7 Day Getting Prepared Guide

7 Day Getting Prepared Guide

7Day-TestimonialYour ordered that new “fill in awesome home workout here” now you just have to wait for it to come!


  • What do you do over those next 5-7 days?
    • Live it up and eat/drink garbage knowing that “you are starting a program soon”?
    • Start searching for reviews about “fill in workout here” after you already bought it?? LOL c'mon we all do it 😉

This is what you should be doing!!

My 7 Day Getting Prepared Workout

People ask me all the time:

  • Will I be able to do this workout?
  • Will I get really sore?
  • Is there anything I need to do to get prepared for the workout?

The truth to all of the above is YES!



Be Ready For Any New Workout With This 7 Day Prep Guide

  • Instant Download
  • Great For Beginners & Advanced
  • You will be able to “do it… ” meaning you will get through it, but it might be really tough
  • YES you are going to get sore! Even if you think you are in shape, doing a new workout is going to work you in different ways and you will feel soreness
  • …and yea there are definitely some things you need to do or “should do” to get ready for a new home workout program or any program.