6 Volt Power Wheels With 12 Volt Battery

hacked-powerwheelsSo I am starting a new category on the site called Fun With My Kids! Of course I am always trying to have fun with my kids even when they are screaming, not listening, and all those other fun things kids do 😉

Now that the boys are getting older I can really start to live through them! 😉 muahahhahaha

First stop is hacking some Power Wheels we picked up at a garage sale.

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This post is just the calm before the storm and a quick test since the new batteries I ordered just came yesterday.

If you don’t know it, you can really modify a kids power wheels to go superfast. Check out sites like to see what I mean!

Anyways check out the video below. Much much more to come…

This is basically a 6 Volt power wheels with a 12 Volt battery hooked up to it. It doubles the voltage which doubles the speed ;-). Will most likely fry the motor as well, but I have better ones to install later….

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