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Protein Pancakes

Well today was a snow day so I was home! We have had a lot of snow days this year. My 5 year old Max now always asks if I am staying home and if I am he says… “DAD! Are you making pancakes!” hahah love that kid.

So I said, “heck yea I am making pancakes“! Normally I make them with some pancake mix “usually a good brand” and chocolate chips of course, oh and no eggs because Max is allergic. Today I decided I was going to make the family the “regular pancakes” and I was going to give protein pancakes a shot.

I found a bunch of recipes online, but here is what I came up with.

Protein-Pancakes2My Protein Pancake Recipe – “this will change in time…”


Protein-PancakesSo How Did They Taste Chris!?!?

  • Ya know… they tasted like protein pancakes lol

Really I mean it was like biting into protein powder in a way, but they weren't bad for the first go at it. When you are thinking of what normal pancakes taste like this is of course a bit different. I will eat pretty much anything, but my wife would never eat these by choice LOL!

I added the maple syrup, but I think adding half the bottle would have helped, but the point here for me was to try and make a bit healthier option since I am in full Spartan Beast Training mode… more to come on that soon.

Next Batch

  • I have some ideas for the next batch and if you have any tips, I would love to hear them. I saw a lot of ideas out there, but did not have some of the ingredients.
  • I also did not want to start adding everything I had on hand and have no clue what I was tasting.

The Big Picture Of Why I Really Made Them?

  • First I always wanted to 😉
  • Second I have just about 7 weeks before the Spartan Beast in April and the last month has been a bit rocky with training and the eating. I wanted to start the next week or so cutting out a lot of wheat/grains and trying to keep any sugars/carbs I eat natural i.e. banana, maple syrup…
  • I really wanted to get cranking on burning some FAT and drop 10 pounds before the race so we shall see. I was like 219 on Sunday 3/1/2015 now I am 212 3/5/2015, but of course that is not FAT… more like a good dump and not eating extra junk! Sorry TMI on the dump 😉 Let's see if you even read this far….

OK Give Me Your Favorite Recipes Below!


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