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Increase Your Pull Up Numbers

do-more-pullupsPull ups! You either love them or hate them! You love them because you can bust out 10 in gym class and show off or you hate them because you can barely do one and it was always the one thing that messed up your chances with the Physical Fitness Badge! Ha!

The truth is pull ups do suck if you cannot do them, but getting stronger in them is sure to make you overall stronger in all you do and give you a nice boost in your physique.

Most people don't do pullups simply because they can't. I am here to show you a few ways and routines to get better and increase your reps in pull ups.

First Pull Up Vs Chin Up

  • Pull Up – Palm faces away from you.. typically harder.
  • Chin Up – Palm faces toward you… typically easier and uses more bicep.

I am going to give you a pull up regimen that will help you increase your numbers and get you stronger.

One thing I recommend is a pull up assist band. Check out this post for more on them you can also see me use it in my video over here

Another awesome piece of equipment that is a bit easier to use is the Chin Up Max assistant band. Pretty awesome. Check it out click here!

These are going to help you overcome hurdles and increase your pullups a lot faster.

Do More Pull Ups Workout!

Tip – If you can do a few pull ups comfortably then adjust numbers accordingly and use pull up assist bands if you really want to push it…. If you can barely do one then use the assist bands

  • Our goal here is to do 25 pull ups and 25 chin ups. Don't get nervous, it might take you 15 minutes, but we will get them in.
  • First start with pull ups… do as many as you can and write it down. Remember if you cannot do one the get an assist band >>>>
  • Take 30 second break.
  • Now do you chin ups… do as many as you can and write it down.
  • Lets say you did 2 pull ups and 3 chin ups… That means you have 23 pull ups and 22 chin ups to go.
  • Keep doing the same thing until you hit the full 25 each. You might get to a point where you can barely get 1 of each, if that happens use the assist bands
  • Do this 2 or 3 times a week and you will be amazed at how fast you get better at pull ups

Getting Even More…

  • Once you start to get really strong and comfortable with your pullups… maybe to the point where you can do 5 -10 then you can do a few things.
  • Add the number of reps to the above… instead of 50 get to 100
  • Start to really focus on the negative, meaning going real slow on your way down.
  • You can add weight… weighted vests, dumbbell between your feet etc…
  • You can even just hang from the bar for 30 seconds
  • Vary your grip width… narrow, wider, etc…
  • Use towels to pull with… put hand towel over the bar and grip it and pull up! Ouch!

Do all the above and there is no doubt you will get stronger and better in your pull ups. Also remember you want to be well rounded, so focus on push ups, dips, and other moves as well.

I would love to hear some feedback if you give this a try so leave a comment below!


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  • Eileen says:

    can I use the machine to do the pull-ups and chin-ups?
    It’s the machine where you are on your knees and it brings you up and your pulling your weight. Do you know the machine I’m trying to describe?

    • Chris says:

      Oh yeah of course! Those machines are great, but just watch your form on them. I always used to notice I would be all arched in my back.

      Biggest thing is to really keep track of how much weight you use when you do them and how many reps. Be sure to always try to advance even if it is lowering it 5 pounds.

      Also I know this sounds silly, but you can try holding yourself in place on bar for as long as you can and also using a chair to get to the top of the pull up and going as slow as you can on the way down. Switch it up and you will see results!

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