Spartan Race? What am I thinking….

Spartan Race? What am I thinking….

super-spartan-29-300x300From The ARCHIVES 7/24/2012: This is an old post from the very early days of when I started! I use it for reference of what I was doing right and more so WRONG, but also as motivation to see how far I have come. I will try to add in updates as I go over these, but I hope you might get something out of them!

You heard it here! Sept 8th 2012 I will be competing in the Super Spartan Race at Mountain Creek New Jersey. To be honest my buddy convinced me to sign up. I am not even sure I realized it was an 8 mile race!! 3 miles ok, but 8 miles. I have never ran 8 miles at one time in my life, in fact the most I ever ran was a 5k about 6 years ago and since then I have not ran a mile in who knows how long. Ok wait I ran a mile on Sun night in my backyard. Yea my back yard lol. I ran it in 12 minutes! Ugh am I going to be able to do this? Of course!! I just need a game plan and that is what I am putting together.

The last few weeks I did the 9 workouts from Insane Home Fat Loss by Mike Chang. In a nutshell it was a very condensed version of the Beach Body Insanity Workout. It is a 20 minute workout and you are dripping and since I was strapped for time it fit the bill and I gotta tell you I was sore, since before this I had not done much for awhile. Anyways…..

So I finished that off last week with a goal in mind to run at least 1 mile over the weekend. Sunday night came and I had yet to run that mile. I decided screw it my new yard is big enough so I did about 10 laps in 12 minutes. It was tough since I have not ran a mile in years. The yard worked well. In the back part there is a stretch of very uneven terrain and rocks which is what I will be running on at the race and on the way back it is a very gradual uphill so its a bit harder. All in all it was pretty good. Now I am sure it might get boring running back there, but I could really set up some obstacles way in the back. Some rope comes, maybe use some of the left over plywood I have to make a wall lol. Who knows.

I think if I can start getting at least 2 -3 runs in a week and build up to about 5 miles I will be ok.

Today I started Insanity again and I have to say I came back strong. I think that Insane Home Fat Loss system was a nice primer for it. I am really going to work in my Insanity with the Spartan Training. I mean why not it is pretty much intense non stop workout for about 40-45 minutes. The big things I am going to need help on are the running and I will need to really work on some strength moves. I will also need to get my pull ups going again so I need to rig up a bar somewhere! The rest of the week I am going to do Insanity and will have a game plan soon for the rest of the time up till the race.

Wish me luck!aghh…..


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