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There is an old saying… Anybody can do it, but not everybody will.

If you are here, then you are looking into the Beachbody coaching opportunity and I appreciate your energy. You are in the right place. I could go on about Beachbody as a company and how they spend millions a year in advertising their products and give the customers to their coaches or how they are expecting revenue to be over 1 billion dollars by 2015, but I won't. You could see how legit they are here for yourself

  • Instead of going the normal route of selling their product in stores like Target, Walmart, etc… Beachbody went for the route of distributors which are refereed to as coaches. So in 2007 the home business opportunity of Beachbody was created. What better way to promote the business then with people who have done the workouts, used the supplements, and transformed their lives with them. It proved to be a great business decision as revenue has grown to over 600 million $'s and they expect it to grow to over 1 billion dollars by 2015.
  • I think that right there is a huge factor in your decision to pursue the coaching opportunity. A company that has been using this business model since 2007 and has increased revenue year after year. You want to make sure whatever opportunity you are looking into will be around for a long time and Beachbody is here to stay!

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So is it a Scam? Is there a Beachbody Coaching Scam?

  • I think you would agree that I feel it is not a scam by a long run. I am sure in your research you have heard quite the opposite and that is why I feel it is important to address this here.
  • Beachbody coaching uses the network marketing business model. Many people have a negative impression of network marketing or MLM “multi level marketing” because they have a story or know someone who tried it a failed. If you have a story I would love to hear it. The truth is many people get involved with something and then are sent off to promote it. Sounds great right? The fact is they are sent off to promote to the handful of people they trust like their mother, father, sister, cousin etc… yet they have not learned any skills on how to promote the right way. They do not know the product well and they do not understand how the business works so when they get turned down it destroys them and they say… network marketing does not work, it is a scam!
  • The truth is this. With network marketing/MLM or anything you do in life it will take some training, hard work, and time. If you are promised the world in a week or a month then look for another opportunity. That is not to say you cannot be successful quickly, but that is not the case for the majority in any business.
  • People that are willing to take the time, listen, and apply the training they learn and become a product of the product will see this is a wonderful business model. They will gain personal development and learn the meaning of team work!

Let's Get the Word Scam out of our Head Right Now!

  • With all that said above the Beachbody Coaching opportunity is not a scam! Network marketing/MLM is not a scam. Listen there will always be some bad network marketing companies out there with any industry and that is why it is important you are doing this research on Beachbody right now.
  • You cannot come into this expecting to make quick & easy money. You can expect to step out of your comfort zone, work hard, and learn new skills.
  • Listen when family and friends come up to me and say or ask things like “Chris this Beachbody thing is just a scam and so is network marketing,” I simply tell them I would not be doing it if it was. I would not be spending my time learning the skills, or the time away from my wife and kids to participate in a scam as well as trying and bring people I know and care about into the business.

Hey my name is Chris Azzari and I am a Beachbody Coach! That's me in the video…

Quick Team Beachbody Coaching Info
Click Link for Quick Info or Start Reading Below
How Much Can a Beachbody Coach Make
Beachbody Coach Income
How To Become a Beachbody Coach
Beachbody Coach Start Up Costs
Beachbody Coach Scam
Beachbody Coach Relations
Beachbody Coaching Reviews
Beachbody Coaching Canada
Beachbody Coaching Ranks
Beachbody Coach Mobile App
Straight to the Point FAQ

Or read the info in full. It is worth your time to read everything and get a good understanding of how things work.

You Just Want to Sign Up? Click Here Now!

Congrats! Somehow you ended up here researching how to become a Beachbody Coach. I hope you are ready to work! I know you have been searching and reading things about scams, MLMs, people who have failed, etc… etc…

Well STOP! I am not here writing this because it doesn't work, I am here writing this because it DOES WORK. It works, but here are a few things that make it work!

  • Being willing to work!
  • No excuses attitude!
  • Being willing to listen… Learn from my mistakes and advance quicker then I did
  • Willing to put in the time… “This is not some make money in a few weeks type deal… if you can put in 6 months to a year it can pay off for years to come!”
  • Become a product of the product – Meaning using the workouts, using the supplements. How can you sell what you do not believe in?

I promote these products because they have changed my life. They will change yours as well.

I hope I don't sound harsh, but if you are wishy washy I don't want you on the team. There I said it… call me a jerk, call me whatever you want, just don't call me out of shape or broke!

Get Rich Quick

  • I have been in the online-internet marketing business for almost 8 years. There are no get rich quick fixes out there. No matter what you read, there is no push button system or 3 things to do etc… that are going to fill your pockets with cash.
  • Sure if you learn things online and how different systems work you can create other ways to get income, but you have to put in the time.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, then it is!

Take a few Minutes and Watch this Video

I love what the guy Noel C says about 20 seconds into the video
Noel C- “When is someones employer going to give them a $400 a month raise?” So True!

Yes Sign Me Up Right Now!

Notice I Have Not Even Talked About What You Can Get From Being A Coach?

  • Again sorry if I am coming off harsh, but I want to surround myself with winners. It is said that you are more like the people you hang around most and your income is typically the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Think about it! Go head think about those 5 people… I'll wait.. OK
  • I am ready to work if you are ready to work. I am ready for the phone calls “go ahead call me 973-981-4208”, explaining you how things work, how to sell the products, how to use the products, how to get in shape and all the things that are going to come along with it.
  • I am putting in my time and I don't want NEGATIVE people sucking the life out of me. I want us feeding off each other. Building each other up and making things happen.

OK ENOUGH… Are You With Me?

If you made is this far then I know we are made from the same cloth and you didn't huff and puff away crying. I know you are intrigued and ask why some guy would be a bit rude when I am just trying to find out more info… Well I just want to make sure your are going to rock! If you got here I think you just might!

So what does it mean to be a Beachbody Coach?

First off don't think of the word COACH as you normally would. Most people hear me say that and think I can't be a coach, I am not in shape, I don't know what I am doing to be a coach! Listen I have never been a real coach or some fitness expert either, but I know I have a will to work hard, try new things, and learn. Being a Beachbody Coach means you are transforming your life so you can help transform others. The way to make this business successful is to become a product of the product and offer people something life changing.

What do I mean by life changing?

  • Helping someone lose 25-100 lbs
  • Helping someone lower their blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Helping someone get off their meds
  • Helping people feel better then they ever have about themselves before.

Don't all those things sound awesome! If you tell someone you can help them do the above would they reach out and hug you? Would you not feel like you are serving a real purpose in life by creating a better life for yourself and someone else? You know the answer is an overwhelming yes!


OK Chris This Sounds Great… How does Beachbody Coaching Work?

Beachbody Coaching Start Up Costs

First here are a handful of things that make this a great opportunity.

  • Minimal Start Up Cost $39 Set Up Fee Which can be waived “I'll Show You How”
  • $15 a month… That gets you 3 of your own websites as well. Coaching SiteShakeology SiteUltimate Reset Site… I will show you how to make your own blog for free as well! Trust me you are in good hands with me when it comes to online marketing “You found me here right ;-)”
  • So basically no overhead and no inventory to stock or ship!
  • There are no minimum sales requirements or sales pressure!
  • YOU DECIDE… How much do you want to put into this? It is your own business!

How Much Can I Really Make?


Nobody can guarantee the income level you will make “if they do, beware!”, but at the same time nobody can limit the amount of money you can make here.

So if you are looking to just save money on Beachbody products by becoming a coach that is fine, or if you want this to have some extra money to cover a car payment, a nice vacation that is cool too, and if you want to fire your boss and work from home then it is really entirely up to you!

You are going to need help!

Of course… any business that tells you… hey click this button and sign up and watch the money roll in is ridiculous! You are going to need help and I am going to help you! Not only support from me, but from the coaches above me and groups on Facebook etc… Listen if you sign up as a coach with me, we are going to talk on the phone. There are things you need to know and I am going to lay it out for you and get you moving! Can you keep up? 😉 This business can be duplicated if you do it the right way. I will show you the right way!

OK I get it… I need help… How do I make some money?

OK so plain and simple, by being a Beachbody coach you will earn 25% off all products you sell. You will also get 25% off any Beachbody products, so you can save a lot on the workouts as well as Shakeology.

  • Pretty Simple – Make a sale, earn a commission, no quota or anything like that to get the commission as well.

So say you sell someone P90X or the Insanity Workout. You would make $29.99… let's just say $30. Not bad, plus when they buy from you they are now tagged as your customer. You will see them in the system as your customer. If and when they buy another workout down the road or any supplements you will get commissions for it. Can you see how powerful that is? You are slowly building up your own customer base. You can also offer the coaching opportunity to them later. Beachbody is marketing to them via the workout videos every time they watch them. It truly is a beautiful thing..

Few Easy Steps

  • Send someone to your site
  • They purchase a product
  • You get a commission… no ordering, stocking, or shipping on your end. Simple as that!
  • Beachbody handles it all!

So you with me so far? Very easy right. Also did you know that a lot of Beachbody products have what is called Home Direct, which means people sign up to get supplements on auto delivery. The great thing about that is you get monthly commissions. For instance Shakeology earns you $30 a sale, and if people sign up on Home Direct they get free shipping and you get a customer commission every month! Pretty sweet. Think about it this way.

Let's say you get 1 Shakeology Home Direct customer a month, which really is not that hard to do. At the end of a year with Shakeology alone that would be 12 customers ordering every month. That is how much… Yup $360 a month you would be making. Pretty cool. Now that is just a basic example of how things work and again it is all about how much time you put into it and how you work it.


OK, What about the MLM, Network Marketing aspect of Beachbody – Is This a Scam?

No scam here at all. The system works if you put in the time and work. Simple as that. If it was a scam they would not be in business. In fact Beachbody has been in business since 1998! With that said here we go. OK things might get complicated here, but do not worry. I am showing you all the details because this is the real truth about Beachbody Coaching. I am not about to toss out some candy to lure you in and get you signed up. Remember what I said at the very beginning of this post? Let me remind you… I want people who are motivated and want to change their lives and the lives of others. I don't want NEGATIVE people sucking the life out of me! OK with that said… here we go. Oh and again when you sign up under me we are going to speak on the phone”my number 973-981-4208” and I can really explain everything there as well. It's all good you are in great hands!

Explaing Beachbody Coach Ranks

Beachbody Team Bonuses

Now I am assuming if you are reading this you are not a coach, but if you are a coach this will help you as well. Trust me I get a lot of emails from coaches not on my team that need help. It really does matter what coach you sign up under 😉

So how much is a cycle bonus? It will depend on what Coach Rank you are.

  • Emerald Cycle Bonus – $14
  • Ruby Cycle Bonus – $16
  • Diamond Cycle Bonus – $18

Emerald coach is the lowest coaching rank. In order to qualify for team cycle bonuses a coach has to be at least Emerald status. A coach will need to sponsor 2 other active coaches, 1 in your left leg and 1 on your right leg to become an Emerald Coach.

Now these cycle bonuses are what can cause your coaching income to grow greatly! If you can build a big team of coaches you can then start to cycle on the volume created by your team. Pretty cool huh!

You basically cycle every time there is 300 team volume (TV) points created on your team. You need to have 200 TV in one leg and 100 TV in the other leg. So you have to have volume in both legs to earn a cycle bonus.

Check out this example below. I am a visual learner so I hope this helps you as well.This coach has accumulated 540TV in their strong leg and 200TV in their weak leg. This results in 2 cycle or $28.


An Emerald Coach cycles twice ($14 x 2) = $28


So in the example above this coach has a total Team Volume “TV” of 740. 540 TV in the left leg and 200 TV in the right leg. In this specific instance this coach could only cycle twice and earn $28 (2 x $14). This is just a basic example of 8 Beachbody coaches in an organization. Can you imaging if there were hundreds or even thousands? You would be cycling multiple times a day!

From this perspective it is very possible to build a large team very quickly. If a coach sponsored one new coach every month and trained those coaches to do the same, in just a year that coach could have built an organization of 4000 coaches! This is how that math plays out.

Month 1 – You sponsor 1 person. Total People in your business: 2
Month 2 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total People in your business: 4
Month 3 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total People: 8
Month 4 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total People: 16
Month 5 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total: 32
Month 6 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total: 64

We are at 6 months and only 64 people are in your business, this isn’t looking good…But Wait!!

Month 7 – Total 128
Month 8 – Total 256
Month 9 – 512
Month 10 – 1024
Month 11 – 2048
Month 12 – 4096

Now the above is just an example of a perfect world scenario and that most likely won't happen, but the potential is there. If a coach was able to do 25% of the above that would still be 1000 coaches in 12 months! Pretty sick!

So How Much Money Can I Really Make?


Beachbody coaches can grow their teams as large as they want, but the amount of times you can cycle is limited to your rank.

So an Emerald coach can earn up to $250 a week in cycle bonuses. The more you move up in the ranks the more you can cycle.

Here are the cycle bonus amounts for Beachbody Coaching Ranks

  • Emerald – $250 ($13,000/year)
  • Ruby – $1000 ($52,000/year)
  • Diamond – $2000 ($104,000/year)
  • 1 Star Diamond – $3000 ($156,000/year)
  • 2 Star Diamond -$4000 ($208,000/year)
  • 3 Star Diamond -$5000 ($260,000/year)
  • 4 Star Diamond – $6000 ($312,000/year)
  • 5 Star Diamond – $7000 ($364,000/year)
  • 6 Star Diamond – $8000 ($416,468/year)
  • 7 Star Diamond – $9000 ($468,000/year)
  • 8 Star Diamond – $10,000 ($520,000/year)
  • 9 Star Diamond – $11,000 ($572,000/year)
  • 10 Star Diamond – $12,000 ($624,000/year)

That is the awesome thing about the MLM side of Beachbody. You can earn a six figure income just off volume and cycle bonuses and that is not even counting commissions from retail sales.

So if you have gotten this far and motivated then check this out…. The maximum amounts you can cycle is per business center. When a coach becomes a 2 Star Diamond, they are allowed to open a new business center and place it anywhere they want in there organization. Pretty cool! Here is something that might blow your mind… I hope we could all get here some day. In total, Coaches are allowed to open up to 25 business centers. So with 25 business centers all maxing out the cycle bonuses at the 10 Star Diamond rank, that would add up to ($624,000 x 25 Business Centers) $15,600,000…Yikes!!!

Now can this really happen? I doubt it, but the possibility is there and it is great to know the potential to earn is almost unlimited.

In 2011 1.4 million dollars was the highest paid income to a Beachbody coach which is pretty impressive if you consider this opportunity has been around about 6 years. Like I said in the beginning a business like this takes time to grow a large organization and earn the big income, but it is possible.

The 2012 Statement Of Independent Coach Earnings is not out yet, but take a look at the 2011 Statement Of Independent Coach Earnings:

    2011 Beachbody Coach Income Chart

2011 Beachbody Coach Income Chart

Some people will drift to look at the low side of the earnings, but remember when you started reading this page? This is a real business and takes real effort! Many people will sign up and think this will be easy, don't put in the required effort, don't see any results, and then give up and quit! If you sign up with me I won't let you quite. We are in this together! Don't let the small numbers influence you, focus on the numbers to the right side and see what is possible if we work hard together!

When you read and hear about a Beachbody coach making a ton of money that is most likely because they have built of a large organization and most of the income is coming from cycle bonuses.

*Income Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence and skill. See our statement of Independent Coach Earnings located on the Coaches Corner on for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes. The Statement of Independent Coach Earnings can be found at

What Can I Really Expect My Income To Be In The Beginning As A Beachbody Coach?

When first starting out most of your income will be from retail sales and most likely be very low. If you want to grow the business and create a large income you will want to be actively bringing new coaches into your organization and training them to do the same. Overtime this will grow and guess what… your income will grow too. The most important thing is to understand the business model and how to use exponential growth to your advantage.

What I love about this business is that it is all on me. My income is directly related to the effort I put in. Sure we have a team around us, but in the end it will be the hard work you put in. Listen I am in this till the end with you if you are up for the challenge. I won't fail you if you don't fail me!


Need more info? Leave a question below or call me… I am seriously here for you.

Chris 973-981-4208

Beachbody Coaching Canada

Yes Beachbody coaching is now available in Canada. You can download this PDF to learn more or click the become a coach link to sign up if you are from Canada.


Beachbody Coach Relations Information


In reality you really won't need this info unless you are a coach, but I put it here as a resource for anyone who might be looking.

Beachbody Customer Service

Phone 1 (800) 470-7870 Monday – Friday from 6 am – 6 pm Pacific Time

Beachbody Coach Relations

Phone: 1 (800) 240-0913 Monday – Friday from 6 am – 6 pm Pacific Time
Fax: 1 (213) 201-7225

Beachbody Coach Mobile App


  • Beachbody has made it really easy for you as a coach to help people get signed up and buying products. Simply visit right from your mobile device and you can enroll someone or even help them buy a product right there.

How To Become a Beachbody Coach

Hey looks like you want to get straight to the point! I like that. If you have read all the above info and are ready to rock then simple CLICK HERE TO BECOME A BEACHBODY COACH!! If you want to talk first call me at 973-981-4208


  • Below are the simple straight to the point frequently asked questions about being a Beachbody coach. I took these from the main site to give you quick answers. The above post goes in-depth to really give you the scoop. As always just give me a ring for more info 973-981-4208

What is the Coach Business Opportunity?

  • It's a breakthrough income opportunity that lets you turn weight loss into profit. In order to make money, all you have to do is let people know about getting fit and losing weight with Beachbody’s best-selling line of products. You succeed by helping others succeed!

Who is the company behind the Coach Business Opportunity?

  • Beachbody is a successful 10-year-old, $250+ million corporation based in Southern California. We create and sell the nation’s most popular in-home fitness and weight-loss products—high-quality, well-manufactured DVD workout programs, gear, and nutritional supplements that have been proven to work. When you become a Beachbody Coach, you’re teaming up with a solid, stable company and a best-selling brand.

How do I earn money?

  • You get paid weekly commissions when people buy Beachbody products and Team Beachbody Club memberships through your personal website. You can also earn cash bonuses based on your team’s sales.

What does it cost to begin?

  • It only costs $39.99 to start a Beachbody business. That includes your first month’s Business Services Fees and your Coach Business Kit, which comes with everything you need to begin earning income.

Do I need to be a fitness expert?

  • No, you don’t need to be a fitness or weight-loss expert to become a Beachbody Coach. You just need to be ready to commit to changing your life.

Do I need to be a slick salesperson?

  • Not at all—the fact is, just about everybody already wants to get fit or lose weight. And our products can get them there—we have thousands of real-life Success Stories to prove it! To make money as a Beachbody Coach, all you have to do is let people know that they can finally achieve the health, fitness, and weight-loss goals they’ve dreamed of.

What kinds of help and support will I receive?

  • Once you become a Beachbody Coach, you’ll be part of a whole network of successful Coaches who are there for you to learn from and share with. You’ll also get full access to your online office, which has everything you need to market and manage your business with ease—including your own sales website and email account, a full set of sales and marketing tools, and extensive training guides and videos. In addition, our Coach Relations team is available to answer your questions via email or over the phone. And you’ll have a Coach of your own for extra motivation and guidance.

Will I have to purchase products for resale?

  • Unlike marketing programs that require you to buy a lot of products in order to participate, the Coach Opportunity has no inventory requirements. If you do want to purchase products for your own use or resale, you’ll get them at a significant discount.

Will I have to handle product inventory, billing, shipping, or customer service?

  • No—when customers purchase products through your website, we take care of the rest.

Is it easy to set up my website?

  • Setting up and customizing your Beachbody Coach Website is low-tech and simple! We provide you with an easy-to-use system that allows you to add text and photos (or you can just use ours), and you can choose from a number of Beachbody marketing banners to help make sure your site is viewed.

How does Beachbody promote its products?

  • We spend millions of dollars every week advertising our home fitness programs on the major TV stations and cable networks. (You’ve probably seen our famous infomercials for programs such as P90X, Turbo Jam, and Hip Hop Abs, as well as our magazine and Internet ads.) Millions of people already know about Beachbody, and every time we run an infomercial, we get thousands of new customers. We want those customers to shop through your store, so you get the commission on those sales!

How much of a discount will I get on my own Beachbody products?

  • As Beachbody Coach, you receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody products available in the Team Beachbody store.

How do I get started making money?


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