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P90X Workout Results

Well since I am starting up my 90 Day Challenge with a Insanity – P90X hyrbid workout I figured now would be the best time to set up a P90X Review as well as an Insanity Workout Review page.

I have never finished the full 90 days of P90X, but I have finished Insanity. I went about 6 weeks into P90X and did all the workouts as well. I want to start a P90X review here as I go through the workouts again. The reason for this because today I did Chest & Back and it really kicked my butt! I want to be able to give fresh feedback as I go through the workouts so you can really benefit. With this hybrid I am doing I will miss some of the cardio P90x workouts, but I may do a few here in there and swap for Insanity, but we shall see. Regardless after rocking out Chest & Back today it solidifies in my mind that if you take this workout serious for 90 days there is no way on earth that you will not get into the best shape of your life. With that said here is how P90X:Chest and Back played out!



Oh and you can look below for a basic overview of what P90X is and what it has etc…Again this workout will get you results. I just want to give you specific feedback as to my experience to help you either get through it or get started!

Oh Download the P90X Worksheets. You have to keep track!

P90X Chest & Back “Workout Done 2/4/2013”

  • I was real excited to get back into P90X and with today being the start of my 90 day challenge I could not wait to get into Chest & Back. Now I have never done the workouts with a pull up bar. I just never had space for one. If you have access to do real pull ups then you should take advantage. I use the bands for all the pull up moves. I use the strongest bands and I make sure I really hold the moves and contract to get the most out of it. For the rest I use adjustable dumbbells. I have ones the go to 25lb and a set of 30lb. Depending on your goals that might be fine for you.
  • I forgot about all the pushups and I was a bit excited because over the last year I had really gotten stronger in my push ups. Today I was put back in my place a bit lol. I started off pretty strong with 25 regular push ups, but each move I got a bit weaker. There is nothing wrong with this since I have really not been training like this, so it was expected. So the one thing I can say is expect to feel weak and not do as many as you might think you will do. Try and set up the number of reps you want to reach. It can be as little as 5, who cares as long as you do something. You can even do them on your knees to get some extra reps in. When Tony, Scottie, and Bobby say they are going to do 30 don't be intimidated. They all started where we are. The strength will come that is for sure. So pick a number. If you can get to it great, then do some more.
  • Always make sure you keep correct form. That is so important. If you feel like something is just not right or your back is arching then take a break. It is OK to take BREAKS. Like Tony says, you can hit the pause button…. when you hit PLAY we will be right here.
  • I think the biggest take away for me is to finish the whole workout. I am embarrassed to say I have done half the workout so many times before, but that just won't cut it. Sure you will get a good workout, but stick till the end. Even if you are struggling and only doing a few push ups in the last round just do it. It is more of a mental then physical thing at this point. The next time you do the workout and you see the improvement you are going to be excited. Oh yeah make sure you write down what you do. There is nothing better then seeing improvement as you continue each week. I know from the first time I started P90x. I was so impressed at how quickly I improved and go so much stronger.


Some of Tonys quotes are classic, so enjoy!

Tony Horton P90X Chest & Back Quotes “I'll try to add a few for each workout”

  • the world famous Karen pot stirrers
  • okra… I love okra!
  • Bobby… doggin it!
  • Wanna see perfection? no not this….
  • It's the right thing.. it's the smart thing…
  • from your finger tips… to your hips…
  • Bobby is that stretch money??
  • It hurts good… in a good way.. she meant in a good way!
  • Martin.. you got me bro cause I'm gonna show you perfection
  • GERMAN POTATO SOUP… if that's not P90X soup I don't know what is!
  • Do your best and forget the rest.
  • Programmed man.. I got them all programmed!

AB RIPPER X “First Time Done on 2/5/2013”

  • Oh man I forgot how tough Ab Ripper X was! Most of the time I would again get half way through and quit, but today I did it all. I did not get 25 reps on each move, but I did what I could and I know I am going to feel it tomorrow!
  • Again don't be afraid to take breaks. Give yourself a 10 rep count then take a break and do 5 more or however many you can do. After a few weeks you will be amazed at how much stronger your core will be.
  • Over the summer Ab Ripper X saved me! During the Spartan race there was a rope traverse where you have to grab the rope with your hands them pull your feet over the rope and schimmy across the rope. I started going and then my feet slipped so I was hanging just by my hands. To my surprise I was able to swing my legs back up and get moving again. Good thing I had Ab ripper x in my workout routine while training! 😉

Some Funny Tony Horton Quotes from Ab Ripper X

  • Ab Ripper X… I hate it… but I love it!
  • Aw Abbies a hot shot!
  • oh man… where halfway done, the parties almost over, what a bummer
  • their working hard I know you are…
  • I felt that!!

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P90X – Shoulders & Arms ‘First Done 2/6/2013″

  • The glamor muscles as Tony says! I have always loved this workout. It keeps you moving and gets you a great pump. I looked at my older worksheets and saw the weights I had used, but this time around I did not go over 20lbs since this is the first time I am lifting like this in a while and I am still very sore from Mondays workout. Very sore… Chest is tight, but this workout loosened me up for sure!
  • If you are doing this for the first time it may take the first round to get comfortable with the moves and the weight you can handle, but don't worry just get through it. Regardless of what you do you are going to be sore from it. The next time you do the moves you will know them better and have a better idea of what weight to use. I have been sticking to the 10-12 rep range and will prob stick to an 8-10 range in a few weeks. That is if I can get more dumbbells. The heaviest I have is a 30lb'r.
  • If you do not have strong triceps you will after doing this workout for awhile. You really hit the tri's from some good angles and you are sure to leave them burning. There is a bonus round which I decided to do ughhh 😉 There is one workout called the side tri rise and I still don't feel comfortable doing it, but I know if I stick with it, then the move will come in time for me.
  • Over all a killer workout and I look forward to more!

Some Funny Tony Horton Quotes from Shoulders & Arms

  • Kaw kaw… like Taradactal backing out of trouble
  • We all want to be Danial Hoss', but we can't
  • Drea.. Brought up the level

UPDATE 2/12/2013

  • Since this is an ongoing, kind of as it happens review I just wanted to post an update. So I started my second week of my challenge. With the big snow storm I was not able to do the P90X legs on Friday, but I did get a workout in with my wife at Baby Bootcamp, don't laugh it was intense and fun! Plus I was with my family so that is always a blessing.
  • So I did Chest & Back yesterday and I was really impressed with my numbers. It has only been a week and I increased my reps on everything so that made me feel very motivated! I wanted to point that out because your first time with P90X you might get discouraged, but just know that you are going to see results fast even in as little as a week so push through the pain and get it done. Busted out Insanity Pure Cardio today & Ab Ripper X. Ab ripper X was about the same as I did it the first time last week, but I could tell I was recovering a bit quicker, but I still have a ways to go before I can do each move for 25 reps, but I will get there!

P90X Legs & Back “First Done 2/15/2013”

  • All I can say is get me some crutches because I can barely walk right now. I am sure tomorrow is going to be worse. I remember when I did this workout almost a year ago it was the same way! I love this workout because you hit your legs from all angles. It is nice to get the back pumped up as well. Again I still only use the bands for back so I am not getting the best results as if I had a pull up bar.
  • You do a lot of moves and don't feel bad if you cannot get through them or you just feel uncomfortable. You always need to be careful when working out your legs like this. There are a lot of moves where you are in lunge and squat positions and like Tony says good form is everything. It is about quality not quantity. If the move calls for 25 reps and you can only do 10 then do 10 and do them with correct form. Today I prob did about half the reps on most exercises. My legs were burning and if I felt any thing going whacky with my knees I took a break.
  • KNEES – For the most part my knees are OK and knock on wood, I have never really had issues with them. What I do find is when I start a new routine with moves like this my knees will act up a bit. I am not saying I have pain, but I just take it easy if I feel like I am really straining. After a few workouts I usually have my strength back and feel more comfortable with the moves so just be aware that it might take you a few workouts to get your bearings and feel right doing some of these moves.
  • By the end I was just hoping it was going to be over soon. My legs were on fire!! All in all this is a great workout! I will get those wall squats down!!


P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps “Originally Done 2/25/2013”

  • Well I am on my 4th week of my 90 day challenge and I was looking forward to switching things up in the P90X routine. This was definitely a switch up! Just when I thought I was getting stronger. hehe.. I know I am stronger, but this workout has some very different moves that most people have never done before. I did them awhile ago, and forgot what they were.
  • I liked them a lot as they hit my muscles from different angles and really worked me. My chest, shoulders and triceps were pumped for sure. I was a bit disappointed I could not do any 1 arm push ups, but I will get there!
  • The great thing is muscle confusion. Just when I was getting somewhat used to the regular chest and back my body was hit with this workout. My body didn't know what hit it today and they is a good thing that invites change. And… another week of this and it switches up again.
  • I am really liking how P90X flows and switches up to keep your body guessing. I think back to my gym days where I would go months, heck even years doing the same basic routine. No wonder I never saw any changes!

P90X YOGA X “Originally Done 3/11/2014”

  • Well I have to say I was never a big fan of Yoga and I gave this workout a shot when I first tried P90X a few years back. I think I got about 20 minutes in and said forget it this is boring. Clear your mind…. relax…. aghh lol. Prob is the best thing I should have done at the time, but alas live and learn. This time around I wanted to give it a fair chance.
  • This workout is 1 hour 35 minutes if I remember and I stopped with just about 20 minutes left because I really only had about an hour so I pushed my time. I have to say it was tough!! Downward dogs, up dogs, cobras….. animals everywhere. All I know is I was working HARD! I was pretty impressed that I could do a lot of the moves, but I was shaking like it was my job! I know why people that do yoga consistently are not only flexible, but very strong.
  • I am def going to look into incorporating Yoga into my workouts. My good buddy Jeff Posner runs his site Yoga For Focus and I really want to try and get out to some classes.
  • I mocked YOGA before now I respect it. Lesson learned! Yoga is cool!!
Just look at what Tony Horton has to say about Yoga. Very Cool

P90X Back & Biceps “Originally Done 2/27/2013”

  • I was looking forward to this workout again as well since I remember the last time I did it I really liked it. I like that you just start busting out the moves, back and bi's back and bi's and you are really hitting your biceps from every angle! I have to say my biceps are still sore today on Friday as I am writing this p90x review.
  • The back workout part is great as well I just wish I could actually do pulls and not just use the bands. I also need to up my weight since the 25lb dumbbells are just not cutting it.
  • All in all this is a great workout and like I said my biceps are still sore. The first 3 weeks I was maybe this sore after the first bicep workout and not the other two weeks, so it just goes to show you that muscle confusion works.
  • Introduce a whole new series and your muscles do not know what hit them. This is why P90X is awesome!

Overall I just finished my first month of my Insanity / P90X Hybrid workout and I have to say I feel so much stronger. I have def lost some fat and I am building muscle for sure. I am feeling solid! I cannot wait to see what March will hold for me. Stay tuned…

Stay tuned for more of my p90x workout reviews. If you have any questions please use the comment section below. Thanks!

P90X Update 3/20/2013

  • Well I had a recovery week the last week where I added Yoga X to the mix as you can see above. This week Monday 3/18/3013 I started the routine over again. I brought 30lb dumbells from home which I have been using, but I def need more weight in some moves. For now I am just sticking to the 12 reps and less on some exercises. It feels good to lift more weight and I am so much stronger. Jumping back into chest and back I was sore the next day and still am 2 days later. I attacked shoulders and arms today and felt a great pump! The fact is P90X gets you strong! I feel more solid, I am leaner, and I can see a difference from all angles. Even my wife said I look lean 😉



What P90X is and What it comes with – Very Basic Overview

The advanced techniques with this system are called Muscle Confusion. This system is going to:

  • give you accelerated results
  • constantly give you new routines and moves
  • stop your body from ever plateauing
  • keep you engaged and interested so that boredom is never experienced

If you want to:

  • get lean
  • bulk up
  • get ripped

we’ll show you ways to do it that are varied, so you can mix & match to keep you going for 90 days or more. You’ll never get bored with all the different combinations that will be available to you.

The complete package includes:

P90X 3-Phase Nutrition Plan

P90X Fitness Guide

How To Bring It Video – Quick overview of the whole system.

12 Fantastic Videos

  • Chest & Back
  • Plyometrics
  • Shoulders & Arms
  • Yoga X
  • Legs & Back
  • Kenpo X
  • X Stretch
  • Core Synergistics
  • Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
  • Back & Biceps
  • Cardio X
  • Ab Ripper X



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