Local Marketing Vault Review - 2018 Results - Does It Still Work?

Local Marketing Vault Review

Yup That's Me In The Video!

Hey Chris Azzari here “Fit Dad Chris” with a review on the Local Marketing Vault that I was hesitant to write! I only say that because this is my fitness site, but the things I am learning in “The Vault” as we like to call it, are helping me with marketing tremendously!

If you have dealt with the following then keep reading my review:

  • Tired of SEO taking FOREVER!!
  • Programs that don't deliver what they say
  • Confused about where to start with a website, a funnel, advertising etc…
  • Have spent $1,000's on other programs that only left you more confused & burnt out!
  • Joined a group where all they do is sell you more stuff
  • Joined a group that said it was for “complete beginners” but was a lie

If you are looking for a program that will help you do the following then keep reading my review:

  • Land Clients MUCH faster
  • Land Clients MUCH easier
  • Get results for them now rather than later
  • Have the blueprint laid out in front of you

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You better read on or you might miss out on a great opportunity:

I don't want to toot my own horn “toot toot”, but if you are reading this then you found me via Google and the reason that happened was because I've got “MAD SEO SKEELZ!

If you do SEO or know about it then you will understand & if you don't that is OK too!

I have been doing internet marketing since 2006 and I have bought a lot… a lot… A LOT… of marketing products over the years. I have been to about 6 or 7 big internet marketing conferences, and I am sure with all of it combined I have spent at least 30-40k dollars! Easily that much if not more!

I only mention this because in all these years I have seen a lot of programs come and go! The one thing I can say about Jason & James “the creators of the vault” is that they are not stopping anytime soon!

I am not sure where you are in your internet marketing journey, but let me rewind a few years back… actually about 6 years back!

King Of The World – I Own The Internet!

You see back then SEO was a different game and there were a lot of ways to play it! I don't want to go into detail, but at one point I was pulling in about 20-25K a month extra on top of my main 9-5 job! It was amazing! Of course it all came crashing over about a 6-12 month period.

I only bring this up because I know a lot of other people out there were in the same boat as me! Now don't get me wrong, I was still able to make things happen, create some new revenue, but never to that exent!

I felt like I was always “chasing the dream” that I once had! That is OK too, but you see I was chasing the “old ways” of doing it!

…and I will be honest, instead of looking for some new ways and skills I just kept buying up courses, tools, and other shiny objects that I thought would get me back to where I was!

Step In The Local Marketing Vault


This is where I heard about the vault… well I think I actually saw an ad on Facebook and it intrigued me for sure! I liked the approach, but of course in the back of my head I wondered, “what makes this different then the 20 other FB ads I saw today?”

So I signed up for a call and as they say the rest is history….

Now if you look at this [SALES BLITZ CONTEST] you can see who the winner was right? YUP Me!!

In the vault they like to run contests during the month… who can get the most new clients, or the most new income. This was for the end of February 2018. I think it ran about 2 weeks!

Using the tactics and the basically “copy & paste” funnels I was able to pull in 7 new clients and $4,029! That is nuts right!

…and forget about me for a second look at all the other people in the vault that were pulling in new clients! You have some people pulling in $3,000 clients, $1,000 clients alone!

To me this shows you the true power of the Local Market Vault and the group that James & Jason have built around it!

What Is The Local Marketing Vault? Is It A Scam?

OK First this image kind of says it all!


Makes sense right? Do you see the difference? Would you rather tell a client… hey we are going to do this this and this and wait about 3 months to see some significant results or hey we are going to set up your new landing page and start sending you leads in about 48-72 hours?

Sending leads in 2-3 days sounds much better to me and to potential clients!

There is still room for SEO… don't get me wrong, but this way gets our foot in the door way faster!

This is where the vault truly shines!

With this info alone you can build an empire!

I know you are probably saying… Chris yea send paid traffic to a landing page… that is a no brainer!

Yes that is partly easy, but do know who to send and what to send them to is the hard part.

Do you know how to set up an adwords and/or facebook campaign from scratch and actually target the right people?

This is where the “Done For You Campaigns” in the vault make it all worth it!

There are about I think 26 made for you funnels that cover building the funnels and how to set up the google ads or facebook ads… step by step!

They are always adding more… I think they have added about 2 or 3 more since I first joined and I know a few new niches are in the pipe!

There is even a “Mortgage Mastery” section to go after Loan Officers with!

I will tell you this! When I follow the Vault instructions like Jason says… I get instant results… When I start to try and just create my own stuff I don't have half as good results!

Now I am learning, but all the stuff that got me to win that contest I talked about above was just following the vault instructions!

All I am saying is James & Jason have put in the time and research and got past all the hard work! Just do what they say in the vault.

You can see in this image here all you get in the members dashboard! Time to lock yourself inside for a few days and get to work!

Cost & Price of The Vault?

This is a common question I get here, but it doesn't have a common answer. When I joined the vault back in 2017 there were less people, less niche funnels, and less training.  The amount that Jason & James have added in 2018 has been amazing! Again I go back to saying… this program has continued to grow. With that said prices will increase, but you are looking at $x,xxx or even maybe a payment plan of $xxx.

This was definately the most expensive program I have ever bought into and I would do it over and over again! It is worth the time to get on a call with a coach and discuss options. I will say this…  look at the image below. This was a recent check I earned following my training in the vault!

My tuition has been paid for awhile now, but this check will give you an idea of what it takes to get into the vault! This was from July 2018 so yes Local Marketing Vault still works and is relevant!


Local Marketing Vault Support

Hands down best support I have ever head! Listen I know life isn't all “Rainbows & Butterflies” and the vault isn't perfect. I mean you aren't going to get an instant answer from the owner of the company right!? Wrong?

Seriously, OK it might not be instant, but there have been a few times where I have messaged Jason directly and he literally makes a zoom video with the answer to my question and for the most part answers like that in the Facebook group. Plus the people in the Facebook group are always looking to help! It is a pretty amazing support system!

Local Marketing Vault Live Event 2018 San Antonio, Texas

Well I just got back from San Antonio where they held their first live event! I also ran a marathon there… hey this is a fitness blog right… well actually I didn't, but I went for a run on the Riverwalk and somehow I was going opposite traffic in the Half/Full Alamo Marathon! Ha… I ended up doing about 6 miles and even took advantage of a water station!

Anyways… back to the event!

So the guys decided to have a live event and I have not been to one in a few years! It was well worth the money I spent to get out there! About $3,000 in total, but man I have come back with a passion and I think everyone else who was there has too!

They had some great speakers, and it was awesome to meet the guys in person! Always willing to help and interact. The other vault members that were there were awesome as well.

They had people in the 10K club which means you are making over 10K a month and I am sure it will go higher and higher. It was great to hear what people had to say and learn from them!

My Final Thoughts On The Local Marketing Vault?

  • Sign up and schedule a call! See what they have to say
  • Feel free to message me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/chris.azzari
  • Leave a comment below and I will answer the best I can!

I mean end of the day there is a reason the hashtag #thisstuffworks is plastered all over the Facebook group! Cause it does.

Simple as that!

If you have been frustrated like I was with no plan, no support, then make the change and get on board! I will gladly make the introduction to the party when I see you in the group!



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Jack of all trades... master of none! Father of 3 awesome boys, husband to 1 amazing wife! Obstacle racer, procrastinator, computer nerd, trying not to follow the herd!

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  • L J says:

    what do local marketing vault cost?

    • Hey LJ how are you? Honestly the price varies depending on when you sign up. The more case studies, more student testimonials, and more importantly the more campaigns they add to the vault the higher the price will go. I will tell you this though… I just had them break up the payments and used my credit card. Hindsight I would have just paid in full and gotten a discount, but just wasn’t ready. Regardless I have earned about 3x what I have invested and those are recurring clients! Hope that helps!

      • howard says:

        Thanks for your in-depth and candid info regarding LMV. I am doing my due diligence before THE CALL. This is helpping immensely!

  • Scott says:

    Chris thanks for all the info and congrats on the contest win. Seems like this is really working for you. Quick question! What else do you need to buy with this program? Does this include all you need to get started? Thanks man!

    • Hey Scott that is a great question! First thanks man, yeah was awesome winning that contest and I have some awesome things in the works right now! So basically answer to your question is yes and no… all depends where you are in your skill set. In the vault they specifically use ClickFunnels which is an added cost, but it is amazing if you have never used it before. Plus in The Vault they have all the templates, so basically you just import the template and you literally have the whole funnel created in CLICKFUNNELS in less than a minute. You then just simply tweak your client info to it. They also utilize wufoo forms and zapier which are FREE up to a certain amount. So yes there is an additional cost, but the time it will save is well worth it! For me… since I have been doing this a long time I have just been building out my funnels in wordpress and use some form tools that I have used for years. There is a cost to them as well! In reality you are going to have to spend money in your business, but the costs for this or minimal! Don’t be afraid to spend an extra $100 a month if it is going to save you hours and hours of your time! What is your time worth? I hope this helps and feel free to ask anything else! Hope to see you in the vault!

      • Scott says:

        Thanks again makes total sense. So you just import the clickfunnel template into your own account and you are ready to go? That is pretty awesome! I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some hidden costs involved in order to stay in the group or something like that! I have used clickfunnels in the past and it was pretty awesome just couldn’t justify keeping it because I wasn’t using it! lol thanks again!

        • Yup just like that! Nope once you are in the group you are in the group and can benefit from all the support and all the new stuff they bring in!

  • Matt Perozzi says:

    What do you find is the hardest stumbling block to getting new “clients” and has the new marketing rules that Facebook has recently rolled out made it harder and more expensive to advertise? Thanks for the info – thinking of looking into the vault but not sure.

    • Hey Matt how are you? The biggest stumbling block can be showing them previous results depending on your niche. A lot of times you can use the vault results to show what “the group” has been doing. I will often mention my team because honestly end of day it as team of people. This has worked well for me, and to be honest I have not seen any issues with the new algo Facebook has rolled out. That is really why in the vault they teach to start with a trial this way you can really figure out what the results are going to be and gain the clients trust that you can show results. Make sense?

  • Buzz says:

    I’ve been looking all over online on how much this costs but no one will say. I am just hoping to get a ballpark. I don’t want to schedule a call if the price is way to high. Are you not allowed to say?

    • Yo Buzz!! There are a few reasons for that… cost is always changing so rather not mis quote it…as they increase their case studies, student testimonials, like any course, price will increase. That is pretty much it.. I am sure it will be more than when I signed up and I know they offer different payment plans to save some $$ as well… There is def a , in the number, but again well worth it. Right now they are running the March Client Getting contest and I think there are like 30 people on the board now with new clients and a bunch with multiple new clients… as they say #thisstuffworks Any other questions just let me know.

  • Christopher knapp says:

    do you have your own website to do this,all together with all the costs to do this business with everthing involved about how much would it be.

    • Hey Chris! No you do not need your own website, but if you are looking to start your own agency it would be good to set up down the road. They teach this in the training. Honestly ongoing costs when you sign up are about $150 and that is for using Clickfunnels, Wuforms, and zapier.

  • Eugene says:

    Hi Chris, I was wondering how much does it cost to start with the Vault? I have read your “short” review on the other site, but you don’t give any price range…
    I would appreciate your help.

  • Nick says:

    Hi Chris. After sourcing targeted leads through PPC/FB, we need to sell this information to clients. What type of training is provided with regard to selling to small business owners?Are we expected to drive around our local area to meet with business owners in person? If a new client ends up being $1,000/month, how much is generally spent on PPC/FB ads? Thanks, Nick

    • Hey Nick! Well the first part of training in the vault is all CLIENT GETTING… they teach you multiple ways on how to get clients via online, offline, etc… Typically you will come up with an ad spend amount with a client and a retainer… so you really have to work out the numbers with a client which is in the training as well. I just landed a client in the real estate niche…. $500 a month ad spend with $1250 a month retainer! Hope this helps!

  • Gabriel Inc. says:

    Regarding ClickFunnels. So each client site for my clients will be created using a separate click funnel site? Is that 1 click funnel account or do I have to buy a new click funnel account for each client ?

    • Hey Gabriel sorry for the late reply! Never saw this in the comments section. Basically you run them all via your own click funnels account. Sometimes a client might want their own, but they would pay for that then.

  • Kevin Gallen says:

    Do I have to pay for facebook ads besides the initial fee to join james and jason,Thanks

    • Hey Kevin how are you? Yes you need to pay for facebook ads and google, but typical this is cost that is passed onto the client. So you would do something like a $500 ad spend and $500-$1000 retainer depending on the client etc… make sense?

  • Harry says:

    Hi Chris, does this system involve cold calling or hard selling. I am not a sales person, more of an entrepreneur.

    • Hey Harry… those are some of the ways to get clients, but there are more taught in the training. If you don’t want to sell like that you do not have to. They have you covered!

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