Batman Powerwheels Mod - 24Volt Coming Soon!

Batman Power Wheels

Hey so we had another power wheels adventure. My 4 year old kept telling me he wanted a Batman Power Wheels for his birthday, so I needed to figure out how to make that happen!

I had some ideas so I hit up Ebay to look for some Batman emblems, spray paint, a grappling hook of course, and anything else Batman related I could find!

I found a used Kawasaki Brute Force Powerwheel on Craigslist for $100 “Brand New $399” It was beat up pretty good… some nice holes in the back wheels from burnt outs, slides and all that awesome stuff you are supposed to do with these 😉

Quick 360 Video – Details Below

Fixing The Holes In The Back Wheels

  • Need to take a better picture, but you can see the tread I added right in the middle.

    Need to take a better picture, but you can see the tread I added right in the middle.

    I needed a solution for the holes in the wheels. I just bought a new treadmill “Nordic Track x9i” <<< awesome by the way. Got a nice deal on a damaged boxed one on Ebay. They had re-boxed it for shipping and had wrapped the bottom in something, which turned out to be cut strips of treading from some other treadmill. It was perfect!! I trimmed them up a bit more and cut to size.

    • Cleaned the wheels…”I only did the back ones…. should have cleaned the front because it was tough to get the paint to cover well.
    • I used a mixture of Glue Gun and Epoxy to stick the tracks on… I also drilled in some metal screws where the tread met and other random spots.
    • He took it out over the weekend “was super wet and muddy” and it honestly handled great!

Prepping The Body

  • Sticker Removal

    Sticker Removal

    Thank God for heat guns! There were always times I needed one, so what better time to buy one name! Ebay to the rescue again! This helped me peel the stickers right off! You definitely have to be careful not to hold it in one place for too long or you just melt the sticker or your finger 😉

  • I wiped down the body best I could with some windex and paper towels which seemed to work fine.
  • I did a light sanding and taped up all the original black.


Painting The Powerwheel

  • Well at least it was the coldest week of the year when I did all this LOL! I had actually bought this sweet 40,000 BTU Propane Heater to use in my Garage Gym which works awesome so that helped, but when it came to painting the whole thing it ran out of propane about an hour in. Not a huge deal, but not the best to paint when its 20 degrees!
  • I decided to add all the Batman emblems to the original plastic since I figured it would stick better. I know it would be tough to tape them and paint, but it worked out fine. I used that heat gun big time to hit up the body and the emblems before sticking them on.
  • I used Krylon Fusion spray paint made for painting plastics. The flat black went on great and finished nicely…. the gloss yellow took a few coats and like I said earlier you will want to clean those wheels off. The front ones were a pain and I had to do a lot of coats. I probably was not the most patient either 😉
  • I even added a toy grappling hook on the back, but didn't take a picture of it!

Before & After Pictures




I wanted to use the Flat Black and the Gloss yellow, which I think came out pr


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