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Welcome! Somehow out of all the websites out there you ended up here! Congrats… I think

My name is Chris Azzari and I am a fit dad. Well most of the time I am a fit dad. We all have our lapses, but the best part is we just pick ourselves back up and get back into it! After my first son Max was born back in 2009 I decided I needed to do something and get in shape.

So I did and each year I have gotten in better shape and have done things I never thought I would do like run 5k’s, a Sprint Triathlon, a Tough Mudder, and a Super Spartan race.

Anyways I am really not here to talk about myself, but if you want to know more about me you can check out my about page and waste 10 minutes of your life 😉

My goal with this site is to talk about my experiences with getting in shape and staying in shape over the last few years. The site is not just for dads, but lets face it when you have kids finding the time to workout and eat right can really disappear. Just ask any dad that has had bottle duty for a few nights at 3am. Motivation pretty much flies out the window the next day.

So with that said… stay tuned because as I write this December 31, 2013 I am just launching this site and I know 2014 is going to be my fittest year ever and I hope the same for you as well.

I will be posting a lot this coming year to help you with your fitness goals and I invite feedback whether it be good or bad.

For now you can check out the following sections of the site. I have some really cool stuff coming next week like my garage gym I am building complete with DIY wooden power rack. Oh yea!

Site Sections:

15 thoughts on “Fit Dad Chris Says Hi!

  • Just found this blog, it’s awesome to find fitdads, trust me in UK there allot of dad that can use this blog .. Btw Mardh
    you don’t need allot of time to exercise since i been a dad I do 20 minutes workout I use 1 kettlebell and the rest is body weight exercise, check something called High Intensity Interval Training and something called Tabata…. And always remember you can never out train a bad diet : )

  • Hey Chris, thanks for answering all our questions! I don’t really have a great space at home to workout and no equipment but I have a great gym within walking distance of my house. Is it possible to do the body beast workouts at a gym? Maybe just write down the routines from the videos and follow them later? Or is it just worth it to buy all the equipment and make it work from home where you can watch him and stay motivated?

    • Hey Sydney def worth it if you can hit the gym that easily really up to you. In my opinion the beast app kind of sux lol.

      Best bet is just printing out the workout sheets and using those. Just watch the videos to make sure you know what the exercises are.

  • Hey! I stumbled upon your website after looking up for suitable fitness program reviews. I am a 25 years old guy, 190 Pounds and 5.6 ft tall. I gained a lot of weight (from 165 pounds) due to me slacking off on exercising (used to practice taekwondo and run as well as swim few years ago prior to slacking off period). Now, I’m looking for a fitness program to get me back in shape. I have a job that needs me to leave for 6 AM and return home at 7 PM everyday, which leaves little to no room for daily exercises. I’m now looking at Focus T25 and P90 thinking of taking either one of them… What do you think, or if any, do you have other recommendations on which should I pick? Thanks!

        • Hey Fausto…. 6,000 calories?? What are you eating? I guess it all depends on your goals and what your daily activities include, but the average person taking in 6,000 calories and doing Insanity would prob gain weight. You would still be having excess calories which have to go somewhere and most likely to fat.

          So would really need to know why 6,000 calories. That is a lot of Food….

      • I’m 14 It’s because I want to gain mass because I’m kind of skinny. If you wanna gain mass don’t you have to use weights? Does insanity helps you gain mass and get ripped

      • Hi Chris, I found your website by accident looking for a program to loose a lot of weight. I have always been on the heavier side my whole life. But after loosing my dad too brain cancer I just lost control of my weight. I’m about to be 27 years old next week and I to change my lifestyle before is too late. I wanna loose anything between 250 & 300 pounds. I know it’s going to take time for me too get fit body but I have no other choice what program do you recommend for me..

    • OH man! Be prepared not to sit for a day or so after that first workout 😉

      It is great! The first time you do it just focus on proper form and use a weight that allows for it.

  • Hi Chris
    I really want to start Insanity however I have really weak knees. I’m only 18 but my knees literally crack when I bend down too quickly, I even feel a lot of pain if I try to do certain dance moves! I know Insanity has a lot of jumping and moves that put a lot of pressure on the knees and I don’t think my knees could handle that right now so I was wondering if there were any knee strengthening exercises you would recommend someone like me?

    • Hey Ray, knee issues at such a young age is never a good thing! Did you injure yourself at one point? Have you seen a DR or physical therapist about this?

      I would focus on body weight moves like lunges and air squats to see how your knees do with that.

      What have you done in the past?

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