Homemade Weighted Back Pack - Using Old UPS Batteries

Homemade Weighted Back Pack

home-made-weighted-packO.K. so when you live in the IT “information technology” world you end up with a lot of old UPS batteries… you know those boxes under your desks that look like the ghost traps from Ghostbusters? Click here…..

Anyways I must have been really bored because I decided to take an old solid backpack and the old batteries and make a weighted pack!

Why do this you ask? I will try to wear it while I walk around during the day which I am thinking will be good training for my upcoming Spartan race… figure a few flights of stairs with this will do the trick!

There are 8 batteries total and it has to weight at least 50lbs!

Don't worry they are sealed and won't leak…. for now!

Better than a landfill right 😉


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