Exercise Routines For Men Over 40 - Weight Loss, Staying in Shape

Exercise Routines For Men Over 40

Getting older is typically related to fatigue and weakness. Why is this? Is this an unchangeable aspect of getting older, or a result of lifestyle changes that can take place alongside being over 40? There are studies which shows that it’s possible to regain your muscle and strength, to help lead a long and prosperous life, let’s look into this more!

The majority of men over 40 can actually reverse the loss of muscle mass that comes with getting older, and do it in quicker than they think is possible. With many men managing 40+ hour work weeks, families and less of a social life, there isn’t a lot of time to waste on low effectiveness exercises.

High-quality exercises are those that target multiple muscles groups at the same time. By building a great training program around these exercises you will be able to strengthen all the major muscle groups of your body in the quickest amount of time. These methods also achieve a greater energy expenditure and a more beneficial hormonal response, meaning you’ll gain more muscle, get stronger and burn more unwanted fat.

chin ups

Chin Ups

  • Chin-ups are different from a lat pulldown in that it requires the use of your inner core to help stabilize your lower body. This makes one of the most effective exercises for training your upper back, arms, forearms, and core muscle structure. If you can’t do a set of chin-ups by yourself, you have a few options to consider. You can begin by jumping to the “up” position, then focus on lowering your body down gradually. Over time, you’ll build the muscle strength to get up with smaller jumps, and then eventually be pulling yourself. Another option available is to have a partner help “unload some weight” by assisting your lower back while you train your body. Your last option is to attach a strong band around the bar and place your knees in it. The band will stretch as you go down, providing assistance at the bottom, which is where the majority of beginners struggle.

One Leg Dumbbell

  • One-leg dumbbell deadlifts share a lot of the benefits of a regular deadlift. However, the one-leg deadlift enhances your balance and works the muscles on the outside of your hip more than the regular version. It’s an amazing exercise for males over 40 at any time, but especially when beginning a new training program, as it’s not as heavy as a regular deadlift and lets you gradually build core strength, while training a consistent movement pattern.


  • Squat-to-press is an amazing way to achieve a full-body exercise, it targets your leg and hip musculature, core and shoulder muscles. The only negative of this exercise is that the weight you use will be restricted by what you can press, which is significantly less than what you could squat.

In next weeks article, we will discuss more exercises that will help men over 40 stay in shape. Stay tuned!


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