Review Of The Vi Personal Trainer - Great For Workouts - Video Review

Best Dang Review Of The Vi Personal Trainer

Hey stop reading reviews from places that never even touched the product! I am not a VI Personal Trainer expert, but as you can see from the video below I “actually” use them and give you some Pro's & Con's about them!

With that said… let's dig into this VI Personal Trainer Review!

First… grab a coffee, pre workout drink… whatever it is you need and watch the video below. It is like 10 minutes long, but you get to see real world use of VI… the good and the bad!

Video Review of The VI Personal Trainer!

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What Is The VI Trainer & How Does It Work?

vi-personal-trainer-reviewIf you are here then you have a basic idea of what the VI trainer is and you just want to know if it actually works and is not a piece of garbage right?

Well in a nutshell it is a pair of headphones that gives you motivation and tips to become a better runner and get in better shape! Simple as that!

  • You want someone whispering in your ear to push you? Vi is for you!
  • You want to know your cadence while you run? Vi is for you!
  • You want to be reminded to keep your chin up? Vi is for you!
  • You want to hear a beat to keep your cadence up? Vi is for you!

You have to download the VI app and pair your phone with the headset. Once you are connected you can walk through the set up.

Vi will ask you what your fitness level is, how often you workout, and what your goals are.

It will then create a custom program for you. I will post a few images of the workout it created for me… they also have options for walks and cycling which is in beta mode… I have NOT tried either of those.

The workouts that are created are based off of your stats and how many miles you tell it you can run etc…..

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I never like to do a review on a product where everything is wonderful and no wrong can be done! That is just not reality… So here are a few CONS I ran into with the VI Trainer. These are def not deal breakers… some are just personal preferences as well.

  • Heart Rate monitor was not working… at first. Now I needed to use the bigger ear buds, but towards the end of the run the heart rate was tracking correctly.
  • The cords on the head phone could be a bit longer. I had to adjust these numerous times. I am a bigger guy so maybe that is why, but ultimately I was able to run comfortably.
  • Vi Trainer has a monthly subscription, but they do offer a FREE year as of now….
  • This is more personal preference, but if you don't like having neck buds it can be a pain and you do need your phone. Like I mentioned early in my video I ended up getting the Apple Watch 3 & Air Buds, so I would not need my phone.

Again these are not deal breaks, but just a few things I found issue with, but will not hamper me from using them.

Where The VI Trainer Shines

Listen at the end of the day we all have different preferences and goals. You might not need a Vi AI Trainer or any other watch/phone app to go running. A lot of peoples idea of a run is live the electronics at home and get out there and connect with nature! That is perfectly fine!

While I was using the trainer and VI talked to me it helped me push myself for sure!

It made me realize that when I go for a run and things get hard I will definitely pull back, but with VI I was pushed past my normal limits and at the end of the day that is where you get BETTER!

Even getting a better understanding of cadence will help you do better in races.

I think if you are looking for something to make your runs more interesting and change things up a bit then VI is for you! If you want something that is going to push you past the point you need to get faster and healthier then I think it is a good fit!

Custom Workouts Created By VI:

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