2018 Spartan Ultra Beast Mountain Creek Vernon NJ -

2018 Spartan Ultra Beast Mountain Creek Vernon NJ

Well I wanted to post more about this race, but just been so crazy! I at least wanted to post my GARMIN results!

What a race! That was def one of the hardest things I have done! I did 120 burpees and failed Mt Olympus and the Z wall twice… which I always pass! Grr…. missed the rig once which was nuts because I basically just swiped my hand right next to the bell LOL! Failed twister twice and did the penalty loops! I got the SPEAR both times though! The penalty loop for that was brutal!

Official finish time:12:55:32

They diverted us off the course at mile 29 so when I got to the lodge as you can see on the images below from my Garmin it was 12:22. I stopped and save my results there just in case my watch died on me… I didn't want to lose all that date lol.


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