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Tips For Fat Loss After 40

There are no tricks or hacks to losing weight. You’ve just got to be disciplined and consistent.

Fat loss for those pushing 40 is, for the most part, the same as with any other age group. There are differences in stress levels, diet, quality of sleep, and lots of other things that may make a difference in the results, but the fact of the matter is that if you really want to lose weight, you’ve got to dedicate some time and energy to working hard and making good choices. Otherwise, you’ll never reach your goals.

Here are some weight loss for men over 40 tips that you may find helpful on your way:




If you hate the treadmill, skip it

The tough thing about pushing 40 isn’t just having less time to take care of yourself. Your body isn’t in the condition that it once was. Back in the day, you could have downed two burgers, fries, and washed it down with Coke, only to head to the gym and churn out a great workout, to good effect. Today, you may not even be able to summon the energy to get yourself to the gym.

Chances are you’ve been spending time on steady-state cardio, attempting to sweat it out and burn as much as possible. What you may not understand is fat loss training isn’t just about moving to burn as many calories as you possibly can. Rather, it’s about transforming your body to use energy most efficiently. You want to find ways to increase your metabolism and help your body use fuel more efficiently so that you can burn more energy around the clock!

Don’t get me wrong – cardio is good for you. It will strengthen your cardiovascular system. However, you can’t transform your body with mere cardio. There are so many options – weight lifting, interval training, specialized conditioning, and more! Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you hate the treadmill, skip it and find something else you love!


Make changes to your diet

Some people approach fitness from an exercise perspective. Exercise is important, but it has to be paired with a good diet if you want to see results on the scale. Not only will a proper diet help you lose weight, but it will allow your body to heal, grow, and burn. In the same way as you wouldn’t cook Wagyu beef in cheap canola oil, you don’t want to fuel your body with a bad diet.

It doesn’t mean completely leaving pizza behind and living on salads. But changes will have to be made if you really want to see results. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down and you don’t recover as quickly. If you want to enjoy a happy, healthy, functional life as you age, you’ll have to exercise and eat well. There are tons of companies out there looking to make a buck on people’s desire to age well. The fact of the matter is no magic pill is going to help you as much as proper exercise and nutrition.

There isn’t one nutrition plan that will work for everyone. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, there are some nutrition tips that you may find helpful. They are as follows:


1 – Limit your carbs and fat

Let’s be realistic: You won’t be able to eat the way you once were able to while still maintaining an incredible physique. As you age, you’ll have to pay more attention to the carbohydrates that you put on your plate. Carbs are great, and you should by no means completely cut them out. However, you should try to exchange those carbs with added sugars with healthy complex carbs like rice, oats, and potatoes. Of course, you can’t forget your vegetables!

A lot of people have a negative misconception of fat, but the truth is we all need to eat some fat. Olive oil, avocado, nuts, and nut butter are great sources of healthy fat. However, they are also rather heavy on the calories and you may end up eating a lot more than you think you are. Be conscious of the amount of fat you eat, only increasing when you have decreased other things.


2 – Get in your protein

Protein was always king for those watching their physiques and building muscle. That’s still the case, so you’ll need to look for good sources of protein to add to your diet. That being said, you won’t be able to eat the same way you used to, so eat reasonable amounts so you don’t end up bloated after meals.


3 – Eat less more frequently

Your digestive system often weakens as you age, and you may benefit from smaller, but more frequent meals. This will be lighter on your stomach and you won’t feel as heavy and lethargic after lunch.


4 – Keep it realistic

You won’t be able to indulge in cheat meals every other day. That being said, you don’t have to cut off your favorite meals forever. Indulge in moderation and enjoy life! However, don’t get too crazy. Consistency is still key.


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