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Venus Factor Workout & Diet Review By Kelly

*Updated 2019

Hey ladies…. Fit Dad Chris here and I wanted to introduce you to Adrienne “Ade” who runs & the #1 Fitspo page on Facebook

She is my go to girl when I need information geared more towards women and believe me I get a lot of questions about that.

ade-fitspoQuestions Like:

  • What is the best workout for a woman?
  • How as a woman do I burn belly fat?
  • Can I lift weights and keep my feminine body type?
  • Are workouts for men and women different?

My inbox is flooded with questions like this and while the name of my site is Fit Dad Chris I have always assumed the info I wrote could be applied to women which it can, but I still get the emails.

So I started talking with Ade about this and she told me have you heard about the “Venus Factor Workout”?  Of course I said no and she continued to tell me about the great results she is seeing with a lot of her clients and web visitors.  She decided to ask one of the girls “Kelly” who had lost over 150lbs with it to do a testimonial. So below is her testimonial about this venus factor workout.

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So without further ado… thanks to Ade & to Kelly for putting this huge overview together!

diets-venus-planetMy Story – Struggles & Successes

  • Losing weight, cutting down, maintaining fitness: it’s quite a familiar story everyone talks about. One day you decide to change your entire life by following a nutrition and exercise program, counting calories down to extreme precision and making sure everything is perfect. Then the dreaded phase begins, you start feeling tired of keeping up and the next moment you are skipping exercise and having donuts in the office. There goes your entire diet and exercise plan down the drain and nothing can separate you from your fascination over unhealthy food and the freedom of eating anything you want. And then there comes back your typical unhealthy life style which you have found a comfort in.
  • I too was once like you. Always trying my best to cut down on fat, trying to follow an exercise and nutrition plan but never sticking to one. But there is a slight difference between you and me; I actually went out and adapted a new lifestyle changing my entire outlook from a lazy “you know what” to energy pumped individual never wanting to go back to my old self. I started at 286 lbs and took it down as far as 134 lbs. That’s a lot isn’t it? You are now probably wondering what came over me, what made me do it, how I did it. Don’t worry; I am here to guide you, forever changing the way you live life for the better of you and your family.

The problem with losing weight is simple. There are too many nutrition and exercise plans on the internet that it makes it quite impossible to stick to one because during weight loss, a time comes when you start doubting whether your selected plan is working for you or not. This is when you try to change things and it all goes down the drain. So what does it take to change your life? During my ultimate weight loss journey, I learned a few things that helped me achieve what I had always wanted, a good looking body and an energetic life so I could keep up with my kids. I’m listing down these ‘absolute’ important factors that can fit into any diet or exercise program you choose:

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Before you even decide to adapt a new lifestyle, ask yourself these questions and simply IMAGINE yourself in the future:

  1. adaptAdaptation: I want you to sit down and IMAGINE right now how your lifestyle will change when you start a nutrition plan. Think about all the things you will have to change about yourself. Right now, you have maximum freedom to eat and drink anything you want to. You sit down to watch your favorite show on the TV or a movie and you make sure there are plenty of snacks available to keep you filled and a bit distracted. Eating stuff while watching the TV or a movie can be an amazing feeling, I know. Right now you also have the freedom to simply call your favorite Pizza or restaurant delivery to get your favorite things delivered right down to your doorstep. These are all bad eating habits that largely contribute to your unstoppable weight gain. When you decide to change your lifestyle, all of this freedom has to go. You can still have snacks with your shows, but you will need to make sure that what you are eating is healthy and jam packed with nutritional value that contributes to the well being of your body and mental health. Once you come at peace with your upcoming lifestyle, you can pretty much select any nutrition plan and make it work.
  2. crack-walnutsMotivation: One of the biggest reasons a lot of us cannot achieve our weight loss goals is due to lack of motivation. For motivation, I once again ask you to sit down, relax, close your eyes and think about the future. Picture yourself as the new you; all fit, healthy and extremely energetic. Picture how happy you are and how everyone around you is astonished at the things you have achieved. Doesn’t it make you feel great? I know it does, I’ve been there physically to confirm that it is one of the best feelings you will ever get in your life. This is a great way to motivate yourself if you are just about to start something and it is also a great way to get back that flare you had if you lost it during your weight loss process. By using this method, you can easily ignite the fire to achieve a goal once again.
  3. keepgoingPersistence, Consistence and Patience: Allow me to introduce you to a ground breaking method of losing weight no matter what program you are following. I call it the PCP method. It actually isn’t a method, its common sense. Once you start on something, trust and believe in yourself. Be persistent, never give up. Be consistent, never stop what you are doing, and keep doing it no matter what. Be patient, if you are consistently and persistently following a routine, all you need is patience to make things happen. Remember, weight loss comes in gradually, so the patience is the key to making things work.
  4. supportGetting help: If you are completely new to losing weight, you are going to need a lot of help. By help I mean your research should be complete. Try to learn about your body through experimentation. A lot of nutritional plans may not be designed for you. But instead of constantly changing your diet plans, give one a few weeks before judging whether the plan is good or not. Sometimes, for this to work the right way, you may need the help of a personal trainer or a nutritionist. Don’t be afraid to take advice from people who have already gone through what you are going through.
  5. routinesSelecting the perfect routine: Because we all are living a different lifestyle, I cannot really pinpoint a lifestyle change that will work perfectly for you. This is up to you to find the right combination of nutrition and exercise plan that fits comfortably with your professional and personal life. Once you have found the right program, go to point 3 and follow it.


Now that you have learned the basics, allow me to recommend a nutrition and exercise plan that I personally used and believe will work for the most of you.

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The Venus Factor Review

Disclaimer: This is a completely unbiased review. However, since I have successfully lost over 120 lbs using this program, I simply love it and hence, you will most likely see me talking in its favor. But it still doesn’t mean that you will get maximum results through it. But I believe if it worked for me and a couple of friends, this should just do you fine.

The Venus Factor Introduction

  • The Venus Factor is a completely new and promising approach to weight loss which is guaranteed to help anyone lose weight. It is designed to help you lose as many pounds as you want in a record time. It took me around 8 months to achieve my goals, but depending on your size, you may be able to complete it sooner than me. This program is specifically designed for women because we know women body functions very differently from men; hence it is highly recommended that women try this out. But it doesn’t hurt to test it out if you are a man. From the ground level, the Venus Factor has been designed to be the fastest, safest and reliable way of losing weight in record times. The Venus Factor takes a new approach that makes sure that you develop critical muscles in your body to help melt away the fat that is stuck in it, all the while keeping you less stressed about religiously following it. Yes, this means that you can sneak in your favorite snacks or pizza while you are on the program. It uses a diet plan which is commonly known as the Leptin diet, a diet that has shown amazing results. I am just going to talk about it in a minute. With its base as a Leptin Diet, The Venus Factor provides you an ultimate way to cut on fat and keep the fail ratio low. Just how exactly does it do that? Let’s find out.


The Leptin Diet

  • Remember when I said that The Venus Factor is specifically designed for women? This is because women naturally produce more leptin in their body than men. Leptin is a hormone that is capable of regulating the amount of fat that is stored in the body. By triggering the production of leptin in your body, you can easily shift the scales in your favor by manipulating your brain to burn more fat wherever it is stored. Leptin is responsible for adjusting your energy usage and by using Venus Factor diet, you will basically shoot leptin levels off the roof, giving you accelerated weight loss.

How Leptin Diet Works

The Leptin Diet is based on a few principle reactions that occur when you are following it. The most important things that change in your body when you are following one such diet are as follows:

  • Allows you to control hormones in the body through the diet and targeted workout
  • Gets your body to do most of the fat burning so you can enjoy more time off the gym
  • It also allows you to customize the diet plan using different food items that you enjoy eating while maintaining your new diet plan and lifestyle
  • The diet also triggers biochemical reactions inside your body that makes impossible for you to store fat

How Does The Venus Factor take advantage of the Leptin Diet?

  • As I mentioned earlier, The Venus Factor is based on a Leptin Diet that is specifically designed for women. The Venus Factor comes with a complete 12 week nutritional and workout plan that is designed to help you increase leptin production through meals that are naturally high in leptin and through targeted exercise that naturally increase production in your body.
  • In order for The Venus Factor to do your job, you must follow its meal and workout plan for at least 12 weeks. From there on, your body adapts to this new lifestyle and fat never gets stored. Apart from that, the people behind The Venus Factor have created a virtual nutritionist that is able to answer all your questions about the diet and workout plan when you are actually doing it. Refer to point number 4 in the basics section to know why getting help is so important. If the virtual assistant isn’t enough, the Venus Factor is followed by millions of women just like you all over the world and they all have access to the official forums where they can provide you help and share their weight loss journey with you. Through this forum, you can not only get motivation, inspiration and help, but you will also come across many new working methods to modify and control your diet to further assist in weight loss.


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The Venus Factor Workout Plan

  • Now that you are aware of the diet part of the Venus Factor, let me introduce you to the workout plan that comes packed with it. A lot of you will be wondering whether you will be able to keep up with the workout plan or not. I know this is a common question because I know a lot of people who have tried using programs like Insanity by Beachbody but never succeeded in getting results. The Insanity and other programs like those are excellent, but those are not designed for severely overweight men or women. This is because some of the moves within the program are simply too hard for beginners and without a live personal trainer, you could end up with an injury. Thankfully, the Venus Factor workout plan isn’t as hardcore as the Insanity or other programs. It was designed specifically for women who are quite overweight and are unable to perform hard exercises. The hard part of the workout plan comes quite far in the schedule, so by then you will be trained enough to perform advanced exercises.
  • The Venus Factor workout plan includes 140 different exercises that are designed to help you tone your shape. The good thing about this workout plan is that it comes in the form of a software and not a DVD video platform that just keeps running when you press the play button. The Venus Factor workout plan actually gives you the right kind of exercises according to your weight, height and age then combines them in an effective routine. You must follow this plan and keep updating your progress. When the software knows you have made significant improvement in your strength and endurance levels, it will automatically recommend harder exercises. All of the exercises recommended by the Venus Factor come in the form of proper instructional videos that not only tells you how to perform the exercise, but also tells you on how to maintain a proper poster to avoid injury. So remember, you can easily follow the program regardless of your age, weight and height.

My Final Thoughts… What Do You Think?

  • The Venus Factor is quite possibly the most intelligent and result oriented weight loss programs out there. It helped me reduce to the best shape of my life through constant change of exercises and meal plans throughout my eight months with it. I’m sure no matter who you are or where you are you will most definitely make the best out of it too. Just remember to follow my basic rules before you start this program or any program for that matter and you will never have fat knock on your door again.

If you are still unsure about The Venus Factor, just go try it out for FREE! Yes, you heard it right. The Venus Factor comes with 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t get the expected results in a given time, feel free to give it back and get all your money back. Nice huh? Good luck now and never lose hope. Remember Persistence, Consistence and Patience and nothing will come in your way.

Here is to losing weight and feeling great!

Kelly R.



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  • Sarah says:

    Kelly great review and congrats on your journey. I am glad you made the point of saying it will take awhile and to be patient and consistent. That is the true key. Also to Chris, yes the fear of women bulking up is such a myth and one that I was afraid of once too. I soon realized that adding some weight training made a world of difference. I just wanted to chime in because I think this article was spot on. Cheers!

    • Chris says:

      Hey Sarah thanks for your 2 cents 😉 There really is a lot of miss information directed towards woman out there so I am glad this makes sense.

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