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Stephen Amell Workout


Hey so before I go into Oliver Queens, I mean The Hood, I mean The Green Arrow… Wait I mean Stephen Amells workout plan or roughly what he is doing I have to say this!
Start watching ARROW! I kept seeing it pop up on Netflix since I have been binge watching Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Flash etc…. For some reason I just thought The Green Arrow looked corny. I really had no clue about that character, but after I watched the first episode I was hooked! Even better Netflix has 4 season and they are currently on Season 5 now! #winning
So as of now I am a few episodes deep into season #2 and of course have noticed that Stephen Amell is pretty JACKED! I was curious what he was doing for his workouts and how much stunt work he was doing. He rocks the salmon ladder in his lair and handfuls of other body weight type exercises.

Stunt Work:

  • So it turns out Stephen Amell is doing a good amount of his stunts which I read about here, here, and here…., but of course we can't have the star of the show doing all the stunts although it seems like he would like too! That is where Simon Burnett comes in who is Stephens' stunt double.


Functional Strength:

  • I thought it was pretty awesome when I saw some video of Stephen Amell busting out some parkourI have videos listed below so check em out!” which is basically moving from point to point using what is in your path to get there.
  • The point is that he doesn't just have a great physique he can actually do some legit stuff like the salmon ladder, jumping from ledge to ledge, hanging from bars like a monkey and all that awesome stuff that allows him to do what he does!

Hey Just Follow What He Does In Season 1 πŸ˜‰

The Video That Really Impressed Me

  • This is only about a minute long and just shows a cool little session doing some obstacles. I think the coolest part is at the end. He messes up, but the fact he is hanging on that bar with one arm shows a lot of strength. Go try and hang from a bar with one arm just standing there, then try and jump onto the bar and hang. YUP not easy!

Just Listen To Stephen Amell & He Will Set You Straight

Main Points About His Working Out & Fitness:

  • Workouts are always changing “I think this is key in any training regimen”
  • Doesn't do weights that often
    • Enjoys running & body resistance exercises like
      • Chin Ups
      • Pull Up Variations
      • Ab Work
      • Push Ups / Hand Stand Push Ups
      • Triceps Push Ups
      • Balancing Exercises & Planking
  • Manipulating his own body weight is a true test of his strength

I mentioned this early about functional strength and this is exactly what he mentions. He says he is more impressed with someone who can do 30 pull ups rather than bench 300 lbs because one has an application in the real world! Well said.

20 Minute Video Of Stephen Amell Doing Different Training Sessions:

  • Follow this and you will be well on your way to an awesome physique!

Here is a quick cheat sheet of what he does in the video above.

  • 5 Wide Pull Ups
  • 5 Close Curl Ups
  • 5 Side To Side Pull Ups w/attachment
  • 5 Toes To Bar
  • 10 Kettlebell Push Ups With Exercise Ball
  • Elevated Knee To Elbow Kettlebell Push Ups 10

Double Nickle 5/5

  • 5 Muscle Ups/5 Dips – So do 1 muscle ups then while up on bar do the 5 dips – repeat 5 times

Toms Custom Move

  • Barbell Roll Out – Push Up – Jump To Deadlift – Squat Press

TRX – 1 leg kickbacks β€œleft leg” x5 – Push Ups x 5 – lunges β€œleft leg” x5

Other Workout

  • Horizontal Rows x6
  • Dips w/resistance x12 holding 20lb dumbbell with feet
  • Straight leg raise x8 full range then > β€œ90 degree bend at knees” x8 > then 8 more with dumbbell between feet

What If I Can't Do Pull Ups

So What Does Stephen Amells' Diet Look Like?

  • I haven't seen anything super specific, but just like any diet it seems he prefers good proteins and fats. When he wants to get in the best shape possible I have read he cuts out, dairy, gluten, and alcohol. That all makes sense. At the end of the day there are no huge secrets to diet and losing weight. Cut out the garbage, workout, and give it done! Abs are made in the kitchen!

Video Library Of Stephen Amell Workouts


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