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Insanity Asylum 2 Review

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My Review

As someone who has done the Insanity Workout from Shaun T I know how intense he can be! When the first Asylum workout came out I was intrigued, but never gave it a chance. A few months back I was looking for something new to do and decided to give the Insanity Asylum 2 a shot.

I was very glad I did.

Things you need/should have for Insanity Asylum 2

  • Agility Ladder ” I did not have it, but I would have liked to have one”
  • Jump Rope “I had one and suggest you use one”
  • Pull Up Bar “If you have access to one then use it. I did not :-(“
  • Leg Bands “Wear high socks or say goodbye to ankle hair lol”
  • Dumbbells “I have adjustable ones that go from 5lb to 25lb and they were perfect”

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DVD Warning

  • I am not sure if this is fixed now, but when I bought my DVD's they come with extra ones because somehow the ones in the actually DVD book are labeled wrong such just be aware of that.

With that being said… I started Asylum 2 back on November 26 2012 and did it for 3 weeks. This is a 4 week program. I know… I know… but I did not just quit I actually jumped into Les Mills Combat which I am doing now. I wanted to give these workouts a chance before the new year so I could see how I wanted to create my workout schedule for 2013 which I am starting this Monday January 7 2012. Les Mills Combat is great!! OK Back to Asylum 2!

Agility Tutorial “First Done 11/26/2012”

  • I usually hate any type of “training” material and like to jump right in on the workout, but I highly… highly… recommend you go through the Agility Tutorial.It was only about 24 minutes long, but in my opinion it is a must. It gave me a pretty good sweat too!I am really excited to do more of Asylum 2 and I can see why this will get you faster and more agile. The moves are tricky… hence you need the training video to get your ready. I found my self fumbling a bit on some of the moves, but I have to be honest it was very rewarding when I got them right and kept up with Shaun T.  It gets your brain involved for sure because you are trying to follow along and remember the moves etc…Also I did not have the agility ladder and just used the floor. I can see how having that would help a great deal, but you can still get a great workout in without it.All and all I am looking forward to the upper elite video!

XTRAINER “First Done 12/3/2012”

  • I know it looks like I am jumping around a bit, but when I did the Agility Training I did not realize that X-Trainer was part of that workout so I did it the following week.
  • This  felt like it was NON stop and you work everything. If I was coach of a sports team I think I would get my kids doing this 2-3 times a week pre season for sure.   I love the change ups and you are trying to follow along with Shaun T. Great renew of energy from this one!

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Upper Elite “First Done 11/27/2012”

  • Wow it has been awhile since I was nauseous during a workout! In fact I had 20 minutes left and had to stop.  Normally I never stop, but today I was on a different schedule and pushing the allotted time I had to get the workout done. I guess it was a cop out, but as I sit here writing this over an hour later I am still a bit shaky. That is a good thing in my book.  This was a great workout. Shaun T had us doing some great moves and really switching it up which I like. The warm up was fun and we got to use the jump rope which I have not used in awhile. I was just a bit rusty, but I picked it up quickly. Man I can see how this workout will really transform you.  This is not a beginner workout that is for sure! Make sure your pushups are strong for this one, that is all I can say. The next time I do Upper Elite and finish the last 20 minutes I will fill you in. Tomorrow I should be able to have enough time to do the whole workout even if I have to crawl through it 😉

 Power Legs “First Done 11/28/2012”

  • Well today the agility training came into play so now I highly suggest you give the tutorial video a shot otherwise it will be confusing during the warmup and you wont get loose and you need to be for this workout. This was tough!! Shaun T mixes it up big time. You are jumping around, squatting, and pulsing… ugh remember pulses from insanity? Well try it now with weights. You also do a nice routine with the elastic ankle bands which I really like, but note to self… where high socks next time. It melted my leg hair! Literally lol. I was dripping during this whole workout and I took a good amount of 10 second breaks especially during the pulse moves. I am really liking this workout! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Back & 6-Pack “First Done 11/29/2012”

  • You are going to work on this one!! Shaun T hits you all over the place with this and you get a great mix of going from back to abs during the workout. Your core is worked hard core as well. Oh yeah get ready for some burpees 😉 You will be using dumbbells and you do a lot of rowing moves if you do not have a pull up bar. I honestly could not have imagined doing all of the moves on a pull up bar, but I guess that is how you will get stronger. Don't be afraid to use heavier weight in week 2, 3 and 4. The first time I do any workout I always like to use a lower weight to get comfortable with the moves.
  • In the end you do an awesome ab workout cycle where you do the moves then start them over again. It was a great burn on the abs and you will feel it the next day. Shaun T comes up with the best ab moves. Always something new with him!

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Things I did not do… during Asylum 2

  •  Like I said I did this back in November, so as I did the workout I took notes on each so that is why it might sound like I am a bit all over the place, since I am just posting it now. I wanted to say that I did not do the Ab Shredder, Stretching, The Champion Fit Test, or Pure Contact Workout which I would have liked to, but did not have the time. I will be using the Ab Shredder routine during my new workout schedule.

Final Conclusion of Insanity Asylum 2

  • I may ramble a bit here. I never did the Championship Fit Test. I suggest you take it for the simple reason that by week 3 I was feeling great. Super strong and fast, so I would have loved to see how my first fit tests would have matched up to week 3. Again I only finished week 3 of the workout and moved onto Les Mills Combat so I could get a feel for both workouts before the New Year. I also did not do the stretch video, but I am going to give it a shot soon. The one thing I am realizing from Les Mills Combat is that I am not very flexible and I would like to improve there.
  • Overall asylum 2 is an awesome workout and if you are training for a race or some event I would put this in your arsenal for sure! I think the next Obstacle race I sign up for I will be doing a majority of Asylum 2 workouts in the month prior to the race.
  • If you are an athlete getting ready for your season I think this would be a great pre-season workout for any sport hands down! I have said the about the Insanity workout as well, but I think Asylum 2 will get you stronger and faster. Insanity will give you the cardio boost for sure.
  • Like any workout that Beach Body puts out you are going to see results if you put in the time.

  Here is a little taste of what is inside the Asylum 2!!

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  • dan says:

    Dude i cant believe u didnt do the champion test … I need to kniow more

  • Dimitris says:

    Everything you say is super accurate. I have completed insanity and insanity asylum 1 and I have to admit I thought I was fit. I play soccer and I used to go cycling up the mountain for 10 kms. Not to mention running. The thing is that I never had 6-pack, due to the fat that was over. After completing the insanity and following a 6 meal diet (not that from the insanity nutrition because it was a bit difficult to find the foods in Greece and due to limited time) I saw the complete 6 pack. To my great amazement, I was totaly ripped (which was not my goal initially- I just wanted to improve my cardio in a more interesting and motivating way, instead of running around the track like a mouse on a treadmill). The program takes you on a higher level. And Asylum takes you even higher. I must mention the elevated enegry and the good mood, which comes from the sense of accomplishment. So as the ancient Greeks used to say “healthy mind in a healthy body”.

    So if someone thinks he is fit (and not worthwhile to try insanity (or asylum) THINK AGAIN.

    • Chris says:

      Great to hear Dimitris. Yeah the asylum was fun to do and I will prob start it up mid summer to get ready for a few races I am doing. The Rugged Maniac and the Spartan Race. I need me a six pack too 😉

  • Andréia says:

    i love insanity, the asylum, now I will make the volume 2…im from Brazil : )

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