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Emerald Coach

emerald coach

emerald coach

Watch the video at bottom of page for the quick 1 minute guide to what you need to be an Emerald Coach.

Basically Emerald Coach is the first rank you will reach in the Beachbody organization and it is a very important one. Not only can you earn money on team cycle volume you can also get FREE customers from Beachbody!

How to Become an Emerald Coach

  • You will need two personally sponsored active coaches “50 PV”. One in your left leg and one in your right leg.
  • Once you do that you are Emerald. You are now able to cycle on team volume and earn $14 per cycle.

Why FREE Customers Are Awesome And How To Qualify

  • Let me tell you that becoming Emerald and being eligble for FREE customers from Beachbody is awesome. Basically Beachbody is spending over $100 million dollars a year on advertising. So when people buy a workout via the infomercials or via the main Beachbody site they are now in need of a coach. Beachbody hands off these customers to eligible Emerald or higher coaches. You can now get in touch with them, give advice on workouts etc…. When they decide to buy another workout, shakeology or other supplements you get the commission. You can also get them to become coaches!
  • In fact today a FREE customer I was given just became a coach. I touched base with him on Facebook and we kept in touch for a few months. He and his wife are having great results with P90X and now Insanity so they decided to become coaches! Awesome!

OK How To Qualify

  1. OK you are now Emerald… Check!
  2. Become a Team Beachbody Club Member ($2.99/week)
  3. Fill out your Team Beachbody Profile with at least a “before” picture

Do those three things and you will now get FREE customers.

OK So How Are Theses Customers Given Out? Do The Higher Ranked Coaches Get More? How Many Free Customers Am I Going To Get?

  • These free customers are given out evenly to all coaches that qualify for the program. It does not matter what rank you are, as long as you are eligible you get the same amount of customers.
  • My wife and I have been eligible for FREE customers since April 1, 2013 that is only a little over 3 months ago and we have 81 FREE customers from the program. Update as of July 2014 we have total 184 FREE customers. Some have even become coaches and bought more products which makes us money!
  • From what I have heard from other coaches is there are usually more given out from December – April since that is New Years resolution time. I just wish I had been eligible for the new year. I am now so we move on.
  • If these numbers seem small you need to look at the big picture and know they will add up. Every time a new product comes out Beachbody is marketing to them as well, and they are being marketed in the videos.

The Big Picture In All Of This

  • What you need to understand is the big picture potential of how this works. Getting free customers is an awesome thing, but what if you built a team of 50 coaches, 100 coaches, or even 1000 coaches, and they are all getting these FREE customers too! The volume that will create is huge!

Check out this post from the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler

Beachbody gave out over 800,000 FREE customers to qualifying coaches in 2012!


Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler Talking About FREE Customers

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  • Vikki Robins says:

    So you have to be an Emerald coach to get free customers?

  • Lola says:

    Thanks for thr info!
    Do you need at least SC5 or do you need SC 10?

  • Catherine says:

    what if you don’t make success club the month after you’ve become emerald, do you lose emerald status? also does the 50 PV for the coaches under you need to be HD or just any item they purchase each month worth 50PV?

    • FitDadChris says:

      No you won’t lose your emerald status. No you they don’t need to be on HD just have to have 50PV, but easiest is of course to get something on HD like Shakeology which most coaches do

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