Rugged Maniac Review 2013

Rugged Maniac Review 2013

ken-chris-219x300Last year after we ran the Super Spartan we were pretty excited to get signed up for some races in 2013. One we found was the Rugged Maniac a 5k obstacle race that took place at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.

Myself, Ken, and Kens buddy Brian ended up participating in the 9:30 AM heat on Saturday!

As far as race prep I was not too worried about nutrition and hydration as much as I am this year for the 8+Mile Spartan on Sept 7th. With that said I made sure I got a good nights sleep, woke up and had a Chocolate Shakeology, with 1 banana, 1 scoop of almond butter, ice, and water. About 8:00 I had a cliff bar and then at about 9:00 I was still a bit hungry so I had another half of a cliff bar. I also used something called Pump HD that was a free sample from GNC. Last year at Spartan I took something called C4 Pre-Workout Drink and I have to say I think the C4 was better….

Anyways onto the race…

  • We knew it was going to be muddy since it down poured the night before and it was. It took about 3 minutes to get wet, which was fine that is why we were there 😉
  • I am not going to go into all the obstacles, you can watch the video at to get the idea of it, but it was pretty cool. You had walls to climb over, lots of barbed wired to crawl under, tire carry, walls to climb up with ropes, tubes to go down, logs on fire to run over etc… It was pretty intense.
  • As far as time I am not sure. They updated the times last night, but something seems funky so I will wait till they update the page. Regardless there were a few obstacles that were backed up so we prob waited there a good 5-8 minutes anyway. I guess if you were running for time you could have let people know and moved ahead.

How I Felt?

  • I have to say I felt great! I honestly could have ran it again and been fine! The training I have been doing and the running has really paid off and I cannot wait to see how the sprint Tri and the Spartan race goes.
  • I was tired later that day and actually a bit tight today, but a nice Focus T25 Ab Interval training loosened me right up 😉

After The Race

  • Like most races they have a cool after party. We stuck around for the free beer and a few paid ones 😉 and some food. The music was cool and I wish we could have stuck around for a bit longer, but as dads there is always work to do!
  • I think we will be returning to this one and maybe even sponsoring a table?

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