Coffee Protein Shake Recipe - Sustained Energy & No Crash

Coffee Protein Shake

protein-coffee-shakeClock hits 2 or 3 O'click-ish… you go for that cup of coffee and afternoon snack that probably consists of some sort of bar, pastry, or other crunchy goodness. You rock out with some sugar in the coffee and probably that flavored creamer the lady from upstairs brought in!! Nom nom nom.. sure it tastes good, but c'mon is it really good for you? You will get your caffeine boost, but you will probably crash and burn, then pig out at dinner etc…

Here is my goto Coffee Protein Shake recipe to get you through your work day.

UPDATE: 3/10/2021

So I have started using this caffeine alternative called MUD WTR!

It is really great! Lots of good stuff! I know add a scoop of that into the max… for a boost even though it is not really for that LOL!!

  • 8oz Coffee
  • Tbsp Peanut Butter
  • Tbsp Trader Joes Ancient Seed Blend “chia, flax,quinoa, etc…”
  • 1 Scoop Protein Powder “I use Jay Robb Vanilla”
  • Ice if you want… “I use ice”
Blend… drink… be happy… Make it out of work alive!!
You can always mix it up add some other things you might like, but the idea here is to make sure it tastes good, gives you sustained energy, and keeps you full.. and.. not loaded with sugar!

Check out the image below with all nutritional info. What a difference huh?!

Again this might not be your standard late afternoon snack, but it is pretty much what mine used to be.

Some Big Differences…

35grams of sugar vs 1
53grams carbs vs 13
A nice solid 32 grams of protein!
Hope it makes sense. It tastes great, gives me sustained energy and no crash. I just had one and that motivated me to write this post!
Would love to hear any comments or suggestions below.

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