Does Tough Mudder Electroshock Therapy Really Hurt - YES!!!

Does Tough Mudder Electroshock Therapy Really Hurt?

Electroshock-therapy-small-150x150HECK YEA!! lol

Don't want to listen to my rant??? Go to the bottom for the video 😉

So after I signed up for the Tri State Tough Mudder this year I started searching the same things…

  • Does the electric shock at tough mudder really hurt?
  • Can the Tough Mudder electroshock obstacle kill me?
  • Will I black out from the Tough Mudder electroshock therapy obstacle?

My answer to this is now… no it won't kill you unless you have some heart condition, but it will hurt and you may black out for a second. I know I did!!!

First OFF – How Much Voltage Really Runs Through These Obstacles?

  • Well Tough Mudder tells us 10,000 Volts is running through some of these!!

Tough Mudder Electric Eel Obstacle

  • We first hit the electric eel section where you army crawl in water under the “electric eels”… not having a clue how to attack this I went right in and bamm took one to the head… there was blackness for a split second… it felt like somebody whacked me with a wiffle ball bat!! We both definitely felt a bit rocked after that one, but at the same time it was pretty funny to talk about and realize that, WOW that really frikkin hurt!!

Eletricoshock Therapy Obstacle

  • Ah… the last obstacle… just went you thought it was over. We lined up to get our zaps! A big team of like 15 all went ahead of us! MISTAKE lol. They all pretty much stumbled over each other.
  • I pretty much ran right through it weaving in and out trying not to let one touch my head. Towards the end as you will see in the video there was a bail of hay you had to climb over. As soon as I go there I got nailed. ZAP!!! As I climbed over I got ZAPPED again and fell on this woman. I apologized, but she was totally cool!
  • I had instant sciatica pain!! When right down me!
  • Right after that bail of hay was a nice pool of thick mud and we were both pretty much covered in mud… BIG TIME!
  • We hustled to the finish line for a time of 2:56… They say the avg time to complete is 3 1/2 hours so I felt pretty good about that!

Now The Best Part Of The Race!!

  • After we got our free beer and showered off we hobbled over to the bleachers to watch other people get zapped at the Electroshock Therapy Obstacle.
  • It was much better to watch other people falling over one another and listen to the pop sound that is made when someone gets zapped.
  • Enjoy the video I took of the Tri State Tough Mudder Electroshock Therapy Obstacle!



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