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March 3, 2014

Fit Dad Chris Has Helped 100's Finish T25 & Get Results

t25-spartanI Take It You Are Here To Learn About T25?

  • Are you looking for TWICE the results in HALF the time?
  • Tired of going to the GYM?
  • Tired of wasting time going back and forth to the gym?
  • Intimidated by the gym in general?
  • Do you have less than 30 minutes a day to get in the best shape of your life?

If you answered yes to any of these I can help. You see I have been guiding people through at home workouts like insanity, p90x, p90x3, and most recently T25 for the past year.

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You see most people want the CHANGE in their life, but they never DO ANYTHING about it!

That is where I come in. Along with Shaun T and the T25 workout I am going to guide you and push you and keep you ACCOUNTABLE to get in the best shape you have ever been in!

Are You Up For The Challenge?

  • If you are then you are like the people below I have helped get in great shape with T25!

nate-t25My T25 Testimonials

  • Jennifer H.Chris was there every step of the way. After the first 2 weeks I started to slack, but he pushed me and gave me the motivation I needed to finish! At 40 I feel better and look better then I have in a long time!
  • Diana V.I know whatever workout I chose would get me results if I did one simple thing… actually do them and finish them. 25 minutes was mentally easy and having Chris there to push me and give me some pointers was huge! Thanks so much.
  • James C. “I am usually disciplined the first 2-3 weeks of getting in shape. I really wanted to stick with this. The fact it was only 25 minutes was so much easier mentally. Chris was a big help with his challenge group where he just kept in touch and gave us a place to vent!”
  • Rich D.I too know that there are no shortcuts to getting in shape so I was skeptical of the 25 minutes. To my surprise the first cardio workout whooped me. The first 2 weeks were tough, but Chris assured me if I could make the 2 week mark I would finish the 60 days! I did and I feel wonderful! Thanks Chris!

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Listen if you keep telling yourself you are going to do something eventually then you will be in the same place you are now…

If you act now, buy T25 and team up with me in 60 days you are going to be transformed into something you might have never imagined!

Don't you want to feel great about your body and your energy levels this summer?

With a 3o Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you have nothing to lose but some FAT!

And… remember once you order come back and email me chris @ fitdadchris.com and I will help guide and motivate you through the whole T25 workout!

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So What Is T25 Exactly?

Here it is in a nutshell!

  • 25 Minute Workout
  • 60 Days
  • 10 Workouts Broken Into 2 Phases… Alpha & Beta
  • What Is Needed? Resistance Band… Your Will & Desire!
  • Bonuses… #1 Stretch Workout, #2 Pro Resistance Band, #3 5-Day Fast Track, #4 24/7 Online Support, #5 Me As Your Coach!
  • All it takes is 25 minutes to change your life…

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