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The “Real Deal” Body Beast Workout Review


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In the Fitness Community “The Body Beast Workout”
is Well Known as “The Best Workout… But is it Really as Good as
They Say?
Here is What I Found out…

When you're done reading this you will have enough info regarding The Body Beast Workout in a very open-minded, objective way and be able to make a fact based decision on this fitness program… and from a source you can always trust 😉

So you wanna…

Get big? Get Ripped? Get Toned?
Lose Fat… Gain Muscle?
All From Your Home Or The Gym?

Well then BODY BEAST is the workout that can do all that and can also be tailored to your specific situation whether you are a man or a woman…. whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 50 pounds… whether you want to get jacked or get lean

Ladies hear me ROAR! Don't worry about “bulking up” with this workout! You could choose to go that route, but you are more likely to get that slim, toned beachbody you have been craving!

You want to know all you can about Body Beast before you buy it right? Well grab a protein shake and get ready for the best review of this workout on the interwebs!

UPDATED: March, 2017 – Over 400 Comments Below!

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Chris… Does It Work?


That's me Fit Dad Chris after 2 days of Body Beast!! 😉 JK

At the end of the day it works! In fact pretty much any workout you do is going to work if you do one thing…. DO IT! There is no magic out there. Sure there are plans, routines, and workouts like this that if you follow will get you results. So do yourself a favor. Read the review see what this program is about…. buy it… follow it… get results… look good and most important feel good. Simple as that! Ready?? Good now beast up!

I have jumped into the Body Beast workout many times over the years simply because it does work.

I like to do it a few weeks at a time, because I like to switch it up and go back to some old school weight lifting and give my body a break from training for races etc… “Most reading this would follow the whole program though”

I love how my body reacts to it as well! Think you are in shape? Bust out any of the Beasty workouts and I bet you will be super sore tomorrow 😉



What Is Body Beast?

  • It is a serious workout that involves lifting weights! I say that because many home workouts are all about cardio and moving around etc…. Sure P90X has weights as well, but Body Beast takes it to the next level in my opinion.
  • This is old school weight lifting at its best.
  • Drop setssuper-setsgiant sets…. need I say more!
  • If you want to pack on some muscle and get lean and hard then the BEAST is for you!

What Equipment Is Needed For Body Beast?


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  • Dumbbells – “You will want some decent weight variations. I am pretty strong, but I started with 5-25lb adjustable dumbbells and 2 30lb dumbbells. That worked well.” My next purchase are BowFlex 55lb Adjustables… they might seem $$$, but you get a lot of weight variations. I went to walmart and it was about $1 a lb so you save a ton this way. When I get them I will do a review on them! Hey so… it has only been a year lol, but check out my Bowflex 552 SelectTech review that I just posted.
  • Bench – Get a bench if you can otherwise you can use a blow up exercise ball. They do have a guy doing modified moves. Ha actually the one guy is Sean Lowe from the Bachelor. I was wondering where he got so jacked from 😉 Anyways the first few times I did the workout I had to follow the modifier and use an exercise ball. Now that I am in my garage gym it is much better with a bench.
  • Pull Up Bar – Again if you can use a real pull up bar then do so and use a pull up assist band if you have too. The first few times I had to use bands which was OK, but of course real pull ups are always better.
  • That is really it… like I said you can follow the modified and get away with just some dumbbells, a stability ball, and some resistance bands.


What To Expect?

  • SORE!!! – You are going to get sore! I have to say I had not really done any old school lifting in awhile. The first time I did Build-chest/tris I have to say I was sore for days! Also remember my heaviest weights were only 30lbs!!!
  • Go at your own pace and write down the weights you use. Take notes if the weight was too much or too little and adjust the next time around. That is the only way you are going to get stronger and bigger.
  • There is a Build & Bulk phase which you can choose from. Not like it is easy to get all jacked up, but for me at 6'3″ I know I am never going to be huge nor am I looking for that sort of physique. I choose the Build phase which focuses more on getting you I would say in beach shape then huge… In reality you are going to look good doing either and get results.
  • Watch out for LEG DAY! I could not walk for 2 days lol.
  • Also watch out for Sagi Kalev and he jokes and jabs at the guys for being girly men. His accent and funny way of saying things is pretty funny!!

Get My Custom Body Beast Cheat Sheet!

Why I Am Doing Body Beast?

  • I tend to be all over with my workouts some times. Since I am gearing up for some obstacle races, triathlons, and whatever else comes my way I like to really mix it up. I will do a lot of running, biking, Insanity, T25, and P90X3 or whatever Beachbody workout I feel like popping in.
  • Last summer I decided to switch it up with some Bodybeast and I loved how my body reacted to it, so now I am trying to do this for about 3 -4 weeks then I am going to jump into more cardio training to prepare for my races.

As of now April 1, 2014 I have started the Build phase and will post back any new thoughts I have on the workout. Overall the workout is legit since I have done it in 2-3 week sessions over the last year! You are going to get worked and you are going to get sore. If you want to build muscle, get strong, and build those show muscles then the BEAST is for you!

Does It Really Work?

  • I am working on a new section on the blog… so stand by, but to be honest any program works if you do one simple thing! Follow it, stick with it, and work hard! Simple as that!
  • I took a break from this workout because I was doing a lot of training for my tri, 5k mud races, and Spartan races, but I love the strength and definition it added.
  • You are getting a great workout plan here! Want it to work?
  1. Pick the lean or bulk schedule
  2. Have your diet in check and food ready to go
  3. Write down all you do and increase your weights every workout even if it is only a few pounds.
  4. Report back to me in 90 days and lets talk!!! BEAST UP!

Is Body Beast For Women and/or Beginners?

  • Yes of course! I get a lot of females asking if the beast is OK for them or they are worried they might bulk up too much. The truth is bulking up for a woman is hard. Very possible, but you really gotta push, get that diet in check and work hard! All I can say is GO HERE and look at the before and after pictures of the woman and you will see they are not super huge, but more defined, toned, and lean.
  • As for beginners this is a GREAT WORKOUT! I wish I had this when I started. You get a great foundation of knowledge or great techniques and systems in bodybuilding. You also get the person doing the modified moves with limited equipment which a lot of beginners may need.
    • Overall yes it is for you! Push play, follow the videos, eat right, stay on track and you will be amazed at your transformation!


How Long Are The Workouts

It varies, but below are the times. Most Build Phase workouts are longer and the Bulk Phase are shorter.

Build Phase

  • Build Legs: 38 min
  • Build Chest/Tris: 48 min
  • Build Back/Bis: 50 min
  • Build Shoulders: 38 min

Bulk Phase

  • Bulk Legs: 41 min
  • Bulk Arms: 35 min
  • Bulk Chest: 30 min
  • Bulk Back: 29 min
  • Bulk Shoulders: 35 min

Other Workouts

  • Beast Abs: 10 min
  • Beast Cardio: 38 min
  • Beast Total Body: 38 min



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