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25 Minute Workouts For Beginners – Tony Hortons New P90

p90popWell they went and totally changed up on naming conventions for us lol.

You would think after P90X3 they would create P90X4, but no way that is not how Tony Horton rolls!

Pretty much any program Tony puts out is top notch! I like what they are doing here with this new P90 workout. They are creating something that truly is for everyone. Now hear me out…. anyone can start any workout program, but if you are overweight and have not worked out in a long time then a workout like P90X or Insanity might be too intense for you. Sure you can follow along and many, many people have and had great results, but the truth is I would imagine many have failed because it might have been too intense, not just physically, but mentally as well.

With the new P90 workout they wanted to create a workout for anyone especially for people who have not done anything in a long time or ever at all.

They Are Basically Giving This Workout Away for FREE With Like 7 Bonus Tools & Gifts!

P-90 Workout Details & Release Date

  • It is here!
  • 25 minutes a day..
  • 90 Day program
  • Simple Cardio
  • Simple Resistance Training

Watch This Video Preview Of P90

p90-resultsMy Review So Far On P90? Started September 29th

  • You know when I do a review on this site I have done the workout. Sometimes I have done the full program and other times I have done it for a few weeks, a month, or picked and chose exercises.
  • With Tony's new workout I really had to test it out so I could give straight answers to people. Since this is geared for someone who has not done much in awhile or ever I wanted to see how a “seasoned pro” ha 😉 would do!
  • As of November 2nd I am writing pulling from my notes and writing it here.
  • So I have basically jumped around a bit with this workout because I have been focusing on some other training as well.
  • Ab Ripper A, B, & C – Listen it does not take much to get your abs burning and working hard. You can feel the burn within 2 minutes if you do the right sequence! I love all three of these, each one has its own flavor and I do love the variety! Of course Tony shows you how to do them correctly, adjust if it is too hard and how to make the most of each one.  Was I struggling? You bet… my abs were on fire. They will be for you too!
  • Phase A – Sculpt & Sweat are great! I got through them pretty easy, but did I get my sweat on? Heck Yea! Was it a workout? Heck yea! Ill touch base more in my Conclusion Section below
  • Phase B -Same thing got awesome workouts in, but this time Tony is cranking things up a bit. I felt more like I needed a break getting to these than Phase A, but I can see how the structure really would work for people getting back into fitness.
  • Phase C – To be honest I have not tried anything from C, but when I do I will post about it.

They Are Basically Giving This Workout Away for FREE With Like 7 Bonus Tools & Gifts!

Conclusion Of The New Beachbody P90 Workout So Far….

  • If other workouts have intimidated you then P-90 is for you!
  • As I went through the exercises I could see how it is made for people getting back into shape or starting a fitness program for the first time. With other extreme programs I take a lot of breaks even when I am in good shape! They are tough, so I could see how if I was not in any kind of shape I would prob hit stop and turn off the TV lol.
  • This workout gets you to where you need to be and the option is always there for you to turn it up a notch!
  • Does that mean you won't get tired or feel like you cannot go anymore? Of course not! You probably will, but just know that with pretty much any fitness regimen you get into the first 2 weeks are going to be tough, but after that your body adjusts physically and mentally! So push play…. go at your own pace… and let me know how you do!

P90 Before & After Pictures

before and after p-90

Jaime Before & After P90

p90 before and after

Nathan Before & After P 90









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P90 Workout Schedule & Sheets

If you have done any workout with Tony Horton before you know his is always saying WRITE IT DOWN! I am a firm believer in writing down and tracking all you do! That is the only way you can really know if you are getting better. I get my best results when I track down my workouts so download these p90 workout sheets and get down to business!



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