How to Get Fit With HIIT Exercises as a 40-Year-Old

How to Get Fit With HIIT Exercises as a 40-Year-Old

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become quite popular these days, thanks to its many benefits. In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can include it in your workout routine and what your approach should be to ensure that you’re engaging in an effective and safe exercise.

What you need to know

As the name suggests, HIIT is quite the intense workout. You will engage in a series of quick and explosive motions, and these aren’t necessarily the first movements that most people over 40 will go for. You can’t expect to be doing the same thing a 20-year old does, so you need a long-term plan. Here’s how you can get fit with HIIT without injuring yourself:

Set realistic expectations

Before you book a class or draw up any exercise plan, you need to have realistic expectations of what you can do and achieve within a certain time frame.

Look for a class

Once you have a clear goal to work towards, such as losing 40 lbs of fat in 8 months, you can look for a class that can get you there. Keep in mind that there are many different styles of HIIT, and you need to choose one that is suited for your body, will help you reach your goals, and is something that you enjoy doing.

Work with an instructor

No matter what type of exercise you choose, keep in mind that proper form should always take priority. HIIT is not an injury-free exercise. In fact, if you don’t do it right, chances are you’re going to end up hurting yourself. Discuss with your instructor about form and follow their advice down to a T.

Listen to your body

If the exercise you’re doing is hurting your joints or muscles, you need to slow down or cease to do the movement entirely. The pain may be due to poor form or too much intensity. Acting tough isn’t going to help you in any way, so if you need help, just call for it.

Push yourself

Once you start to feel comfortable with a particular HIIT workout, try to push yourself a little bit further so that you can improve yourself.


Think of the long-term goals

Keep in mind that your final goal is a long-term goal. It’s okay if you can’t hit the goal for the workout during the first few sessions, but what you have to remember is to never let that deter you from achieving your plan.

Get a gym buddy

Gym buddies are the best thing you can ask for, as you can help to push each other and make training a little more enjoyable.

Have fun

In the end, you’re not going to be very consistent if you feel miserable every time you walk into the gym. It’s important to do things that are fun for you to do, as that will make you want to train harder and more consistently.

Eat right

Eating right is the other half of achieving a great physique, and that’s a habit that everyone should get into. All of that working out isn’t going to matter if you end up eating four burgers for dinner, so keep that in mind and put some nuts, veggies, fruits, and lean meat in your plate.


Tips for Effective HIIT Excercise:

Have a breathing rhythm

You have to breathe when you’re exercising. That should go without saying, but it’s something that many people forget to do unknowingly. Remind yourself to take deep, rhythmic breaths while you’re working out.

Take breaks

Interval training means that you complete one set of a circuit, take a small break, then do it again. This small break is important for both the performance and longevity of your body, so make sure you don’t push yourself too hard.

Work every muscle group

If you want a strong, lean, and healthy body, you need to make sure that you involve every muscle group. If you’re going to do a superset, make sure it’s not the same muscle group, as that will make it hard to maintain good form.

Stick to the program

You can’t expect to see results within the first few days. You have to keep at it for at least several weeks before you start seeing significant changes.

Do something new

If you do the same workout every time, it’s going to get boring, and it’s not the best for what you’re trying to achieve, either. Try researching new exercises and making them a part of your workout routine for more diversity.

HIIT and compound moves

Compound (or multi-joint) movements are what you need to include in your HIIT workout. These motions are great for both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, and they work both types of your muscle fibers. As you grow older, your joints and overall physical dynamic will start to fade, and that’s what compound movement exercise can help you with. You can look to do around 5 to 10 repetitions for each exercise, take a short break, and then do it again. Remember – the goal is to be as explosive as you can, so speed and power are what you need to prioritize.


Listed below are the HIIT exercises that a 40-year-old should include in his workout:

Compound moves (8-10 reps) HIIT drill (45 seconds)
Barbell squats Lateral Jumps
Flat bench press Sprawls with a medicine ball
Pull-ups Overhead medicine ball slams
Dumbbell curl and press Mountain climbers with a Bosu ball

Bent over dumbbell rows Rotational medicine ball toss
Dips or bench dips Jumping jacks
Deadlift Treadmill sprinting
Lunges Jump rope
Arnold press Rowing
Turkish get-up Cycling

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