Timex Triathlon Shock Watch Not Beeping Anymore - Alarm

My Timex Ironman Triathlon Shock Watch Is Not Beeping & A Brief Review

Timex-Shock-Ironman-On-WristHey folks, quick post and video on my Timex Shock watch! I am doing a new review soon on my new Garmin GPS watch so stay tuned. I wanted to do this because I ran into an issue the other night with setting the alarm! I could not get this watch to beep!! I could see the screen flashing, but no beep!

Timex Shock / G-Shock Beeping Fixes

Here was my main issue and fix, but there are some basic ones below!

So awhile back I had the battery changed with a few other watches I own at the jewelers.  After searching online a bit I saw a handful of people saying that the case plat on the back of the watch was on backwards! So I unscrewed that puppy and flipped it around and BINGO!!! BEEP BEEP…. you can see what I mean in the first part of the video.

So a pretty simple fix that I hope will help you save some time.

How to turn the beeping on and off like normal if your back plate is on correctly 😉

  • OK so I know there is the option to turn the chime and the beep on and off… both mine were set to off so that was a good start!
    • I turned them both to on…. Now turning Beep to ON just makes the watch beep every time you press a button, but even that did not solve my problem!
    • Chime when set to on will beep a few times on the hour every hour so if you want to turn the chime off on your timex shock watch then set that to off!
    • To do that basically you are going to have to push on the SET button when you are looking at the time then scroll through the options. “Watch the 3 minute 15 second mark on the video to see that in action

Watch My Quick Video Going Over The Watch


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