What Kind Of Soap Do Real Men Use?

What Kind Of Soap Do Real Men Use?

December 19, 2014

Soap?? Real MEN don't use soap!! They use BODYWASH duh!! Hahahahah

We all know that we got in a good workout when you can smell your own stink! You know the kind where you run up to your wife and say “HEY Smell me!” and then she pushes you away in disgust and says TAKE A SHOWER NOW!

Yes? No? Only I do that? LOL C'mon now!

Anyways I wanted to write this post because a few buddies of mine started this company called Sensible Pantry and one of the things they make is all natural soaps. Yup hand made in their kitchen!

Normally I use whatever my wife buys, Irish Spring I think for the most part, but I started having her buy Toms natural which is OK, but does not really lather up and have a scent to it.

sensible soapsI grabbed an assortment from Sensible Pantry… Basil Lavender, Summer Bouquet, Oatmel “silver infused, and coffee “unscented”.

I could smell the soap without opening the box it shipped in.  I was curious to see how it was packaged since it was my friends who made it 😉

I was impressed. They come in some nice boxes and the bars are perfect size!

I decided to give the summer bouquet a go. It lathered up a ton which I was worried about. The toms natural bar I had been using did not make much suds as all.

So listen I won't go into more details about bathing myself and sorry I do not have any pictures ;-), but I have to say I was impressed and my wife could smell it on me when I got out!

It left me feeling clean and knowing that there are only 6 ingredients listed below:

  • saponified lard
  • saponified coconut oil
  • saponified olive oil
  • rosemary oleoresin extract (essential oil)
  • water
  • lye

I felt good that I could pronounce all the above, although I do have trouble with saponified LOL

I am curious to use the coffee for when I get gasoline, greases, and other grime on me when I working out on machines “I am a man right! ;-)”, but seriously when I do use harsher stuff to clean off that type of grime I just don't like using it, so I will post back when I give the coffee soap with grinds a shot.

All in all if you are looking for a great and affordable soap that doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it, then give this stuff a shot!

You can find all there soaps here https://www.sensiblepantry.com/collections/soap-products

Thanks guys!


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