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My Garage Gym

Have you ever wanted a gym in your own home, but thought it would cost you way too much money? You could spend $1,000's or more on creating your home gym!

With 3 kids under 5, getting to the gym is not happening right now, so I needed to do something. The only space I have is the garage. Of course I do a lot of my Beachbody Workouts in the basement in front of the TV, but there is just something about have your own dedicated GYM Space!

So basically I wanted a few things in my home/garage gym…

  • I wanted a power rack to use for pull ups, squats, bench, shoulder presses etc…
  • I wanted padded floor with enough space to do yoga, Insanity, T25 etc…
  • I wanted a whiteboard and an are for my laptop/tv so I could follow along with workouts and/or watch something while on the treadmill.
  • I wanted a place where I could crank so music without waking up a child 😉

Power Rack

Padded Floor

  • I wanted a padded rubber floor to work on, not only for dropping weights, but for impact protection and being more comfortable. I almost grabbed these cheap ones at Home Depot, but as I was getting them the store manager told me he would give me 50% off the really good ones since they were just returned. I ended up dropping $100, but it is well worth it!

White Board, Music, Laptop ETC…

  • Having a whiteboard is cool… don't ask me why, but it is 😉 It is nice to put up your WOD or whatever else tips or motivational quotes you want to get you going. As for the laptop, I will still being doing p90x3, insanity, focus T25 etc… so I need that to play them and of course for my WOD's I want to crank some MUSIC!

Well there you have it! My garage gym is ready to go. I am sure I will be adding to it! Check out the video below. I love to hear comments so leave one below!


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