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P90X2 Review

May is upon us and I just finished up my 90 Day P90X/Insanity Hybrid workout!P90x2

No onto P90X2!

I have to say I feel good! As you know we only do reviews of workouts that I have done here at FitDadChris.com… so I am starting my P90X2 review. You can read a super in depth review of P90X & Insanity on this site as well.

I like to do my reviews as I do the workouts so they are fresh in my mind and I can give you the best insight possible.


OK sorry for the all CAPS, but as you read below, you will see I went the first week doing the modified moves, then ordered the Upgrade Pack to get the equipment used in P90x2. It was well worth it and after I did X2 Core again with the medicine balls, stability ball, and rumble roller all I can say is WOW, it was more extreme for sure! Can't wait to use the Power Stands. Anyways here is a video of what the P90X2 Ultimate Upgrade Kit comes with. Click Here to get it!

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Ongoing P90X2 Tips & My Feelings

  • Take a few seconds to watch the moves before you do them so you know exactly what you are doing. Seriously I came back to add to this. Watch the moves then rewind if you have too. I ended up just trying to jump in so many times only to realize I was doing the moves wrong. Take the time to learn the move the right way first 😉
  • Get the equipment for a better rounded workout.
  • For recovery + mobility definitely have a roller on hand. You will get a much better stretch in and the camera focuses more time on people with rollers then the modified moves.

So today being 5/6/2013 I started with P90x2 – X2 Core


Equipment Needed for P90X2

  • As of today 5/6/2013 I only have dumbbells and bands. I wanted to try the workout without the extra equipment like the
    • 1 RumbleRoller®
    • 1 55 cm PREMIUM Stability Ball
    • 2 8-lb. Medicine Balls†
    • Tony Horton's PowerStands®

    Hindsight I would go back and buy the P90X2 Ultimate Package that comes with everything… “including the workouts” Click Here , but for now I will be buying the P90X2® Ultimate Upgrade Package… “no workouts” Click Here

  • Regardless I cannot utilize a pull up bar where I workout which makes me a bit upset, but I will still have results. I would HIGHLY recommend doing the workout with a pull up bar if you can. I did not use for the original P90X and so wish I had. Anyways onto the reviews….

x2-core1P90x2 – X2 Core Originally Done “5/6/2013”

  • I was not sure what to expect. I have read many different opinions on the workout. First I did all the modified exercises since I did not have the medicine balls, rollers, or stability ball. Regardless I still got a great workout and as of now 3 hours later my legs are sore and I am tired!
  • The warm up starts off real slow and is more stretching, but it feels good. I was amazed at how tight I was. I mean really tight!
  • You are really getting a nice full core workout here and working your legs hard and getting in some decent upper body.
  • There are a few moves that were really tough for me… Half Angel; for the life of me I just could not get my arm to go past my head and it was very hard to not fall over and keep my leg straight. One Leg Leap Squats; these were fun, but it was hard to balance. One Leg Med Ball Burpee; at the end of this workout it was tough!
  • I will say that I was impressed with myself that I was able to do a lot of the moves and do them fairly well. I mean I did just do a hybrid of p90x and insanity so I am feeling really strong! I know if I was not in this shape it would have been more of a struggle.
  • What I like best is that even in good shape, it was a struggle because it is something different. I like switching it up and these moves will only make me stronger and more balanced. I can only imagine my mid section 90 days from now!

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P90X 2 – Plyocide “Originally Done 5/7/2013”

  • I have to say my legs were pretty sore today from yesterdays X2 Core! I knew this workout was going to be a challenge, but I attacked it. I am going to order the extra equipment this week. Today I actually used a 5lb dumbbell for some of the moves that called for the medicine ball and the towel for the rest.
  • The warmup was pretty much the same as X2 Core. I am assuming it will be similar to how the P90X warm ups were. I like the new warmup… you get a nice warm stretch in there.
  • There was a lot of squat type moves even with 1 leg. I was impressed with myself as I was able to balance myself fairly well. I know if I had not done the p90x/insanity hybrid prior this workout would have been a lot harder. With that said it was still tough and I was taking breaks or stopping some moves with 10 seconds left.
  • I love the stretching at the end. I have been feeling really tight lately and I cannot wait to see my improvements in flexibility after a few weeks of P90X2.
  • All in all a great workout. It was cool seeing a few moves from Asylum 2 in there. You basically make an X on the floor with tape and do so hopping and jumping between lines. Great for agility.
  • I will say this about this workout though. There is not much show of the moves.. Tony jumps right into them so for the first few times watch what he does to get a complete understanding of how the exercise goes. I found myself trying to keep up and screwing up a move then just rewinding and taking a few seconds to learn the move first. Def watch the move a few times then attack it.

P90X2 Recovery + Mobility Review “Originally Done 5/8/2013”

  • OK first off I bought the Ultimate Upgrade Package Click Here
  • I had to get it after today's workout which used the roller so much. Now that is not to say that I did not get a great stretch in… I did, but I can see how much better it would be and this whole workout will be with the right equipment.
  • So… today was all about the stretch. You start off doing some moves and I was really tight from the last 2 days. Then you go into some some real nice deep stretching. I never knew I could sweat so much from a stretch and I was not even using the roller! After that you go back to the original moves which are now a lot more easier since you are nice and loose.
  • It was a slow workout, but it is about recovery and mobility and I love the fact I get a great overall stretch and recovery. The previous 90 days have been real tough with the p90x/insanity hybrid so this is just what I needed.
  • I can't wait to see how much my flexibility and core strength will have improved after phase 1 of P90X2

P90X2 X2 Total Body “Originally Done 5/9/2013”

  • I was looking forward to this one because it involved some more weights. I was impressed with how strong I felt going into this. Again coming off that 90 day challenge I better be a bit stronger right?
  • You really are getting a total body workout. You dive right into Arm chest press “chest” then to 4 position pull ups “back”, the push up side arm balance “chest, tri..everything” I actually really liked doing these. The you did switch lunge press “legs”, then warrior 3 kickback “triceps” very cool moved btw, then the warrior 3 curl “biceps. That was the first set of exercises 😉
  • After a break you did boing push ups”I did plyo cause my balance ball has not come yet”, then crunchy lever pull up”back”, the mule kick burpees”these were tough/different!”, then swimmers curl press in 1/2 chair”aghhhh”, then balance kickback on ball”no ball, but did on ground. Very cool move… triceps burn!”, then the rocket launcher preacher curl.
  • OK so after that you start it all over again.
  • That great thing is for the most part you were really working your whole body with each move. Some were more isolated then others, but it was a real TOTAL BODY workout. I felt a nice pump afterwards and look forward to doing this one again!

P90X2 – X2 Yoga “Originally Done 5/10/2013”

  • Well like the original P90X Yoga this was tough! I have never been one to do yoga and I had only done it once the first time I did P90X. I just could not sit still through it all. I gave it a shot during my last 90 day challenge and enjoyed it. Today was the same. It was tough, but I enjoyed it. It really is a tough routine. Shaking, dripping sweat, doing things I never thought I could do!! CRANE!! That was cool.
  • In all honesty make sure you have the time needed blocked out and put the phone on vibrate and mute your computer if you are by it. Don't get distracted. Stick it out till the end as well. You do some ab work and some really nice stretches that really finishes it all off.
  • I have to say I was happy with how I did. There is a ton of room for improvement, but this time was easier then when I did the originally a few months ago.
  • I would love to be able to get in at least 1 day of yoga a week if not more!

So I got the Upgrade Package w/Equipment 5/14/2013

  • Like I said I started without the equipment. The equipment came and I did X2 Core yesterday with it. What a difference in the workout. That stability ball is no joke! This workout was truly designed with the equipment in mind so do yourself a favor and get it. Will keep you posted going further. This is my second week of Phase 1. Phase 1 is 3 weeks. I may just jump into phase 2 next week though 😉 Stay tuned.
  • Oh and if you want to save 25% or 10% on P90X2 & the equipment hit me up here https://www.thefitdads.com/contact/ or give me a ring 9739814208

P90X 2 – Chest + Back + Balance “Originally Done 5/20/2013”

  • Well I decided instead of 3 weeks of phase 1 I would only do 2 weeks and jump right into Phase 2.
  • I was really looking forward to this. All I can say is wow, what a difference when using the medicine balls and stability balls. I have to say I felt very uncomfortable using them, but that is normal since it was my first time. My arms were wobbling like crazy and you really use everything to keep yourself stable as possible. Push ups on those medicine balls is no joke.
  • I have to be honest, I knew it was tough, but I did not feel as big of a pump as I did from the originally P90X, but and this is a big but! I am so sore today. That is a good thing! I know that this will get me so much stronger then traditional push up moves and I look forward to getting better as this phase goes on.
  • As for pull ups I wish I had a pull up bar. I am stuck with the bands, but I make sure I do proper form and full range of motion with the heaviest band I have. If you really focus on the movement and contracting you will get a great workout. I have also started supplementing pull ups at home where I have a pull up bar.
  • All in all a great workout.

P90X2 – X2 Shoulders & Arms “Originally Done 5/22/2013”

  • I was really looking forward to this workout… It did not disappoint! Basically you are doing 7 exercises for 3 rounds. I started with light weights more reps to heavier weight and less reps as I went a long.
  • I needed to get a feel for what I could handle. The moves were familiar, but they want you balancing on one leg or a balance ball so it was different. I really do like how you have to focus on keeping your core tight as you do the moves. Pretty neat!
  • Six Direction shoulder flys were no joke. It was a nice mix of moves to get a great pump in! My triceps are sore today!
  • This is a good workout that I will not get bored of for sure. Tony was definitely in his element during this one 😉

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Stay tuned for more. As each day passes I will have a new review of the workouts as I go through them! Any questions or comments just leave them below.


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