How to Bulk - Fitness for Men Over 40 Guide

How to Bulk – Fitness for Men Over 40 Guide

When the term “bulk” comes to mind, most fitness enthusiasts will probably tell you that it's the most important process for building muscle and that you'll have to eat anything and everything in sight to put on muscle properly during the phase. 

This is only half the truth. Yes, bulking is important for putting on muscle mass and it's a tried-and-tested method that's been proven to pack on the lean muscle that you've been wanting. That being said, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have to eat indiscriminately in order to stuff yourself for “instant gains.” 


Bulking “dirty”

Put that Pop Tart aside and read this very, very carefully, because this piece of advice will help you bulk properly without looking like you went overboard at the buffet. Bulk at a steady rate by increasing your calories slowly and gradually. This doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you want — doing so will only make it harder for you to lose that extra layer of flab when you’re done bulking.

Even when you're bulking at a caloric surplus, look closely at the rate you're increasing your calories, because a steady weight gain alongside a proper training regimen is what will help you put on muscle mass while minimizing fat gain as much as possible. The typical approach to bulking is “eat big to get big” (which also works), but this can result in bad habits and weight gain that will be much harder and take longer to shred off than putting on the muscle mass you need. 

Because what's the use of having huge, sculpted muscles when you can't even see them, right?


Bulking “clean”

Gradually increasing your calories for a steady weight gain, with a solid training program, makes for a smarter and more efficient way to bulk, throwing out careless eating habits and potential health risks in the process. A caloric surplus is a non-negotiable in gaining muscle that tends to scare most people off from bulking. However, when done right, bulking can be an efficient tool in getting you your dream body without having to waste money or use dangerous performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) that could put your life at risk. 

The key to understanding this new way to bulk is that putting on muscle is a process that requires patience because there's no such thing as “putting on muscle quick,” so your diet when on a bulk should also be done the same way! Old-school bulking tends to emphasize more on putting as much on as fast as possible by eating a heap of anything that can be classified as “food.” However, compared to new-style bulking, the old-school process leaves you with more fat that delays your process. 

The key points to take from all of this? Eating smart and steadily can help you gain muscle mass the RIGHT way. 


How you should bulk

Consuming quality calories will help with minimizing the fat gain in the bulking process; when paired with constant, steady daily caloric intake increase, the addition of quality food to reach caloric surplus will help reduce the struggle of dealing with stubborn fat!

If there are days however when you feel like you may have consumed more than you should, the new style of bulking will need you to stay on the treadmill to keep the calories at a certain point without overeating that leads to a chance of gaining more fat than needed if you constantly overindulge. 

Although this new, convenient way of bulking might have you gaining some fat, it's important to note that gaining muscle without a little sacrifice in the form of excess fat is impossible unless you're taking supplements or you've been blessed with some sort of otherworldly set of genetics. This new way will help a ton with making the cutting process a lot faster than the traditional bulking style because of the minimal fat loss, which is the reason why this “new age” bulking strategy works so well and is the secret you'll need to get the body of your dreams in the fastest way possible — naturally! We help with fitness for men over 40, get in touch & look at our other posts for more tips.


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