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Shovel Snow

snowAs you may know the Northeast will be dealing with a huge snowstorm tomorrow into Saturday, this is not an excuse to skip out on your workouts. I live in northwest New Jersey and every time it snows I look at it as a way to get another workout in by shoveling my driveway and deck. My driveway is large enough to fit 6 cars so you could imagine it takes a while for me to shovel. Why spend the money getting a snow blower or plowed when I'm fully capable of doing it myself the old fashioned way, using a shovel. Did you know you could burn up to 500 calories an hour shoveling snow? It's a great upper body/core workout, but let me stress that it can cause strain on your back and most importantly your heart. Take it slow if you aren't working out on a regular basis and simply push the snow instead of lifting and throwing. If you have to lift and throw, take half the amount to make it easier on yourself. If shoveling isn't your thing then make a snowman with your kids, cut wood for the fireplace, go sleigh riding or simply take a nice long walk and enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

Here are some calorie outputs for winter weather:

  • Shoveling snow- 500 calories an hour
  • Make a snowman- 285 calories an hour
  • Cutting wood- 290 calories an hour
  • Sleigh riding- 400 calories an hour
  • Walking in snow- 300-500 calories an hour, more calories burned if you are walking through deep snow
  • Cross Country Skiing- 400-600 an hour, depends on effort

So as you can see there is plenty to do when it snows, you just have to get out there and enjoy it.

Quick update on my workouts, two a days have taken a lot out of me but I continue to push through. Schedule calls for 5 miles tonight and 13 miles tomorrow, with the snowstorm coming I may plan ahead and switch my workouts to 13 tonight and 5 tomorrow since I know I'll be shoveling for hours with 12-18 inches of snow coming my way.


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