Plex Sever Is Not Accessible - FIXED!!!! Yes For Real

Plex Sever Is Not Accessible – FIXED!!!!

plex server not accessibleOK first… my son thought it was a good idea to launch some toy at our 40 inch Samsung TV. It was not a good idea!

It was destroyed! So off to Walmart I went to get a new one… this time it was a 50 inch samsung… took it home and the screen was cracked…

So… back to Walmart the next day to get another, but they were out and being impatient I grabbed a 50 inch VIZIO.

I HATE THIS TV lol… sorry, but it just doesn't compare to the SAMUNG Smart TV. The picture is great, but the functionality is horrible.. which leads me to having to use PLEX and not being able to connect to my server.

Basically PLEX is an app on the TV and you need to set up PLEX on your computer/server if you want to pull movies from it.

I did all that… it seemed to work on and off and when it did work it wasn't so bad, but 95% it would not load! It would just say my server was offline which is was not!

OK CHRIS! How Did You Fix It???

After surfing the web and trying a bunch of stuff it seemed you just need to enable REMOTE ACCESS!!

You would think since it was on a local network you would not need that, but because the PLEX app on the TV goes out to the internet and looks for DNS you need to allow for the remote access.

So basically enabled REMOTE access and it has worked ever since!

With that said I have this TV for sale on the FACEBOOK market place LOL! It just doesn't compare to the SAMSUNG.

Hope this helps and would love to hear any feedback on what you think about VIZIO


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