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Jason Khalipa

Jason-KhalipaJason Khalipa is a level 2 Crossfit Certified Instructor and competitor. He is certified for Crossfit Kids, Crossfit Running and Crossfit Powerlifting. Khalipa graduated from Santa Clara University with only one aim in his mind; to open a gym and help people train and live a healthier life. This is why Khalipa now also works as a Crossfit HQ coach who travels across the world to help train the trainers of Crossfit. In 2008, Khalipa won the Crossfit games and in 2009, he finished at the 5th position. He then set out to form the Crossfit Santa Clara who he still runs and manages. Before Crossfit Santa Clara, he was a trainer at Crossfit Unlimited. He was introduced to Crossfit in 2006 by his friend Austin. Before he knew about Crossfit, he was still training hard. But after finding about Crossfit, it took him about 6 months to get used to the insane routine of the Crossfit program.

Learning To Adapt!

  • Khalipa explains that he was so used to his previous workout routines that involved common exercises like bicep and triceps curls that it took him so much time to get used to the new workout routine. He now admits that following and adapting the Crossfit routine has now brought him to the best shape of his life and he also agrees that Crossfit is the best workout he has ever done in his life.
  • After winning the 2008 Crossfit Games, Khalipa made it his mission to help people learn about the true form of workout so they can also enjoy a great physique and healthy lifestyle. He explains that the sight of people joining different gyms with no results really made him sad. This is why he has dedicated his life to help people obtain serious results at the Crossfit which guarantees results.

Jason Khalipa Workout

  • Jason Khalipa follows the legendary Crossfit workout, but he has set his own routines. He typically believes in training once a day from Monday to Saturday. He has been able to found that working for a long session in a single day gives him more power and strength compared to working out in short bursts over multiple times in a single day. Khalipa is also the chief business developer for NorCal Crossfit so this routine works best for him. But when Khalipa is training for the Crossfit Games, he often boosts his workout routine to manage to sessions a day from Monday to Saturday.
  • Khalipa usually works on Olympic lifting and Gymnastics. During the week, he might work on some technique and then he might shift to snatch technique the other day to build himself to 230 pounds. He likes shifting his exercises to keep him challenged and maintained.

Khalipa keeps his training sessions realistic, so his exercise volume is basically designed to increase work capacity. For example, a typical day in Khalipa’s life include a 315 pound back squat for 10 minutes every 30 seconds or 10 pushups ever minute while he increases the weights every five minutes.

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