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How to Stay in Shape as a Dad

ChrisAs a dad, it can be very difficult to find the time to stay in shape, and as a parent, your health can be either your biggest asset or worst liability when it comes to experiencing things with your children, we would rather it an asset! Which is why we’ve compiled a number of tips to help stay and shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle –

List why you should get fit

  • You need to have a motivation, otherwise, you’ll fall on your back and fail – your motivation can be a better love life with your other half, or to engage in more activities with your children, whatever it is, you must have one!

Start the change at home

  • There’s no need to sign a gym membership contract at the beginning, rather, you should start at home first, buy some weights, and fix your diet – if you need help with training, get some exercise taps and do everything at home, your kids can also join in for some activities!

Find an exercise partner

  • Your other half can be a great choice as an exercise partner, you see each other every day and know each other better than anyone else – you know what’s happening with their body! You can motivate each other, and make sure that you both don’t quit the first few difficult weeks.

Try to get some exercise in every day

  • When you begin your diet & exercise routine, it can be difficult to find the energy to continue every day, this is why we recommend small step, try to do 30 minutes a day. This way will allow your body to get used to exercising regularly and will get used to longer exercise periods after some time.

Set goals

  • If you hit your goals from diet & exercise, you should reward yourself! Have a beer or get a snack that you like, you deserve it! By rewarding yourself after you hit certain milestones, you help motivate yourself for future goals. Not to mention, it feels great when you accomplish your goals!

Eat digestion-friendly food

  • Nothing is worse than eating on an empty, or bad stomach. Going cold turkey is usually a bad idea, especially if you’re mixing in exercise – it’s best to eat healthy, nutritious food that is easy to digest, this also helps your body figure out what should be stored as energy and what’s not.

Track your results

There’s no greater feeling than seeing real-time results, it helps motivate you for the coming weeks, and gives you confidence in yourself, if you ran 3km in the treadmill yesterday, you can now try 3.2km! Then 3.5km, 4km, and so on. By the next year, you’ll be good enough to participate in marathons!

Here are some of our tips for staying in shape as a Dad, leave your comments below if you have any others!


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