Shaun T Quotes

Shaun T Quotes

Well if you have been doing Insanity then you know Shaun T has some great 1 liners. I have been saying I need to write them down, so here are a few from yesterdays plyo cardio circuit. More to come… Feel free to add your own 😉

If you don't know who Shaun T is then maybe it is about time! It is funny when you do this training and watch the Insanity DVD's day in day out for 60 days you really feel like you get to know not only Shaun T, but the cast. Strange? Right? Anyways quick info on the man Shaun T.

With has background in Dance and Sports Science Shaun decided to mold the two together and created Hip Hop Abs back in 2007. It was a fun dance routine, that made you sweat and more importantly lose weight. The cool thing about Hip Hop Abs was you did not have to get on the floor to work your abs… sneaky huh 😉 It was simple and easy to learn. Later he developed Rocking Body which also uses dance moves to burn that fat.

Fast forward to now and Shaun T has created the Insanity Workout to kick all of our butts! Ya gotta love it.

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Shaun T And I'm smilin cause I love it!

Shaun T Sccooooooooooo “let's gooooooooo”

Shaun T Ready? Jack it out! We start to jack a little faster! Jack it out!

Shaun T We good y'all?

Shaun T But it's not cardio it's control.

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Shaun T I'm talking spit!

Shaun T That sh*! is bananas yo!

Shaun T I'm so tired I don't know the name of my moves.

Shaun T Shaun T is starting to sweat

Shaun T Your muscles are nice an warm right now so you can stretch real goood.

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Shaun T Grab a Shaun T

Shaun T Quotes From Fit Test

Shaun T Insanity is not sexist!


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