance :)

    • Nice work! Yea you really need to figure out your BMR basal metabolic rate and adjust from there. If you don’t eat enough you are not fueling your body and will stall your weight loss.

      I think a lot of people eat way less than they should. You have to remember you are burning anywhere from 500-800 calories in those workouts, plus you are just starting paleo which can be tough at first.

      You can check out SPark People to help with the nutrition tracking or you can visit a nutritionist and have them give you a nice plan to follow

  • Hi…i will be 26 next month im 5’5 and I weigh 230+…I have the insanity workout but I did 4 days of it and stopped….my questions are how do I make it through the 11t 2 weeks? And being that im a picky eater how do I come up with a nutritional meal plan that will still get me results? I cant eat eggs and I dont like beans (eww) and as for making meals in advance how would I go about accomplishing that?

    • You make it through by taking some breaks as you go… if you need a day off take it, but don’t let it turn into 2 or 3 days or a week.

      As for picky eater… well only you can help yourself there. The nutrition plan that comes with insanity will get you going for sure you just have to follow it and adjust. I know it can be tough. Once you start eating cleaner and healthier your tastes will change!

      As for making meals in advance… if you like a meal make more and put it in a container ;-)

      You can do this!! One day at a time!

  • Dear Chris
    Is there any specific age to start insanity?
    is it recommend for a boy of 15years old?
    would it coz harm for his heart?

    thank you in advance for your reply

    • Hey Leslie I would always say ask your doctor first, but I would think if they are active in sports and going through any types of practice I went through as a Freshmen the workout should be fine.

      Just make sure they take breaks if it gets to be too much. If they have never worked out or are not active then I don’t think this workout would be a good idea.

      Hope that helps

  • Hi – if I miss a workout day, should I do it the day after meaning I only have one rest day before the next week.?

    E.g if I can’t do Friday fight night (work commitments) should I do it Saturday or just leave it and go again to next week on the monday?


    • Hey it really is up to you. It is structured in a way so it works and focuses on certain parts of your body… It is a 6 day a week program, but hey if you miss a day or so just pick up where it tells you to and you will be fine… just don’t let the day or two turn into a week or two ;-)

  • Hey, great review!! I am 21 years old and I’m 5’6″ and 131lbs. I used to weigh 140lbs. I’m doing insanity and today I start my second day of week 3. I see a change in my body already and I love love LOVE insanity!! Shaun T is awesome and he really is a great trainer. I love basically having a free personal trainer in my own house! I can’t wait to see abs. I have shape and my thighs have gotten smaller, every part of my body has lost inches and I have noticed I have so much more energy when doing insanity. I eat very good and kind of a lot everyday but that only speeds my metabolism up and gives me so much energy throughout the day. Just one question, when will I start seeing abs? I do insanity really good, I sweat a lot!!!! I push myself but never compromise my form. I love insanity. When 60 days are over, I ain’t stopping there. I’m doing insanity for the rest of my life.

    • Hey Stacie nice work! Good question… really depends on how much stomach fat you hold. DIET DIET DIET Is going to get your abs showing. All I can say is stick with the workouts, keep eating and yes after 60 days keep up the hard work. You don’t have to jump back into another round unless you want to. Don’t burn out, just make sure going forward this is a lifestyle change. No sense going nuts for 60 days, lose weight, feel great only to go back to old ways for 3 months. Know what I mean? Please follow up when you finish! Great job

      • Hello Chris how are you. I am needing uour expertise advice. I have 3 question but relatively short ones. Im currently doing 2nd month wks 1 and lets just say I bummed it. I have lost motivation and binge ate yesterday. I usually eat clean but the 2nd month requires more than the first. I already had problems maintaining the diet because its hard to get the right balance if protein and carbs even when eating fruits and vegetables some most fruits are still high in carbs so 1. Is the macros 40%/40%/20% required to get results and if you cant do every exercise completely through would it change your calorie requirements.? 2. What are some decent carbs to eat? Im not big on pasta rice and stuff but if its needed I will but I love vegetables preferably frozen due to convenience but if not good for me I will change it as well. 3. Lastly with some if the MAX exercises like power jumps and other jumping exercises is it ok to modify those because I live on the 2nd floor and it is was too noisy for my neighbors below? Thank you si much in advance. My stats are 145lbs; 5’6 ht; 37 age. Looking to get to 135. Can you get good results with repeating month 1 only over again twice only if need be.

        • Hey Cherly congrats on getting this far! I would say don’t get so hung up on a bad day of eating. it happens and it will happen again. Just get back into it and forget about it. I think we need to binge eat once in awhile for our own sanity ;-) As far as getting all your macros down to a science it is the same thing. That can be tough and if you really really really want to do it then there is no easy way. You have to take the time to prepare your food and have it ready for you when it is needed. At the end of the day it is math.. calories in vs calories out. You want to create a calorie deficit to lose weight. Now not all calories are created equal. Check out a site like Spark People. It is free and you can track all you eat and get your numbers right! Type in your info and your desired weight. It will help! And… yes more veggies the better. Frozen veggies are better than frozen ice cream right ;-) Keep up the good work and stay in touch!

    • You will get toned more for sure, but you will have to eat more to put on the muscle. You might be better of with a program that offers more weight training like p90x or body beast.

  • Firstly i am a fairly skinny 17 year old, the reason i want to do insanity is the abs. I borrowed one workout from a friend of mine titled insane abs. I have done it for 4 days and it is quite intense. I was wondering if i continued doing insane abs 6 days a week would it show results of abdominal definition or?

  • Hi,

    I’m 14 yrs old, 5ft8 1/2, I think I’m 25% bodyfat, and I’m 2 weeks in to insanity. I was wondering when you get to start seeing results and if 3 meals a day is ok. You see being 14 I can’t really follow the plan and have to eat what my mum made 3 meals a day because I can’t find the time for 5-6 from school, music lessons, basketball training, swim training, and Taekwondo. I would really like to see some results for some extra encouragement to keep going, I’m preparing for a good looking body for when we go to a school fun swim event in December 2014 (summer here in nz), I don’t find it particularly hard but I usually skip the stretches and I just can’t seem to put enough effort to sweat in the warm-up, but I do sweat. So yeah, any help from this would be great thanks :)

  • Hi Chris,

    I really enjoyed your review of Insanity. I have yo yo’d with my weight most of my adult life. I am 38 years old and 5ft 11.

    I am two weeks away from completing Insanity and started at 16stone 2lbs. As of this morning I weigh 13 stone 3lbs. I have run abit of the years but never done anything as intense as Insanity. It has been incredibly hard work, and some days I really haven’t wanted to do it. But, my wife (who is doing it as well and has lost 2 stone) has pushed me on as I have her. For any body wanting to know the benefits, it is life changing. Yes its hard. Yes you will want to quit. Don’t keep going the benefits are there for the work you put in.

    When we finish this 2 weeks today. Next we go on to Focus T25. Which we will also take on holiday with us so that we can enjoy the “benefits of holiday”. Thanks for taking the time to review Insanity and read this.
    Cheer Scott

    • Hey congrats that is great to hear!! For me Insanity was truly the turning point in my fitness journey. It got me in the best shape I had been, in a very long time and was a spring board to keep me going! Ill never go back to the old me! Keep up the good work.

  • Hey Chris, thanks for all the advice.

    I’m working my way through the course; I also have the deluxe version. I just wanted some advice on when to do the upper body workout. Should I substitute one of the other workouts for it or do it bofore or after another?

    • Hey Glen really up to you and how you are feeling. I would usually do that one on a Saturday to be honest. The first time I did Insanity I don’t think I actually ever tried it, but then one day gave it a go. I used to use it whenever I felt I just needed an upper body blast! It is a killer workout.

  • Hi Chris,

    Great review. I think it would be awesome if you have a forum for Insanity too. I’ve just completed my 1st month and am on the recovery week. I’m loving the energy and how my body is changing along with the program. It’s intense but definitely makes one feel accomplished after every workout. I don’t do well with recovery days though. I usually try to get one workout in or do some light exercise because if I do nothing, i’ll feel like it takes a lot more effort to resume the next week. Do you think that’s a good or bad practice? Any advice/preparation that I should have in mind before I start on the 2nd month set? Appreciate your thoughts on this.

    • Yeah I hear ya on the forum… not a bad idea.

      I am the same way, but as I get older and wiser I realize that resting/recovery is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. We grow and get stronger when we rest. So you might feel off because you took a day off or just did recovery, but I strongly believe that it is necessary. Just make sure you diet stays on point those days ;-)

  • Hey Chris. Enjoy the website. I’ve saw tremendous results using insanity. Just completed my day 50 fit test. The results were surprising. The amount of improvement I saw since the day 1 fit test ranged from a low of 30% on Globe jumps up to 208% on power jumps! To anyone considering the program I highly recommend it. You will be amazed by the results. To anyone starting the program I recommend getting a heart monitor/calorie counter and the fitness pal app on your phone. Being a big guy (6’7) I wasn’t accurately counting my calories when I first started the program. When I was plugging in insanity on the app I was getting numbers like 400-500 when in actuality I was burning between 800-1100 per workout! The first two weeks are the worse. I could barely move. Now I look forward to the workouts every day!

    • Nice Darrell! Yea us big guys tend to burn more calories then the average person, but we also tend to eat more too ;-)

      Yeah the first 2 weeks phew… but after that it really is life changing how strong and fit you will feel.

      Oh and I HATE power jumps… more power to you doing them at 6’7’!!

    • Wow awesome! I think a week of recovery and stretching is def worth giving a shot… maybe even God forbid a few days off! ;-)

      Insanity is tough so def get rested and feel strong to start over. You don’t want to burn out physically as well as mentally.

      I was just speaking with a woman about doing Insanity again, but told her to check out T25 since it is only 25 minutes and will keep you getting your physical workout, but also a nice mental break from the tough Insanity workout. Know what I mean?

  • Hi Chris thanks for yor response, I am on day 5 of insanity and im loving it! I work full time and I have young kids so I do the workout at night when they are in bed, certainly helps me sleep, I am also doing half hour of weight before insanity (dumbbells 5 kg each) so far it’s going well, will the weights help build my biceps up? I don’t want to be bulky! I just want a good healthy look with maybe a touch of ‘Spartan’ thrown in, only a little :-)

    • Ha nice Simon… It is funny when you say I don’t want to be bulky. I get that from woman a lot… I always tell people go ahead and try to get bulky. Unless you have some freak genetics it is very hard to put on muscle mass that would be some sort of huge gains… So keep up the weights if you are feeling good and bust out that insanity. It is a good mix. If you really want the Spartan look I would take a look at this set up

      I had some of my best results following that program. You are getting the muscle building of p90x and the cardio of Insanity. It is a great mix!

  • Hi Chris I’m 34 just about to start the insanity programme, I’m 5″11 11 and a half stone, I have the unfortunate condition of neither being skinny or fat, I have skinnyish legs and arms but a podgey belly and not much in the way of pecs, I’m hoping insanity will solve the pogde problem and give me some definition in my arms and chest maybe my legs aswell, would like slightly bigger shoulders aswell! Would insanity help with all this? I will also be taken protein shakes before and after work out, would that help aswell? Would really love to go swimming or walk along the beach without feeling uncomfortable! Cheers for you help

    • Hey there! Oh yeah Insanity will get you toned and more defined for sure. Just stick with it and yes the protein shakes are a great idea! Help keep that muscle and tone it up!

  • Hi there, I realy liked your text and it gave me the inspiration to get started with the insanity program but I have a few questions… I don’t realy have weight problems ( I do have a little bit fat because I didn’t go to the gym a while but nothing special), so I was wondering will this program give me muscle definition and muscle weight (chest, back, biceps, triceps…) or is it more focused on weight loss? Also, is it good to use some supplements while training (protein, creatine…) and if it is: which one do you recommend? Because, frankly, I want to have a healthy body and a healthy life but I also want to look attractive with and without my shirt (don’t we all?). Thank you.

    • Hey Stephen. You will get toned and more defined doing insanity. You are not going to bulk up like a weight lifter, but you can def have a great look with your shirt off for sure ;-)

  • Hi Chris,
    Just a question….my husband and I are nearing the end of our 60 day challenge. We have one more workout tomorrow and then our last fit test on Sunday. What did you do after you finished it? We don’t plan on starting all over again of course. Our plan right now is to do 3-4 workouts/runs a week and continue on with our healthier choices. THen we were thinking of doing another challenge when the fall returns. Just curious as to what you did right afterwards. Thanks.

    • Great work! How are you feeling? You are right… this is just not about the 60 days, but a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle and hope you stick with it! I think the 3-4 workouts is a great choice and starting up the 60 days in the fall is perfect! I will prob have a challenge group on facebook so let me know if you want to join. When I first finished insanity I actually took a week off then started up P90X which was awesome for me at the time. I eventually came up with a p90x/insanity hybrid that I just love doing.. you can see that here Keep me posted!

  • hey! so I’m 14, and I’m very insecure and I need results fast. so I ordered insanity. I got it on a Thursday and started then. does it matter when you start? I haven’t done it since then because I don’t know if I was supposed to start on a Monday or what! so should I keep doing it Daily and just mark off the days? or start back on monday then go from there?

    • Hey congrats as long as you are doing it. I like to start things on a Monday, but I would try to stick to calendar. It was created that way for a reason. Good luck and let me know how you are doing with it!

      • well I was kinda excited to start lol! is it bad if you don’t do it a couple days? i start right back up, but I just got done with my recovery workout! I’m already seeing a tad bit muscle definition in my arms! does it matter if you don’t eat like healthy healthy? I’m so scared that I won’t see results if I don’t eat really really strict healthy! but thanks for replying!

  • Hey Chris. I’m 27 5’2 and 166 lbs. I bought insanity a few months ago right after my daughter was born. I tried to start it then but it was just too hard for me. Well after a couple weeks of regular exercise daily I decided to give it another go. I have never sweat as much as I do with insanity! I’m done with day three can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m wondering whats another alternative like the recovery formula? Did you use it? It’s just too expensive for me.

    • Glad you are doing it! I hear ya. You sweat more in the warm up then most people do during their full workout. lol. Yes I love the results and recovery formula. I mean you could drink a glass of OJ and maybe some plane old whey protein as well. It is hard because you are getting the carbs you need, the protein, amino acids, and some creatine in there. It is tough to get all that on your home for cheaper or the same cost or as convenient. You could check out becoming a beachbody coach. You get a 25% discount on all products. Pretty cool! Just make sure you eat something 30-60 minutes after. Body is craving fuel so give it what it needs. Keep me posted on how the rest of the workout goes.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks a lot for the review! I’m 5″10 and weigh 152lbs. I’m quite athletic and for a few years used to play basketball 6 times a week so was fit. A couple years have passed by and my physical activity has decreased to 2 days a week (1 day gym and 1 day social basketball). I’m considering insanity but not sure if its the right programme for me? I’m quite lean and have some muscle but want to get my 6 pack back. Will this do the job?

    Also, a major thing for me is diet. I mainly stick to brown rice and chicken (without skin) and overall have a clean diet but I don’t want to be one of those people who completely restricts my diet. If I’m eating relatively clean and doing insanity then will I still achieve results?

    • Hey Poz ever hear this saying… abs are made in the kitchen? That is the truth…. at the end of the day you gotta burn fat to show those abs. Insanity is nuts when it comes to that. You can burn about 700-1000 calories a workout depending on your intensity! So get moving!! You can have your cheat days, but you def need to dial in that diet if you want the abs!

  • Hiya, I started the program yesterday but I’ve also been running. I’m not in bad shape at all. But I’ve got shin splints from increasing my running distance too quickly and they were quite painful today after my run. I’m going to stop running for a while but should I stop insanity too?

    • I would say if it hurts then stop… no sense in hurting yourself more. Take a day or two off and give it a shot then. Would stink to really injure yourself and be out for weeks then a few days.

  • hi chris im 16. im 6 foot 2 and 16 stone. im far from a fit guy and i do have a belly on me to be honest. i do play a lot of sport but ever since my exams last year i have gotten lazy and put on weight. i have heard about the insanity challenge and i was wondering will i be able to keep up with it as im very unfit and although my determination is quite bad i dont know what to do? any advice as i need to lose my belly as i do get bullied a lot over been fat and its now that i have gotten sick of it? :(

  • This workout is literally INSANE. Absolutely love it and Shaun T is very charismatic and adds a great deal of fun to the work out.

    Only bummer is, a lot of the food is available in New Zealand so I feel I am not getting the full benefit.

  • Insanity has been a Godsend for me. I have never been in this kind of shape my entire life even when I was active in sports. The diet is all laid out for you and the workouts are tough and intense, but that is what it takes to get results. I have lost about 24lbs and feel great!! I tell everyone about it. If you have been thinking about it, don’t think anymore… get this workout!

      • Hi there a few things I’d really like to know if they are common? I’ve recently lost 24lb and my measurements are as follows. My height is 5″8 and I’m now 12 stone 8lb I still would like to lose another stone and tone up the areas that are lagging, I’ve sleazy purchases the DVDs and started the insanity workout on Monday.
        Man this is hard work

        • Hey Nick great job so far! Yeah Insanity is very tough, but keep at it and you gotta follow the diet book. That is going to get you those last pounds off! Abs are made in the kitchen ;-)

  • Hey I am currently 5ft4 and 210 pounds. I’ve lost 70lbs so far but would like to try insanity. Is this for me do you thing. 6 kids so I can’t get to a gym. I am worried I may still be too overweight and unfit!

  • Hi, I am a 34 year old male looking to change up my normal gym routine. I’m 5’9, 160lbs with around 10-12% body fat. My workout program has been great, only part is that I have a 4 pack but want the 6 pack. Is it worth switching to insanity? My concern is losing muscle mass in areas such as shoulder and biceps. Is this an issue? Is insanity more for people who need to lose more weight (as I’m happy with mine)? Also is it possible to do a hybrid program with insanity and gym? If so what would you recommend? Thank you.

  • Hey Chris, i started the insanity workout last week and its giving me amazing results! im a pretty skinny guy already tho and all of this cardio im worried it might not be safe or might not be the best thing for me to get the body i want. i dont wanna bulk up tho thats why i chose insanity over p90x…

  • Chris,

    I had an ACL reconstruction 6 and 1/2 months ago. I have been fully cleared by my doctor for physical activities and have done Jump rope and the total fitness at physical therapy. Do you think I would be ok doing insanity?

    • Zach glad you are doing well with it. TO be honest this workout can be pretty tough… I would def run this by your Dr or physical therapist, You might be better off giving P90X a try since it is a little easier on your knees.

      • Thanks for the quick response. I talked to my therapist and read some reviews of others who have done Insanity with knee issues. I am going to try it and see if I can make slight modifications on some exercise and really watch my form. I also have my knee brace that was made for my knee for physical activities. I think I might not get as good a workout but it will still be tough. I am really excited for it!

  • Hey! I’m currently at the end of my 3rd week of insanity. I’m 19 and relatively fit and healthy- i use to dance 4 times a week for the past 16 years, however due to moveing house I can no longer carry it on, and I have found I’ve put on a few pounds. I chose to do insanity to lose some belly fat from this and also from what I’ve gained from alcohol! I have a healthy diet, not many carbs, lots of protein, fruit and veg. I’m only consuming about 1400 calories a day, is this enough or will my body be keeping the fat thinking its in starvation mode?
    Great review by the way!

  • Sorry I had to learn the hard way just kind of pisses me off to see people wanting results but can’t even follow a well laid out plan like p90x or insanity wondering why it didn’t work. Sorry if to blunt but goodnight people and goodluck!!

  • O and one more thing . Nutrition in my opinion is 90 % of your workout. Try to eat clean as possible. Oats eggs nuts veg fruit whey steak baked potatoes. Learn when to eat them. O did I say snicker bar and hotdogs and lemon pie. NOT. DIET COKE NOT. Im sorry people give yourself a cheat day once a week. see your abs. Just the way it is plain and simple. Th. at guy with ripped abs put in the time and learned how

  • Been through p90x 5times and. Throw in real heavy lift days at least once a week. Have gotten great results with fast & slow twitch muscle. Have put on lots of muscle and cut fat. Still had a little fat around stomach. Started insanity 2 weeks ago and I have dropped a inch already in pants. People if you haven’t lost any weight on insanity you are dragging a**. Stop looking at scale and just dig in . If your ass is not drenched everywhere with sweat you ain’t bringing it. Sorry people it takes time so ask yourself WHY do I want to loose the weight look at yourself in the mirror butt naked and throw that scale in trash. Its time to bring it. Live it love it. Come on people I know im being blunt but im hard on myself like that. Find that reason to push and dig in.

  • Ok so i am ordering Insanity i have looked up all the reviews and everything snd i am pretty convinced this will do the trick! But here is my question i started my dieting Dec 31st since then to date i have lost 16 pounds but eating healthy and excersing but my belly is going NO WHERE i am beyond frustrated with this considering i am 26 and weigh 118 pounds! Will this workout do the trick and get me that 6 pack core that i want or am i wasting my time and money????

      • Hey Amanda congrats on the 16lb that is great. The mid section can be tough and in the end it really is the diet that will give you the best results. I mean you have to workout etc… but that mid section fat will come down to really tweaking your diet. I will tell you this…. Insanity will give you the cardio and strength you need. Follow the diet guide that comes with it and go hard core the full 60 days. You will see results you just have to be diligent and put in the time. Keep me posted!

  • Hi Chris,

    I just started Insanity this past week and I have been currently juicing for about 16 days. I also eat pretty well (not totally clean, but healthy, I try lol) and I was wondering if juicing only (possibly twice a day) was going to give me the energy I needed. Thanks

    • Hey Julie to be honest I have never really juiced before, but I would like to. I just need to get a juicer and they can be quite expensive. I have heard that juicing is great because all the nutrients are so fresh and go right into the bloodstream. So yeah I think you can get a lot of energy from it, but I would imagine it can also depend what you are juice. All fruits, veggies both etc…. I drink Shakeology every day. Check that out here
      What kind of juicer do you have? I want to start looking, but I know they can get real pricey. I’d like to get one that is going to last and produce a smooth drink. I hate grit in my drinks, I can’t even handle pulp from OJ ;-)

      • Hey Chris,
        Regarding a juicer – Champion is great. Me & my husband have been juicing carrots for 12 years with the same one. You can get one on Ebay for $150-$200 – well worth it. Plus you can put frozen bananas in it & comes out like ice cream.

        • Thanks Tracy! Looks cool! I finally got a vitamix… not a juicer, but def easy on the clean up and blends it smooth enough for me to drink. Very happy with it!

          Although this frozen banana idea is interesting…. ;-)

  • Hey Chris, I appreciate your reviews! I’ve finished one complete round of insanity and have started another round. I definitely feel more fit and toned after not having exercised regularly for the past few years, but am having a lot of trouble with my belly fat and have not lost any weight in this whole process, despite being on a 1500 cal diet (using the nutrition guide, I calculated 1700cal diet to lose weight)! Do you have any tips/suggestions? Also, my feet are absolutely killing me during the workouts. I’m using Brooks shoes to decrease ankle pronation, but the insides of my feet are super painful during the exercises, especially the lateral movements. Do you have any suggestions for this? Lastly, I was wondering whether Les Mills combat would be less impactful on my knees/feet than Insanity, and whether you have any experience with Turbofire and if that is more/less impactful on the feet and knees. Thanks for your help!

    • Hey there congrats on finishing one round. So you are say you did not lose any weight at all and your diet was clean? I find it hard to believe. Yikes.. Not sure what your measurements are, but maybe you need to eat a bit more considering the workouts can burn anywhere from 500-800 calories depending on how you push yourself. I have heard that sometimes if you do not eat enough your body will store fat. Look into that. As far as your feet….. Brooks?? Which kind are you using? I use a pair of new balance that run wide and they work well. The only thing I could say is make sure you are using the correct form in the moves. Sometimes we just do what feels comfortable at the time to get through it and you might be doing something wrong. Really hard to say without actually seeing you do the moves ya know. As far as Les Mills Combat check out my review here and look at the comments area I talk about this a bit. Never did Turbo Fire, but I know there are people out there that are huge fans of it. Hope to hear from you. Hope this helps a bit

      • Yes, my diet was relatively clean — I probably could be stricter. You make a good point about eating more — maybe my caloric intake was too low. I’m using Brooks Adrenaline GTS – my foot pain went away for about 2-3 weeks after I started using them, but now has returned despite continuing to use the shoes. (I was barefoot before, since I do it in my living room). I’ll be more careful about my form and will let you know how that goes, though I’m usually pretty good with form and my exercise partner and I correct each other. Thank you for your suggestions! I think I might try out Les Mills based on the comments you made on less jumping.

        • Yikes barefoot huh. I could see that being good in the long run,but Id imagine you would be super sore the first week or two on top of the normal soreness you would get. Yeah take a look online as come calorie calculators or something. I am not an expert at it, I just know people forget they need to eat a bit more. That is actually what I have done. I am 6’3″ 220lbs and I realized I was not getting nearly enough calories. So I actually increased my eating “healthy of course” and I have had more energy and more actually fat loss while gaining muscle. I have really stayed the same weight but look way leaner. If you get Les Mills let me know what you think. It is a really fun workout.

  • Hi Chris,

    I am a 15 year old girl and I want to try insanity. I want to drop a few pounds and tone up before summer, and I have nine weeks before it starts! Perfect timing! I tap dance (four years, three times a week for an hour… and around the house), so my legs are toned but I want to loose the fat on my stomach, hips and arms. I know that this workout will be insane, but I am determined to stick with it and like you said, you will see results! Anyway, I was just wondering if it is safe for me to do insanity because my age? Your blog really inspired me to try it out!


    • Hey there. Well since you are under age we recommend talking to your doctor. You seem like u are very active. What is your diet like? You may just need to cut out junk.

      Insanity is a great workout. Your parents can order it here

      You get a free bonus workout as well

  • Thanks for this post! I starting week 6, just three days of the max week, and I love insanity! everyday I feel better, and I’m not athletic at all, just the gym type average. thank u again!

        • How many times can someone do the insanity workout? Once you finish the 60 days program, if I wanna do it again, is that good? what you’ll say?

        • I would say if you finish day 60 then take a break for a week, maybe toss in a recovery workout in there and maybe a workout or two, but take it easy. Let your body recover a bit more then get back into it or do some variation of it. I find this is an awesome workout to mix things up

        • Hi Chris!
          I’m finishing my second round of insanity, I have only 3 weeks left! lol! but I already have the Les Mills Combat Ultimate Warrior Hybrid!!! yeeeeiiii!!!! so I’m gonna do it all the way!!! i’m really excited already!!! thanks for your advice!!! so I’m gonna do a recovery week when I finish my second round of insanity before start Les Mills Combat!!! thanks thanks!!!!
          take care!!!

  • I have never gotten an actual breakdown of how much body fat versus muscle percentage that I have gained. I will say that everything has significantly grown i.e. biceps, triceps, chest, thighs, butt. I just now have a pooch for a stomach. Everything has def firmed up. I do not want to get super huge because I am only 5’6 but I just want to have a nice summer body. I really hope that insanity can get me there. Thank you for all of the advise.

  • Hey Chris, thanks for being here to have people like myself pick your brain! I have just bought insanity after I have been going to the gym for about 5 months. I have put on some noticeable size going from 124-146. I was thinking by the infomercials that with insanity, you don’t needs weight and can still put on some nice muscle definition. I swear it was like as soon as I bought it,I started reading reviews that say this workout is only for cutting and losing weight. I can admit that I have developed a small stomach that I would like to lose in the process. I just want to make sure that I have not wasted $120 you know? I don’t have money for another program right now as I have chose this one. I don’t want to be huge just able to see my arms and pecs through a T-Shirt. Can this be achieved with this workout or did I waste my money? I also have a 20lbs weighted vest that I was thinking about adding into my workout as well once I go round 2.( I want to do this twice) I am recovering from surgery and will be able to start April 1st! I’m excited but nervous at the same time. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Juan how are you? Well I will say this. You will get more cut and toned doing Insanity. I would say it is def not a bulking workout. If you are looking to really lose the belly, and define your muscles and have them show up through your shirt I think Insanity will do just that. If you were looking to put on 10-15lb of muscle you might be better off looking at Body Beast. If you just bought Insanity you can return it within 60 days so maybe that is a better option. In my opinion I think you will like the results you get from Insanity. Was the 22lb you put on muscle or fat?

  • What would I expect if I’m at 10% body fat
    I’m looking to gain muscle I have a good weight lifting routine right now
    And I’m basically just looking for abs.

    • Hey Curtis. If you are at %10 body fat it is going to come down to diet and cardio to see those abs.
      If you toss insanity into your current routine you will be set!
      Don’t over do it though.

  • Re: shift work. I just finished day 17. I work shift work (12 hours) too and find it difficult on day shift to get insanity exercise in. I just do other things like bike to/from work on those days and keep up with the food plan provided. I keep up with the exercises when I’m on night shift. Just do the best you can.. Something is always better than nothing. PS. The first week I was really sore, felt like crawling up in a ball and dying but since then I have noticed major improvements in fitness level and most days put in 110%. Love the workouts and find them extremely addicting!

  • Hei,I have 6 pack under fat.I have to burn the fat from lower abs.I am doing just Plyometric Cardio Circuit.I’ve been doing this for 13 days and I can’t see chages.What can I do?

    • Hey Vlad why would you do the same routine everyday for 13 days lol :-)
      The program was created to be followed and it works all different areas in a systematic way. Also you are not going to shred fat in 13 days it is really just not possible to shred tons of fat that fast. THis is why it is a 60 day program. Stick to the program the way it is set up, follow the diet guide and you will lose fat and see those abs.

  • Hi

    Completed 3 weeks so far and very I pressed. I can dig deep already and pretty much keep up on the workouts. I never done anything like this before so my body still in shock. Eating plan ok but seems to be working.

    I’m looking fwd to month 2 so can really see how fit I am.

  • Hey Chris! I am on day 17 of insanity and there has been a major change, lost almost two inches and the results are great!! But still got a layer of fat by my belly and i wanna get rid of it. I eat 5 meals a day and keep upto the calorie intake and diet, but since last 2-3 days there hasnt been noticeably any change and got that layer of fat by my belly. Its putting me down because I keep pushing and want those abs. Could you help me out more on how should i carry on with insanity and when will I be able to clearly see the results? Thanks! Cheers mate!

    • Hey congrats on getting that far and the results already. You prob won’t want to hear this, but it is just gonna take time. Simple as that. For me I always notice big changes like every two weeks so you are just over two weeks and seeing changes so that is great. You are not going to see changes every day, just know if you keep pushing they will come. If you stop they won’t come so keep pushing! Trust me when you get to the MAX workouts you are gonna burn, burn, burn fat!! Stick with it and hit me up when you hit day 60. You are gonna do great. And.. you know what if you still need to get a bit more ripped up, then give yourself a week or two and start it up again!

        • Hey I meant after you finish day 60 give yourself a week or two break from Insanity and do it again. You can do something in between, but I would stick to maybe some lifting and stretching then rock out Insanity for another 60 days. It is a pretty intense workout so you really need to take time after a full round to recuperate. Know what I mean.

        • Yes i get it now!! Damn I am already in love with this program. Thanks for the help I really appreciate. And yes i will keep in mind what you suggested me, take a break- get back on to INSANITY- Dig Deeper!! Cant really wait to see those results! Thank you again, will keep you posted. Peace out;)

  • Hey

    I’m soon finishing my second month of Insanity (tomorrow) and its been really good. I’ve lost inches everywhere. My stomach fat is still persistent long do you think it takes? Will I see changes once I start/finish the max interval training or would I need to do the whole programme again to get significant results?

    Kind regards.

    • Sorry did you say you are finishing your second month? So you are done with Max Interval? Were you saying you might just do the max workouts again to see results?

      Sorry just want to make sure and congrats on getting this far and your progress. Yeah some people have done a few rounds of insanity to get where they need to. I mean our bodies can only lose so much fat in a given amount of time, but this is a great start. I would say if you just finished the 60 days then take a week or two off from insanity. Make sure your diet stays the same and make sure you workout a few times a week still then hop back into insanity. Did you get the upper body workout with Insanity? That is a killer workout. How was your diet during all of this? If it was just oK then you might want to really dial in the diet and start insanity back up. Let me know what you do.

  • Hey! I just ordered insanity to get here in two days. I can’t wait to get into great shape! My husband is in the navy and on deployment, has been gone for 6 months and has two to go, so perfect timing to get fit before he comes home. Anyways, I have plenty of time to do the workouts 6 days a week but when I lose motivation or miss a workout its a downward spiral. I get very negative and its hard to get back into working out. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for this journey, do you have any tips for me that maybe you have used to stay motivated and not get down on yourself? Thanks! I will keep you updated on my progress!

    • Yeah don’t get mental :-) JK. I know how you feel I can be like that too. If I don’t start a good workout on a Monday my whole week can be shot. Kind of silly, but it happens to the best of us! Now I just know that missing a day or two, eating some junk, or not starting some routine on a Monday is no reason to not get back into it! I now think about what will happen when I go into the downward spiral and how crappy I feel when I let the one bad day turn into a week or two! So if you miss a day get back into it! Simple as that. Think about the progress you are making and what will happen if you decide to just stop. Hope that helps. You will do great with Insanity, keep us posted. You gonna be sore ;-) in a good way though.

  • I have never been physically active in my life. but after 2 kids , i am 180 lbs and i need to loose this weight. My husband wants me to start insanity with him , so that we can loose weight together. I did a work out today . It was insane. I took lot of breaks and stopped after 25 min. Do u have any advice on how to stick to it ?? Is it ok to take few breaks and gradually build up my stamina?

    • Deepa congrats on getting started. Taking breaks is fine, just try not to take too long of a break. I will usually take 5-10 second breaks but you can take up to 30-60 seconds if you have to, just try to keep your heart rate going. I find that after about 2 weeks is when people really get used to the workout and feel better doing it. I think taking breaks will always be a part of it, because like you said it is INSANE! The great thing is if you can stick with it for 60 days you are going to be in the best shape of your life. Let me know how you feel after 2 weeks.

    • Insanity is a tough workout for sure! What was your fitness level before this? If you have done nothing for years, then Insanity might have not been the best option. The other thing is just go for as long as you can then take breaks. When you say 6 minutes do you mean you only last a total of 6 minutes or you can do about 6 minutes then you have to take breaks? If you are taking breaks that is fine, just try to keep them to 30 -60 seconds then get back in. If you can keep moving and pushing for a few weeks you will be amazed at the progress.

      • thank you Chris :)

        Actually has been more than 2 yrs that i dont do much beside the walking.i starting with 6 minutes not more. i cant breath – completly out of shape. i weigh 61 kg and i just want to feel alive as i sit a lot because of my work.I am a very energetic as person but have no time to go to the gym.i am committed to start the insanity and make it part of my routine. please advice me for the progression i know is hard as i didnt do before but slowly slowly to get the muscles in shape. wish you a wonderful day .thank you julinda

        • So you are talking about you cannot even get 6 minutes into the warmup? The warmup is 9 minutes long. I would say this. Try this for 2 weeks. So your workout days will be Monday – Wednesday – Friday.

          Try to do the warmup of insanity each of those days then do the following.

          If you cannot do 10 of the following do as many as you can.
          10 Push Ups – You can do them on your knees
          10 Sit Ups
          10 Air Squats
          10 Lunges
          x 3 Meaning do 3 circuits of that. So you will do 10 of each then take a break, then do that 2 more times.

          Do this for 2 weeks and I think you should have a better base to start the full Insanity workout. Getting through the warmup in itself will get you in shape.

          Let me know if you understand.

  • Hey Chris..

    I used to be very athletic in high school, won 3 tennis trophies but along the line adult hood intervened….I’m looking to get back in shape…

    I started insanity 3rd jan and after 2 weeks I realized I was doing it all wrong…(wasn’t following the calendar) so I decided to start over and after day 8 I got dull… It has been 3 days since I worked out but I’m ready to get back.., question is, do I continue from day 9 or I should start over since I’ve missed a couple of day…

    Plus I’m 177cm 118kg,. Those high jumps are killing my left knee, I usually jog in one spot during the high jumps n jumping jacks, I hope that doesn’t reduce my chances of getting the best possible results from insanity…

    P.s happy new year :D

    • Ah adulthood it does it to all of us ;-) I would say just jump back in where you left off. No need to start over, but do make sure you take it easier if a certain move is hurting your knee. I would always do an alternative as well I hate those jumps, so I would just run in place or just do like a jump right or straight jump. I feel as long as you are moving it is all good! I hear what you are saying about getting dull. The first round of Insanity for me I never felt that, but after you do the first few workouts a lot it may get like that, but you just have to push a little harder and you will be at the Max workouts wishing you can do the other ones ;-) Let me know how you make out.

  • hi chris
    im gonna be starting p90x at the begining of 180cm tall and 91kg in weight with a 28% body fat,alot of the fat is around my tummy(stubborn fat)which has beeen generated from unhealthy eating and alcohol,i’ve joined a gym to sort of get me into gear when i start the p90x workout,and then i want too do insanity if all goes well,i start work at 7:30 am and have too leave home at 6:00 am to beat the traffic,is it ok to do my workouts around 4:00 am in the morning?

    • Hey Bobby well if you can get up at 4am and do them more power to ya!!
      I originally did Insanity at 5:30 and it was tough, but I did it. The one thing is that it takes you a bit longer to get moving. There were days when I would do Insanity at a later time like around mid afternoon and my workouts were always so much better since I was more awake and loose. Make sense? The one thing I can say is that when I used to workout early, the rest of my day I was full of energy and felt like I had accomplished something tremendous!

  • Hi Chris

    Great info really good to hear others questions which answer my own, I’m on my 2nd day of Insanity and just wanted to say I’m 44 2stone overweight !! But I am managing the work out so far ok. I ache everywhere today but feel good.

    I’m also following the meal plan, eating 5 300 calorie meals a day and can honestly say I don’t feel hungry. My issue is I never stick to anything, my husband purchased insanity last year and I thought I would give it a try.

    I really want to loose weight get fit and like what I see in the mirror, that’s my motivation at the moment, any tips would be welcomed.

    • Yeah you are gonna get sore, but get past those first 2 weeks and you will be golden in my opinion. How are you feeling now? Seems like your diet is doing well too.

  • Hi there Chris !

    I was 3 weeks into insanity,and then unfortunately school started and things were just too crazy. Now I have an actual schedule and I’m planning on starting it again.

    I love insanity,but there’s just one thing missing … the strength workout you get from other workouts like Jillian Michaels. I tried doing the upper body workout that came with the Insanity deluxe version,but you need heavy weights for that.

    Have you done any workout that you would advise someone as a supplement for Insanity,maybe just 2 or 3 times a week ? Maybe one of the Less Mills combat dvds ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ah the old schedule change!! I know that hiccup well, always screws my momentum up ;-) I hear what you are saying. As for the upper insanity workout, I never used more then a 25 lb dumbbell so you don’t really need much weight. The moves he does on the weight bench I just do on the floor. Combat would also be a good workout to mix up in there by using the HIT workouts they include. They are pretty quick as well so they would fit perfect into your schedule at school. You can read more about my review of that workout here I am actually starting a p90x/insanity hybrid tomorrow so I am excited for that. Let me know what you figure out and hit me up when you finish!

      • Hi Chris,thanks for the reply

        After a hectic week trying to fit insanity in,I decided on this as my plan of action :

        I’m going to use the insanity schedule as my basis;on the days I have enough free time I’ll add a short less mills combat workout,or replace insanity with one of the longer combat workouts.

        As for day 6 on the insanity schedule (which is usually a repeat of one of the workouts) I’ll replace it with Less mills combat or a hard core Jillian Michaels workout.

        Most weeks I have one hectic day,where I am at school from 07:30 to 16:30 thanks to extra class,or I have to attend something the evening,and after that even the fit test feels like a marathon. So instead of doing no workout I’ll do either a short less mills combat workout or one of my old Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVDs. (Or if I’m lucky,it will be on the recovery day)

        I also plan to use the Less Mills core workout instead of the insanity abs workout.

        Wish me good luck :)

        Ps. Hopefully there is someone out there who has tried as much workouts as I have,and this might just help them too !

  • I started the insanity challenge..I’m on Day 10 now. Although I think insanity is best carried out with a partner. I wouldn’t say I was a complete stranger to the gym nor a veteran and the 30 minute fitness test knocked me for six!! I think insanity is amazing and would recommend it to anyone, especially women as we do tend to prefer exercise classes than lone activity in the gym, but I would say not to do it alone.

    Insanity can be mentally draining especially when your watching fitness professionals excel through certain exercises that you can only sustain for a few mere seconds. With an “insanity buddy” (preferably a male or someone a little more fitter than yourself) they motivate you, pick you up when you fall to ground every 10 minutes or so. Trust me these moments can be vital.

    Insanity works and I don’t even follow the nutritional plan, I haven’t even read it and I can still feel it working just after 10 days.. to follow the insanity challenge is just a matter of how bad you really want to look good. Your gonna sweat like you’ve never sweat before, your body is gonna ache, your gonna feel weirdly more hungry than before but you just have to ride it out. (Another reason why a partner is good) These things tell you that insanity has taken effect.

    Good luck 1st timers and stay safe!
    Keep going dig deep to the people who have started!
    Congratulations to the people who have finished it, you must look gooooood!


    • Hey there congrats… girl or boy? I will always say to ask your doctor and as long as you did not have a c section you should be fine. Even if you did you would prob be fine, but I would def check with your doctor. One thing is for sure when you start insanity you are going to burn that baby fat for sure!! Keep us posted!

  • Hi Chris

    I am 38, 6ft3 and I weigh 201 pounds. I wouldn’t say that I’m over weight but I have a pop belly that I really want to get rid of. I am two weeks into the insanity workout and am trying to follow the nutrition diet plan. According to Shaun T’s recommended calorie intake I should be eating nearly 2400 calories but I have decided to cut down to 1800 to try to lose my belly fat.

    Is this a safe amount of calories for me to consume?



    • Hey Andrew I like to say it all depends on how you feel. I mean if you are doing Insanity you could be burning anywhere from 600-900 calories a workout which means if you are taking in 1800 that is only giving you 1000 after you burn the others. You may actually want to eat a bit more to keep your metabolism up. I try to break my meals into 5 smaller ones thoughout the day. In the end it will come down to diet to really get that pot belly going away, but you don’t want to starve yourself either or your body is going to want to hold onto that fat. Make sense? I would say follow the book and up your calories.

      • Hello Chris,

        What do you suggest when it comes to doing the insanity training using a heart rate monitor. I often go above my max heart rate zone. I have read for the body to lose the most fat then I must stay within my fat burning zone. Is this true? Should I rest or slow down until my heart rate is in my suggested zone?



        • Hey Andy I hear ya. I actually just found my old heart monitor the other day so I am going to where it doing Insanity this week. I have read the same thing as well, but in all honestly I am like screw it. I’m gonna go balls to the wall as long as I can with the workouts and take breaks when I need it. Either way I am dripping sweat and feeling good afterwards. Guess that really doesn’t help you, but I guess you could test and see how you feel if you need to throttle back a bit when your heart rate peaks. What numbers are you getting?

  • Hi Chris. I weight 220 punds. I generally have a big frame and even when losing weight two years ago and considerable amount of body fat i still weighed a lot. But basically im overweight, not in shape and have become lazy. I for some reason got the impression that this was better for people who are on their way to being in shape and want the extra level of tne and fitness, is it good for someone like me who wants to begin their journey in weight loss and fitness, or do you think i should ease into this?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hey Jonah was good talking on chat. Hope I answered your questions. I always like to answer them here as well. It really does not matter where you are at unless you were barely able to move around on your own. I don’t care who you are the first two weeks will be tough. You will start to get a bit more used to the workout and each one you will get better. I don’t think I was able to get through a workout without take a 10 second break until like week 4, then you start the Max workouts lol. It is a killer workout, but it is going to catapult you to the next level of fitness and keep you going. Jonah you told me you are getting the workout, so keep us up to date on how you do. You are gonna feel the best you have in years!

  • Hey Chris, thanks for the review! It helped me alot. I have a question for you. I weigh about 100 kilo’s and i am about 1.91m height. I am trying to build muscles and lose fat, but I already am in a soccer team. Is Insanity a good way to combine my regular training with this program? And if so what kind of diet would be best? I am 21 years old.
    Thanks Chris.



    • Hey Mike. How often are you training for soccer right now? Insanity would def be a good tool. You might want to look at after doing this I would highly recommend this for sport specific training. I know a few of the guys in the training were big time soccer players. This might be better for pre season of off season. As for diet you are prob burning a lot of calories. I would stay away from processed junk. Soda, candy, donuts etc… What is your diet like now?

      • Hey Chris,

        I have already changed my diet. Stopped from processed junks and start eating more fruit and vegetables. What are good foods for dinner? Are Rice, pasta’s, cow meat any good? And what should i eat for lunch and breakfast? Thank you for your help.


        • Hey man good to hear! Cutting out the junk should make a huge difference. Look to eggs, fish, chicken, turkey and cow meat for protein. Rice and pasta is good just try to make sure it is whole wheat. I do not eat too much rice or pasta, but if you are playing soccer that is some good fuel to keep you going. Also a nice protein shake at some point during the day would be a good idea as well.

        • hey chris i am getting ready to take the challenge looking forward to it. I use to workout alot was in car accident and stop working out for months gain weight ready to get it off now. i am 250lbs got to get it off. Thanks for the real talk

  • Hi Chris! Happy NY! So I have my set already of insanity. I haven’t started yet because I want to buy my food first. What kinds of things do you suggest I really stock on? I plan to take my insanity elite nutrition book as my guide ha.
    I’m tired of being overweight & i want to live a healthy lifestyle. Btw do you ever have “cheat” or splurge days? Anyway I’m kinda scared to start the program just because I hear & read how difficult it is & the soreness!! Jesus take the wheel!

    • Amen sister!! A little prayer to the man upstairs never hurt ;-)
      I like to follow a Paleo type Diet. Basically if man made it don’t eat it. There are a few caveats to that, but I am talking about most processed junk.

      I am actually in the process of putting together a meal plan for myself over the next few days. I am going to be starting my big workout plan this Monday with my new diet in place. I am going to be using Shakeology, another Whey/Casein protein drink mix, some BCAA’s… oh I will just post it when it is ready lol.

      Food wise I will be eating, meats, veggies, and fruits. Nuts here and there for a snack. I am going to try and stay away from anything processed. Cheatwise I usually eat very well and workout Mon-Friday, but when the weekend comes I get lazy. This year I am really going to try and have a few snacks on the weekend if that.

      My goal over the next 4-6 months is to get in the best shape of my life. At 34 with 2 kids under 3 at home it is going to be a big goal, but I am confident I can do it.

      Lets do it together!!

  • Hi Chris,

    My husband & I have just decided to do the Insanity workout together. We’re excited, but I’m a bit nervous because I understand that these workouts burn a lot of calories & lead to rapid weight loss. I’m a 40 year old mom with 2 children and could stand to lose belly fat and tone my muscles, but I’ve always struggled to keep my weight up–I weigh about 120 lbs. My husband says I’m really going to have to be committed to eating several times a day to avoid losing too much weight–but he knows I’m not a big eater. So, is it a bad idea for me to try Insanity?

    • Hey Jan congrats on taking the challenge! Now you have to whoop your hubby in the workouts ;-) Well if you want to make the most of eat you will want to eat enough and eat the right things. You don’t want to be burning muscle just the fat. I would say look at your normal diet and see if you can add in another 300-500 calories. Do you drink any types of protein shakes? That is always a quick way to get more to eat. I know you will be more hungry when you start doing the workouts so you might surprise yourself and start chowing down. Keep me posted.

      • Thanks Chris, I’ll definitely keep you posted. I’ve tried protein shakes, but I don’t like the taste, so I’ll have to figure out another way to add calories. Well, thanks again & Happy New Year to you!

  • Hi Chris,

    I really want to take the insanity challenge but have a couple of questions. I have put on weight recently and am around 14st and 5’5. I have asthma, which was pretty bad in 2012 but I don’t want to keep making excuses. I have lost the weight before by walking but I would prefer to be more active and for it to happen sooner rather than later.

    Should I give it a go? should I speak to my GP first?


    • Hey Krista as a liability issue I should always say talk to your GP before trying this. With that said, I think if you want to change then you have to try something new. Will Insanity be intense and difficult for you? Heck yea it is going be! I think if you take your time with it and just do what you can and rest you will be fine. Just be sure to take the breaks when needed. The asthma concerns me, but I do not know how severe it is, so maybe a visit to the GP is in order.

      As I type this…. I think of course Shakeology would be a great tool for your weight loss goals. I am also thinking maybe a different workout to start. Have you ever heard of the 10 minute trainer? This might be something a bit easier for you to start out with for 2-4 weeks then jump into Insanity. Go here and scroll down until you see the Challenge Pack section. Click on the 10 minute Trainer one. This will be a great start for your weight loss journey. Seriously check that out and let me know what you think!

  • Awesome tips mate. You are motivating many people out there.. I am gonna start insanity in a week. Wish to be in touch with u so that i can clarify things once i start insanity. keep up your good work in helping people and motivating them stay in shape:)

    • Hey buddy that is great!! Definitely keep me up to date on how you are doing or if you have any questions. I just finished Pure Cardio 10 minutes ago. Dripping sweat on the keyboard lol.

  • Hi, I am currently at the 46th workout of insanity. A mother of three, I stand at 162cm and weigh 57kg. Even though my BMI is within the acceptable range, I started working out to reduce my tummy and to go back to my previous weight which was 54kg. I have lost 2kg so far (was 59kg before I started the workout). It seems tough for me to lose weight as I am already on the lean side except for my bulging tummy. I do not follow any diet plans as I am a small eater.
    1) Should I start all over again once I have completed the 60 days workout?
    2) Or should I simply concentrate on Insane Abs to reduce my tummy? Will Insane Abs help to reduce my overall weight as well?
    3) Does it mean that when my fats turn to muscles, I will stop losing weight?
    Thank you.

    • Awesome you are in the home stretch. This is also where you should really see some of your best results! You say you are a small eater? How many calories are you consuming a day? You have to remember that you are burning a lot of calories during these workouts and you need to fuel your body. If you are not eating enough your body could be storing fat so you really have to look at what you are taking in vs what your are burning. You don’t want your body storing fat because it thinks it is in starvation mode.

      As for your tummy, I am not a woman, but my wife is a mother of 2 and she too is back to her pre-baby weight, but still has her belly. I guess we forget how much those babies take a toll on your belly ;-) not just with added fat, but stretching those muscles. That is the hard part the stretching of the abs. That is where the insane abs comes into play. It will help tighten up those muscles. Take a look at ab ripper x as well from P90X that is a great ab workout. Make sure you are doing the cardio abs workout as well.

      As for fat turning to muscle… fat does not turn into muscle, and muscle does not turn into fat. Your muscles get bigger or they get smaller. Fat cells increase or they decrease. You can actually gain more fat cells, but you actually never lose fat cells they just get smaller. Neat fact huh ;-)

    • Oh meant to answer you about starting the 60 days all over again. I would honestly say give yourself a week or two break. Maybe do 2-3 exercises in those few weeks and get some good recovery in. I know it is hard with 3 kids ;-) I have 2 kids and sleep is a hot commodity, but try to get 8 hours of sleep. It is amazing how much a good nights sleep helps!

  • Hi, Ive bought the dvd box set and I am waiting for it to arrive, Ive allowed my fitness to slip, but at 37 and 11st 7lbs Im getting married next and Im ordering my dress at the end of feb, I plan on starting it straight away even though xmass is round the corner no point in waiting. My question is what kind of results should expect? Dropping dress sizes? I want to drop 2 dress sizes is this possible? Thank you

    • Hey Karen congrats on your engagement! I think dropping 2 dress sizes is totally doable. Just follow the workouts and watch your diet. I know it is hard around Christmas, but hey at least if you start the workout you will be ready to rock n roll come January 1. Starting Jan 1 gives you the full 60 days if you are ordering the dress at the end of Feb. I think you will do great! I remember the first time I did Insanity my pants started feeling loser around the 3rd week. Keep us posted and send us wedding dress pic would ya!! ;-)

  • I tired this a few times but never managed to get past the first week :( I really want to do this! I think I am ready this time… Only problem is after the first two days I find it really difficult to walk! I always manage to keep up with him and have the correct posture and do the warm up and cool down stretching etc… Would you be able to suggest anything? Also, would it be okay to have a shakeology for breakfast and lunch and snack on fruits and be and eat some sort of protein on the night? Find it hard to follow the plan given due to work commitments.

    Thank you!!

    • Amy I know exactly how you feel. I remember climbing out of bed after day 2 and falling to the floor lol. Thankfully I got up and busted out insanity for that day. I always find that the first two weeks are the toughest. After that you don’t get as sore. Also I find if you can just get going you will usually warm up and the soreness will go away by the third cycle of the warmups. Also what were you eating after your workout? It is really important to eat something within 30 minutes of working out. For the last 6 months I have been using Shakeology as my post workout meal. I add in one banana, 1 scoop of almond butter, ice and blend. Some days on a really hard workout I will use ZICO coconut water. I usually take some amino acid pills as well. I know it is hard to follow the diet plan sometimes and I think using Shakeology 2 times a day would be fine, I would just say make sure you add a banana or something else in one of the Shakeology meals to get a few more calories. I also try to stop eating by 8pm when I am really trying to drop a few pounds. The other thing to be careful about is eating a lot fruit. The sugar and calories can really add up. Look to a handful or two of almonds as well. If you look up at the reply to Josh you can see some of the things I snack on during the day to give you an idea. Get in there and go for it girl!! Keep me posted. DIG DEEP! ;-)

    • Awesome that is a great accomplishment! How are you feeling now?
      How did you do during the max workouts? Were you struggling or kicking butt?
      I would say take a few weeks off with some recovery workouts and maybe a few of your favorites. It is intense as you know so you don’t want to keep pounding your body.
      You could even checkout the asylum. I am doing part 2 right now, but heard part one is a bit tougher.

      What were your results?
      Look forward to hearing back from you.

      • Will you still get good results and improve your shape if you carry on doing insanity 60 day challenge continuously, as I prefer this than any of the others,

        • Hey Debbie of course you will get better results each time you do it. I think you might get bored if you just keep doing this, but we are all different. Just remember this is an intense 60 days so I would take a week between each 60 day challenge. Remember our body gets stronger when we rest so don’t over do it!

  • Hi
    I’m thinking about getting the insanity workout. My worry is that I work shift patterns and it is hard to workout every single day. Is it compulsory to do this every single day?

    • Shift work… aghh… JK, but I do know how hard it can be to get into a fitness routine with shift work. I used to do shift work as well.
      The workout is designed to be 6 days a week and of course if you follow it, you will get the best results. I’d say as long as you can get the workouts in even if it is every other day you are going to do great. I would just say try and stay on the schedule since the workouts all build off of each other ya know. After you do them and get used to them you will find yourself pulling out certain ones to do them randomly. An Insanity workout is usually always in my workout regimen. I might be doing some P90x or some other workout, but I will always toss a “Pure Cardio” or “Cardio Abs” workout into the mix. The first thing to do is get moving with something! Even if you can only do it 2 or 3 times a week, that is better then nothing right? Keep me posted!

  • I am planning to start this workout soon. I will be stopping my gym membership and following this insanity routine. I wanted to knw what are the things I would need at home?? would I need weights etc? what would I need to buy ?
    What do you recommend? should I continue going to the gym and lifting weights and treat insanity as cardio or just stop going to the gym and do insanity 6 times a week.
    I would rather follow insanity only as I dont want to be spending for the gym and the cds. I am 5 6′ pretty fit, arnd 62kgs.
    Please let me know your suggestions!

    • Hey Russ I have not had a gym membership in over three years. I have done Insanity throughout the three years as well as some other beach body programs, p90x, insanity asylum….
      The great thing about insanity is all you need is yourself. No weights, no bands, nothing except yourself. As far as how much room is needed for the insanity workout? You do not need much. I used to do it in my 1 car garage that really could barely fit a car. I would modify a few of the moves, but you can do it. If you watch the infomercial you see a lot of people doing it right in their living rooms. As far as hitting the gym and doing Insanity… I don’t think you will be able to do that lol. Insanity is intense and it is not strictly cardio. Sure the majority is cardio, but you are doing a lot of moves pushups, squats, etc and you are going to get toned for sure. Follow the 6 days a week, eat a decent diet and you are going to be in the best shape of your life and you will save a few $$ on the gym membership. Let me know what you think a few weeks into it. I love hearing how Insanity is changing peoples lives!

  • Thanks for replying. Might try the early morning. But also concerned about being able to even go to work after the workout lol. I will try and grab some bits like you said. I thought pre cooked meat is high in sugar in one way or another. I could cook my own I guess. Well when I start I will keep you upto date. Thank you for your help.

    • Hey Josh glad I could help. Yeah early morning was tough, but to be honest if I could do it early again I would. With 2 kids under 3 it is a bit difficult ;-) What I used to love about doing it in the morning was I was actually all fired up to take on the day. The workout just gets your body moving and your metabolism firing on all cylinders.As far as packaged food it all depends what meat you get. Most you will find high sodium actually so check labels. I forget what brand I get at the Trader Joes, but it is cooked chicken breast and it comes in individual wrapped packages and only has some added salt. They are not frozen either. When I go Monday Ill get the name of them. Yeah years ago I would just cook on a Sunday night and pack everything in a Tupperware dish for the week and roll like that.

  • I’m going to start this workout but I’m concerned because I have a very busy lifestyle ( work 5 days a week 7am till 5 ) so I’m worried about being able to cook the right foods for taking to work and where do I start in the supermarket ha ha. I have been totally addicted to working out in the past for years in the gym 4 days a week after work and Eatting healthy or the best I can. I had results but still didn’t reach what I set out for which was total all round fitness which this workout achieves I hope. So what are your views on he nutrition for work ?

    • Josh I hear ya man! When I did my first round of insanity it was at 5am in the morning because it was the only time I had. Glad to see you are motivated to get it done!! As for diet if you like follow step by steps there is a great nutrition plan that comes with insanity. I never really went by it since I follow my own diet regimen. I pretty much follow a paleo type diet about %80 of the time. I try to run out to the store Monday at lunch break and get all I need for the week. I usually have a shakeology for lunch which isn’t really “paleo” but it’s fine. Insanity gives you the tools to get in the best shape of your life. Even if your diet was garbage you would see results, but why not go all out and do it right.
      As for other food tips. I go to trader joes for my food to eat at work. I like to get pre cooked chicken breasts, bananas, baby carrots, almond butter “for my shakeology”, some dried mango “go easy on dried fruits”, bag beef jerky, and I usually get a box of Kind bars. I will always add in some other Things as well. Keep us posted!!

  • Hi I am a woman in my 40’s… do you think I could handle Insanity? I am fairly active. I go to the YMCA about 3-4 times a week, do the elliptical for about 30 minutes then I do the machines in a circuit type workout. I have been doing it for years. I feel like I am just staying the same and I want to see improvement, but I do not want to hurt myself. Thanks in advance.

    • That is a pretty common question. It is funny in on of the Insanity Workout videos there is a woman, but I cannot think of her name right now, and Shaun T gets in her face… How old are you? Alicia? I think that’s it. Anyway she says in her 40’s and then Shaun T is like “ahh she’s in her 40’s”. Sorry for the rant, but I tell you there are times when I am taking breaks and she is not! From what you are telling me it seems you would do great, but again if you get tired you take the breaks and get back into the workout. Simple as that. I think you will do great with it and will get in the best shape of your life. Prob feel better then you did in your 30’s ;-) Please keep me posted. I love to hear success stories.

  • Hey great review you answered a lot of my questions. My main thing is I have not worked out in 4 months and I am looking to start this for 2013. Will I be able to handle it? I am somewhat athletic just very out of shape and carrying about 25 lbs of extra weight. Thanks.

    • Glad I could help! As for being out of shape, here is my 2 cents. I think your best bet would be to try and get a few workouts in before the new year and starting insanity. Even just some basics a few days of week doing sit ups, push ups, and pull ups if you can. If you can find a way to get some cardio in then go for it. If you are not ready to do any of that then no worries. Insanity will just be a bit tougher and you will have to take breaks. Like I say in the “Can I take Breaks” area, just take a 5 or 10 second count then get back in. If you need more then take it. You are gonna be sore, it is going to be tough, but if you can get through those first 2 weeks you are gonna feel great. Sorry if I was long winded. Please keep me posted to your progress and if there is anyway I can help just let me know.

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