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Rogue S3 Squat Stand

s3-squat-stand-rogueRogue S3 Squat Stand

When you want a piece of equipment that seems to do it all, look no farther than the Rogue S-3 Squat Stand. The newly designed model took in all of the comments and suggestions from the Infinity series and incorporated them in to a smarter design that works well to do many types of work. The squat stand can be used to do squats, but also pull ups, overhead press, clean pulls, or any other type of pulls or presses you can do.

  • The squat stand is 110 inches tall and measures 48 inches in width and in depth. It will need a fair amount of room in your house or if it is being used in a gym. The pull up bar is 98 inches from the ground, making those pull ups be for real this time. Weights can be stored on both sides of the stand, making it a convenient piece to have because it will do it all for you.
  • Two different sized bars will work with this model. Choose the 2 inch or the 1.25 inch model depending on what type of workout you plan on doing. The squat stand is tested to hold 1,000 pounds, making it sturdy for any type of heavy use you have planned for it. The machine is made and tested in the USA.


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