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push upsHey! Thanks for checking out the 30 Day Push Up Challenge

So what is the big deal about push ups?

  • Want a bigger fuller chest?
  • Want more core strength?
  • Stronger & More Defined Triceps, Abs, Shoulders….?

Of course you do!

Would you want to win some prizes while doing it? Umm… Yeah!

Well then welcome to the 30 Day Push Up Challenge.

Starts August 1st – 5th: Meaning there is a 5 day grace period so if you see this on the 2nd or 3rd you can enter and still be in the 30 days! Make sense? Don't worry just sign up!

Here is how it works:

You register here

Once registered you will see options for the challenge “look at image below”

Select Challenge:

  • Choose the challenge which is “30 Day Push Up Challenge”
  • Select the amount of push ups to do for the day… 10,20,50,75,100,150,200

Once you entered your numbers go here to start adding your daily pushups

They will calculate at the end of the and then show a daily log of how many you did for that day.

There will also be a leader board to show who is doing the most and staying consistent.

Table of Contents

fitdadchris (11)PRIZES!

There will be 3 Top Prizes & 10 Runner Up Prizes

  1. First Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card
  2. Second Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  3. Third Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

10 Runner Up Prizes:

  • We are launching and awesome fitness program in the next month or so. It is going to be great and offer a ton! Workouts, food tracking, private forums, coaching & more!
  • 10 people will get FULL LIFETIME access to this program.

How will winners be chosen?

First let me say this… most challenges in the past people don't follow through on the actually contest rules lol, so the chances of you winning are pretty good if you just do the following.

  • Step 1:When you sign up you need to post this page on your Facebook profile… Pretty simple… Just say hey I am entering this Push Up Challenge. Come check it out and join me <<<< simple right?
  • Final Step: After the 30 days you will have a public profile page that shows all your daily push up stats etc…. you can even put a before and after picture if you like “not required” then you need to post that page onto your Facebook profile. Whoever gets the most likes & shares will win either the top 3 prizes or the runner up prizes. I might even do some bonus prizes too!

Well that is it! What are you waiting for! Either click here to register or you can simple Login with Facebook here.

Lets do this!

OH Wait….

But… Chris I can't do pushups!! C'mon you can do at least one? O.K. O.K here is the deal. I know a lot of people can't really do push ups and that is partly why this challenge exists.

  • I don't care how you do them! Even if it is 1 at a time during the day just hit your daily number even if its 10! I am going to select the 200 a day challenge and basically bust them out 20 at a time during the day.
  • Also if you cannot do a regular push up then do them on your knees, against the wall however you can get them in. Eventually you will get stronger and do normal ones and more of them!
  • If you are getting bored and can do push ups then vary your hand position, close, shoulder width, wide, heck even Rocky it out with some 1 handers.