Interview with Rachel Buschert Vaziralli from the Insanity Workout

Interview with Rachel Buschert Vaziralli from the Insanity Workout

January 28, 2017

rachel-insanity-200x300If you have done the Insanity Workout then you know Rachel.

I had the privilege of doing an interview awhile back with her and have been following Rachel on Facebook for the last year…

She has some awesome things going on and is a true Fitness Freak!! 😉

Here are some questions I threw at her and her responses. Thanks for your time Rachel.


Question 1 – How did you hear about the Insanity Workout and how were you chosen to be involved?

  • A Beachbody rep just happened to take my cycle class at equinox and told me I'd be perfect for this crazy new workout video and that the audition was the next day so I went!

Question 2 – Was there a try out to be picked or did you just do the test trials of the workout then get chosen?

  • There was an open call audition for the test group then another audition for the actual videos.

Question 3 – When Insanity was filmed how many times would you say you had done the specific workouts.

  • We just trained for 60 days with Shaun T then did the video shoots!

Question 4 – How the heck do you not take breaks during the cardio recovery and those damn pulses!!

  • haaaaaaaaa! It helps when there are cameras on you and you know millions of people will be seeing the videos- i didn't want to be a wuss! I also knew people would be someday looking on using me as motivation and i wanted to help people realize how strong they could be. Also helps when Shaun is in your face pushing you! Also we were well trained and ready, had they shot us on the first day it would have been me just lying on the ground LOL.

Question 5 – How long did filming take and where was it filmed at… was there a lot of filming retakes or funny stuff behind the scenes?

  • We shot back to back for a few days. Sometimes more than one workout which was brutal. But pretty much just one take and then move on to the next. Shaun wanted the videos to be real and in real time. I think we were too tired for any pranks, but a lot of good laughs for sure. He used to always get on me because I ALWAYS had questions. Like I remember one time right before cameras were going to roll Shaun said “okay team any questions before we go”? And then he looked at me as I was slowly raising my hand and then goes “anyone BESIDES Rachel”. It was funny. In fact during the asylum shoots I was no longer the rookie and Darren had a ton of questions so Shaun starting calling him Rachel!!

Question 6 – Did you become good friends with any of the other cast members?

  • Lloyd is my bud! He's an awesome athlete and a great guy all around.

Question 7 – Are you a beach body coach? If so how has that experience been?

  • I am! I need to get better at the business side, I'm an athlete at heart.

Question 8 – You ever hang with Shaun T outside of Insanity filming? If so what is he like. Seems like a real cool dude and serious about his fitness.

  • He's so busy and always on the road!! But I have had the opportunity to do some TV stuff with him like hip hop abs & insanity segments on good morning America. And i've taken his amazing dance class at the gym. We had some cast dinners in between shoots which were always a blast. He is always cracking us up and always up and ready to go, truly amazing.

Question 9 – Are you single? the dudes wanna know…

  • Married to my high school sweet heart

Question 10 – How has Insanity changed your life?

  • It made me so much stronger physically and mentally and gave me the confidence to become a successful trainer

Question 11 – What are you doing now? living? Working? etc…

Question 12 – What do you tell the people who say… I can't lose weight, I can't do that, its is my genetics etc…..

  • I send them my before and after pics and my transformation story:

Question 13 – When a McDonalds sundae or snickers bar, or “insert favorite junk food here” is staring you in the face what do you do?

  • Eat it.
  • I keep a food journal and make sure I get enough nutrient dense calories. I eat very clean 80% of the time. I honestly do train like an athlete & compete in duathlon. I'm fortunate to be in fitness full time and so if I want to eat a McDonald's sundae once a week I can and it won't effect me.

Question 14 – What does the future hold for Rachel? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

  • Hopefully I'll have my own fitness brand and be able to help people train smart

Question 15 – What are you biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to motivation and staying fit and in the game?

  • I'd like to eat clean 20% of the time and eat bacon cheeseburgers, cheese fries, ice cream, and nachos 90% of the time. Doing the opposite is hard. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that battle! What motivates me is knowing how amazing and energetic I feel when I'm fit.

See her in all her glory on Beachbody On Demand as well!

Big Thanks To Rachel!

Rachel that was great! Thanks again. As someone who has done Insanity off an on over the last few years it is cool to get some inside information and learn a few things with the crew that I workout to! I also agree with you wholeheartedly in Question 15 where you say “What motivates me is knowing how amazing and energetic I feel when I'm fit. ” Same here. I know how good I will feel when I workout and eat right and on the flip side I know how crappy and lethargic I feel when I decided to eat badly consistently!

Comments & Questions???

If you have any comments or questions for Rachel please leave them below and she will answer them best she can. If you are interested in using her services then stop by


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