Frequently Asked Questions About Shakeology - What does it do?

Frequently Asked Questions About Shakeology

April 12, 2012

question-markShakeology FAQ – Information and Facts about Shakeology Nutrition

Thousands of people learn about the benefits of the Beachbody Shakeology meal replacement shake each day. Those who are the most interested are those who have heard about the weight loss benefits as well as the nutritional benefits it offers. If you are thinking about ordering yours, or you are simply interested in the product, here are some of the most asked Shakeology FAQ’s:

How healthy is Shakeology?

  • With more than 23 vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants, is the healthiest part of your day. The lack of any refined sugars, aspartame or sucralose provides an even better health quality to the product.    Read More

How Does Shakeology Taste?

  • The different flavors of Shakeology are enjoyed by all for different reasons. If you like a chocolate milkshake, you will taste nothing different when you sip the chocolate flavored Shakeology. The greenberry flavor has a distinctive berry flavor which builds with every sip. Read More

How Long Does a Shakeology Bag Last?

  • The normal length of time for a single bag to last is 30 days. This is assuming that you use only one level scoop of the powder a day. Read More

Can I Drink Shakeology with a Kosher Diet?

  • Even though the Beachbody team is actively pursuing the possibility of creating a Kosher product, to date, it is not. Read More

How Safe is Shakeology?

  • The ingredients in Shakeology are all derived from whole food sources. To date, there have been no known side effects reported in conjunction with the shakes. Those who are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medications should consult with their doctor before starting with Shakeology as a precaution. Read More

What is the Cost of Shakeology?

  • To get started with a 30-day supply of Shakeology, it costs $119.95 plus shipping and handling. If you take advantage of the Home Direct order system, you can get free shipping. This is where you will be signed up for the monthly Shakeology autoship program. You will also receive a shaker cup and 2 workout DVDs as a part of the deal. Read More

Can Vegans Drink Shakeology?

  • Since vegans adhere to a very strict diet in which no ingredients can be even derived from animals, Shakeology is not for you. It contains whey as a protein source. Whey is a protein which comes from cow milk. Read More

How Good for You Is Shakeology?

  • Those who have enjoyed Shakeology have been able to enjoy so much more than just rapid weight loss. It is also possible to enjoy reduced risk of degenerative diseases, cancers and heart disease. The body is able to get rid of toxins and you can lose weight in a healthy way. Read More

How Good Is Shakeology?

  • Better body function is possible as a result of Shakeology using vitamins and minerals along with the nutrient absorption thanks to digestive enzymes. The proteins provide material to grow muscle. The phytonutrients and antioxidants help to strengthen the immune system. Read More

What is the Shakeology Scam?

  • Not only can countless satisfied customers prove that Shakeology is not a scam. You can also trust the more than 100 doctors which have provided their recommendation on the shakes. If all of this was not enough, you have the protection of the bottom-of-the-bag guarantee which means that is you are not satisfied with the results or the way that you feel you can even return an empty bag within 30 days and get a full refund minus shipping and handling. Read More

What Does Shakeology Taste Like?

  • Those who start out as skeptics of Shakeology turn into enthusiasts by taste alone in many cases. The chocolate flavor tastes like something you would expect to find in a burger joint rather than something that is healthy. It knocks all of the other shake meal replacements away. The greenberry flavor is slightly different in that it is not as sweet and has a stronger flavor with berries in it. It is great for those who do not want something which is overly sweet. Read More

Are There Glutens in Shakeology?

  • Shakeology is 100% gluten-free. Those with celiac disease or gluten allergies have been certified to be safe in using the shakes as a meal replacement or a nutritional supplement. Read More






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