My Invo8 X Claw 275 Review - Cushion? - Drainage?

Inov8 X Claw 275

Inov8-X-Claw-275 Hey what is up everyone! Over the years I have gone through a bunch of sneakers for Spartan races. This year I decided I wanted to give Inov8 a shot. Currently I have been training in Niker Kigers and ran a few races last year in them. They are pretty durable, but I am realizing they hold a lot of water and I had ripped a few lugs off my first pair.

**Long winded video below where I talk about the X Claw right after my run and show you how the soles held onto a good amount of water etc….. I answer a lot in the video so give it a watch!

I am training for the Mt Creek Ultra Beast on April 29th so I want something that will keep me going the whole race!

So I grabbed a pair of Inov8 X Talon 200's & X Claw 275's off of Amazon to test them out.  On a side note I should have grabbed a few more to try. Amazon is great with returns…. you just login and click return label, slap it on the box, send it back and get your refund! Anyways….

What was I looking for in a sneaker for OCR?

  • As a bigger guy 6'3″ 225lb I wanted something with just a bit more cushion. I don't have the best running form and going downhill at these races I really slam down so a bit more cushion was something I wanted.
  • I wanted something that was more water resistant and would not hold a lot of water.
  • Something with good traction
  • Something that would last more than a few races

So the talon's fit nicely, but there was not as much cushion. I could really feel the lugs pushing up and that would not be a good thing especially for an ultra beast. I think for someone smaller and more nimble the Talon 200's would be awesome!

I walked around in both around the house and decided the X-Claws would be the pair I was going to take on a run the next day.

Watch My Long-winded Video After My Run 😉 I Answer A Lot Of Common Questions



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