Howde Lead Follow Up System

Howde Lead Follow Up System

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Hey what's up? Your lead count? Hehe…

If you have been here awhile you know I do a lot of online marketing and I deal with lead generation for clients. That is why I am doing this review of HowdeAn Automated Lead Generation Follow Up System“.

Do you know what one of the biggest issues with lead generation is?… besides getting the leads of course 😉

It is the FOLLOW UP!

If leads are coming in and you are not following up with them in at least the first 15 minutes to an hour the chances of them slipping through the cracks becomes even bigger!

Look At This Chart & See How Lead Response Time Can Help Close Deals!


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So basically needing a system like this is a good problem to have because it means leads are coming in and you can't handle them in a timely matter…

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Or on the flip side this could be more of a quantity vs quality lead play and for every 50 leads that come in only 2 or 3 or actually good. Now instead of having to get in contact with all 50 leads to only have 47 not respond, say not interested etc… HOWDE does it for you and it allows you to only respond to the people who respond via the HOWDE system

I will go into more details below, but here watch this video below that shows me go through the whole system, how it works, and why you need it.

Howde Review Video

howde-turbo-campaignWhat Is Howde?

Basically it is a 3 thronged approach in automating lead follow up. The 3 ways are:

  1. Email
  2. Voicemail Drops
  3. Text Messages

As you can see in the video you can set up follow ups in any way you really want. It comes with two real estate follow ups for loan leads and a home listing lead. Also a generic lead follow template you can really edit for most niches.

In the end it will be how you want to use it.

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For example: You could set it up so when I lead comes in they will immediately get an email, then 5 minutes after the email goes out a voicemail drop, then 5 minutes after that a text message.

Why Does This Work?

It works because it is basically saving you time and mental energy! If the lead decides to respond to email, calling you back or text message you can now stop what you are doing and jump on that lead.

If they don't respond you can let the Howde System continue the follow up over a few days or however you want it. After that you can have lists set up where the different quality leads go.

Good lead that responded… go to this list…

Bad lead or just never responded… go to this list…

Then you can always jump in and decided to choose any of your lists and do a text blast or email blast etc… to follow up.

Using With Your Clients

If you are generating leads for clients then I am pretty certain you can see the power of this! You can now give them an automated system that follows up with leads and you can educate them on when they need to actually respond.

Another cool thing is you can actually give them access to their company dashboard in HOWDE so they can see what is going on. You can also do emails and text messages from inside HOWDE.

How Does HOWDE Track Everything?

Great question! Basically when you set up a new company you fill in all the info email… cell phone etc… then you are giving tracking numbers to select. Basically just like any call tracking system you might have used before.

These are now used with the HOWDE system… so the voicemails or text messages will use the tracking numbers and any response to those will actually go the company cell phone you put on file. Same with email.

You can see all of these communications inside the HOWDE dashboard with that specific lead. In fact if you watch the video you can see an example where the lead responds via text… then calls and all the calls are actually tracked in howde so you can listen to them later.

It is really great to hear these conversations and learn how to better speak with leads or even train new clients on how to properly speak with a lead.

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