SKINS DNAmic Compression Pants Review - Do They Work?

Skins DNAmic Men’s Compression Long Tights Review


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Who likes to wear tight pants? I do… I do… well not really. Unless they are under a pair of shorts or another pair of pants LOL!.

I had heard of compression shorts and pants, but really never knew what they did or how they actually worked. I did do a review on Physiclo compression resistance training shorts awhile back which are awesome, but are made more for adding resistance to your training and not actually running a race in them.

So this is where SKINS compression pans come in. I was given a chance to try a pair out and I chose these

My main goal is to wear them when I do my Spartan Ultra Beast this April at Mt Creek!

So why compression? I don't want to go into a super long rant about compression gear and how it will make you an elite racer or do some other ridiculous claims. I mean they can't! It is a pair of tights people!! That is not to say there is not value in there because there is for sure.

So basically the idea of compression gear is to help with increasing your performance and reducing fatigue. How? Well it is said that the compression keeps your muscles tighter and increases blood flow which helps with performance.

There are many studies out now that are on both sides of the fence, so you can do your own research there. The best research is the hands on kind. That is why I like to always try things out and see how they work for me! I always come back to the fact we are all different and what works for you, for me, for some other “guru” might not be the best fit for you.

My Results Using SKINS Compression Pants?

  • Did they make me run faster? No.. not really
  • Did I jump higher? I don't really think so…

skins-compression-pantsI will tell you what I did feel from wearing them. Right from the start I truly felt like everything was just tighter and more stable. Really it was very strange to fill it. It gave me a sense of just feeling more solid! Not sure that makes sense, but I did feel like I had more of a spring in my step.

The biggest thing for me I saw was the fact I felt better after a long run which is a huge thing for me! I get  DOMS bad! I am a big guy and I just get sore! I have to say I really felt a reduction in soreness when I wear these for a run! That is a win win in my book.

Like I said everyone is different!

I have not yet worn these for a spartan race yet, so I am not sure how they will handle. I know they are going to get ripped. I would say they would probably be better for training because if you have run a Spartan race you know your pants are going to get ripped up and that would kind of ruin the compression part of the pants.  I will wear them for the race just to see how they handle and more importantly if I can feel my legs have more gas in the tank so to speak!

So do I recommend buying them? If you are looking for something that will make your faster and a better athlete by putting them on then umm… I think we both know the answer to that right 😉

If you want something that will help you with some recover and keeping things a bit “tighter”… go for it! For me I feel like it is better to wear them than to not wear them, but at a price tag of $100 you need to figure that out on your own.

I would love to hear any comments or answer any questions below, so feel free to leave some!

Check out the Skins website and see if they have something that works for you


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