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We’ve Got Veins

February 14, 2013

Well this post is going to be pretty vain, but hey what can I do! 😉 No I won't be that vain, but my veins are starting to pop and that usually means one thing… losing fat and building some muscle!

For most when working out for awhile they will start to get more vascular which means your veins will show more. This tells me I am doing good and it is a sign fat is melting and to keep going! I don't know about you, but I always had a fascination with veins. Maybe I should not even talk about this lol, but screw it. I remember as a kid we would always hang out at the pool. It was a pool just for the condominium association I grew up in, but all my friends would hang out there. One of the life guards was a real cool dude named Joe and he and his brother were pretty big into bodybuilding. These dudes veins would pop out all over. As kids who were getting into sports and weight lifting we always asked how can we make our veins pop out lol. I dunno it is one of those things as a kid, so now I have always seen veins as a sign of being in shape, unless they are some gnarly varicose veins “no offense if you have them ;-)”

Anyways here is a vain-vein picture I took during my Insanity Plyo Cardio workout. Nothing too crazy, but when I see that vein on my bicep split off and show up I know I am getting somewhere.


What about you? What is your stance on veins? You like em? You want em? You hate em? Leave a comment in the box below. Don't be vain c'mon!


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