The Best Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men in their 40s

The Best Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men in their 40s

weight loss for menHave you started to wonder why losing those extra pounds into your 40's has been really, really hard? Men in their 40s who have a bit of belly fat frequently try to lose weight without success. Even though every time it doesn’t turn out well, there is always something in the back of your mind telling you to work hard, eat good and stay fit, if not for yourself then for your wife and kids maybe.

The reason why so many men in their 40s fail to succeed in seeing results when it comes to weight loss comes down to a single thing – they’re not sure what to do. They grab a random diet plan from the internet and start following. Some diet plans will ask you to eat boiled broccoli, ditch the eggs and avoid bread at all costs, while some will tell you it’s okay to have beer and burgers if you are hitting the gym everyday for a couple of hours.

The truth is, none of these are actually right.

  • As a man in his 40s with 3 very young and active boys, I can tell you I have been there and done that. I have followed  dozens of diet plans from the internet without success because each one told me to do something entirely different. And every time I failed, my motivation went down the drain because just like everyone else, I hate to fail.
  • But still, here I am today with a fit body and a healthy mind and tons of energy every day. How did I do it? I realized that the ultimate weight loss diet plan for men in their 40s isn’t something that restricts you or asks you to eat something very specific every day. It’s all about being clever with what you are eating. It’s all about learning what’s good for you and what’s not.

Today I’ll share with you the ultimate formula to create your own perfect diet plan by helping you understand what should be on your plate. And don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to eat the same stuff every morning, afternoon and evening. You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of different things to eat once you are done reading this diet plan.

But before you begin working on the diet plan, I need you sit down and have prepare your mind for what’s coming ahead.

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change your mindsetDiet plan Pre-requisite – Setting your Mindset for Weight loss

  • You know how they say ‘if you can think it, you can do it’? This isn’t a joke, it really works if your mind is always thinking about something, and you will eventually get there. So the whole purpose of this pre-requisite step is to attune your mind to ‘think’ weight loss all the time.

There’s always a specific mindset that is required if you intend to find success in anything! And the only way you can set your mind for weight loss is to find the perfect motivation to lose weight. You can’t just start thinking ‘hey why don’t I try losing some weight’ because that’ll be too casual for you and you’ll eventually stop in the very beginning of your journey.

  • If you’re serious about losing weight ‘think’ like your life depends on losing weight. ‘Think’ that without losing weight, everyone else around you will remain negatively affected. ‘Think’ how losing weight will help add years to your life so you are there for your family when they need you the most.

When you are done thinking about weight loss seriously, you can set up goals and remind yourself why losing weight is so important. This will keep you going on.

With that done, let’s look go through the diet plan.

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Best weight loss diet plan for men in their 40s

  • Remember in the beginning when I said that a good diet plan is all about choosing the right stuff to eat? I wasn’t kidding! The perfect diet plan for you doesn’t exist out there. The perfect diet plan is right here in your mind. You just don’t know how to make it work yet.
  • You see, every single diet plan on this planet is created by looking at the nutrition factor of food. When a certain diet plan is restricting you to some random food item, it is in fact trying to restrict how much calories, fat, carbs and protein enter your body.

So how would you feel if I tell you that you can select the food you want to eat according to the required number fats, carbs and proteins that helps in losing weight?

Weight loss diet plans doesn’t have to be boring, so instead of following a diet plan restricting you to certain food items and asking you to eat them daily, repeatedly, why don’t you create your own plate using the following principal:

what-is-BMRYour plate should have the following no matter which meal you are about to take

  • ½ half of it should be filled with any kind of vegetables
  • ¼ should be filled with lean protein
  • ¼ should be filled with healthy carbohydrates

That’s just about it. If you can make your plate look like this every day without adding anything else such as extra fats, sugars and other stuff that hurts your weight loss journey, you’ll be fine.

Remember, as a man in his 40s, you’ll have to add a bit of physical activity with this simple diet plan. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, just go out and do your favorite physical activity for 30 minutes or more and you’ll start seeing good results.

Don’t complicate things by following dubious advice on the internet. Select your own food, stick to the ‘perfect plate’ principal and you’re good.


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